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“Special Recipes” Sex Positions Catalogue

55 recipes of love cuisine for sex gourmets who love refined pleasures.

55 recipes of love cuisine for sex gourmets who love refined pleasures.

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This is a Catalogue for sex gourmets, and it is all about refinement. It offers 55 special positions that will refine your love cuisine. It will tell you:

- How to intensify your sensations in bed
- How to maximize your pleasure
- How to fast-forward your orgasm
- How to bring your partner to “extremity”
- How to empower your mutual enjoyment

Unusual positions, exclusive lovemaking techniques, impeccable teamwork and other kinds of advanced sex skills will help to turn your bedroom into a cloud in paradise. This Catalogue will definitely improve your artistry in bed.

It consists of 11 sections, 5 sex positions in each. Each section details a certain strategy of intensifying the sensations and suggests the ways of enjoying your lovemaking even more.

All the positions from the Catalogue come with descriptions that detail their special features, explain the sensations the couple will experience and suggest the best ways to practice them for maximum pleasure.

All the positions in this Catalogue are illustrated, which makes them more affective.

Special Recipes Catalogue is a part of Fanty Kamasutra series. It’s a special series of Catalogues of Positions, intended for those people who enjoy diversity in sex and want to learn something new.

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