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“Living Room Fun” Sex Positions Catalogue

Sex Catalogue to be used outside your bedroom. An assortment of 60 sex positions: table, chair, easy chair, couch.

Sex Catalogue to be used outside your bedroom. An assortment of 60 sex positions: table, chair, easy chair, couch.

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Your bedroom is a fine place for making love, it's pleasant to "tumble" there, but what's wrong about moving on to the living room? Monotony is the worst thing ever!

I'm sure you've already tried many things, but have you tried everything worth trying? We often underestimate our living room, while it has a huge potential. Couch, table, chairs, easy chairs... they're great alternatives to your bed, providing you enjoy variety and search for something new.

It’s not that I encourage you to forget about your bedroom; it's just so nice to spend an evening in the living room, and have some fun too.

Actually, while furnishing your place, especially choosing couches and easy chairs, make sure that these pieces of furniture are sex-friendly. If ardor is an important component of your life and you value your relationship, take a good look at this Catalogue. And if your furniture doesn't meet the requirements, change it! Design is of secondary importance, it's something you will think about in your old age. Do you think differently? In this case Living Room Fun Catalogue is exactly the thing you need!

- What is the best way to spend an evening on a couch
- How to socialize while sharing an easy chair
- What else you can try on a table if you want something "sweet"
- Why a sturdy chair is a necessity for a loving couple
- How to move from one type of sex to another or to change your positions

This Catalogue will give you all the right answers. It features 4 sections, each for a different piece of furniture, 31 couch positions, 16 easy chair positions, 6 tabletop positions and 7 chair positions. Quite possibly, you have other pieces of furniture in your living room, and these 60 positions will suggest new ways of using them.

In each section, the positions are described in sequences, which makes it easier to figure out how to move from one to the other. This kind of sexual creativity is thrilling, and, if you still lack experience, this Catalogue will teach you these skills. For that purpose, at the end of each section there's a separate clause, featuring the combinations.

Once you begin to view your furniture through the lens of this Catalogue, you will not only try a lot of things, you will also re-consider you attitude to your love nest; after all, your living room is a part of it, and you should perceive it so.

Of course, your home is not the only place where you can find this furniture; it’s also available in offices, hotel rooms, and there’re car seats... wherever your passions get ignited.

All the positions in this Catalogue are illustrated, and we deliberately offer a wide range of characters, for love is a game, the most thrilling game in life, and human existence is built around it. You're one of many hundred million couples in the huge theater of life; try to appreciate it and enjoy your intimacy. The variety of characters in this Catalogue will help you to tune in to your lovemaking.

You shouldn’t be put off by the fact that furniture, characters and the degree of their nakedness differ within one combination. Some of the pictures of the sex positions are illustrations of Keyhole Secrets Collection of role playing games, and thus they are tied to a certain storyline. What matters in this Catalogue is the actual position of the bodies. The diversity of characters within one combination will, hopefully, only add to the intrigue; who knows, you might also feel like trying a role playing game, it is very interesting.

Living Room Fun Catalogue is a part of Fanty Kamasutra series. It’s a special series of Catalogues of Positions, intended for those people who enjoy diversity in sex and want to learn something new.

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buy book on AMAZON for 3.99$

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