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Even though the heroine loves her husband, she’s sexually frustrated. Her attempts to reverse the process turn into an erotic nightmare.

A novella about an erotic nightmare.

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It’s an inspiring novella that tells you that:

You should never drop your guard on a holiday

Even the most emancipated woman who lives in a democratic country shouldn’t cherish the naïve dream that she’s fully protected.

All the people are sexually different

The facets of sexuality are inscrutable. What is a nightmare to one, can be the dream of all dreams to the other.

You need to keep the person you love satisfied

It’s a good strategy to give your partner full satisfaction in bed. Sexual deprivation is a dangerous thing that can take a most unpleasant turn.

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A novella about an erotic nightmare.

What are the borderlines and the potential of our sexuality. What do we see in our dreams and what is our real sex life. What we would like to try, and what seems inappropriate. The heroine of the novella has never thought about these things, but her marital sex is declining. She doesn’t want to reconcile to it, for she loves her husband.

In search of a solution, she sees an erotic nightmare.

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buy book on AMAZON for 2.99$

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Combination of hot eroticism with modern philosophy. It arouses, excites and opens up your mind. I deliberately provoke my readers.

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Contemporary outlook on intimate relations between men and women. Love, sex, freedom, restrictions. That is the sphere of my interests both as a writer and philosopher. I analyze, write, rationalize, offer solutions. Solutions for happiness, love quests and love preservation, solutions that help to enjoy life.

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