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“Household Secrets” Sex Positions Catalogue

Sex Catalogue for unstoppable couples. 40 ways to make love in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

Sex Catalogue for unstoppable couples. 40 ways to make love in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

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This Catalogue is for the unstoppable couples that enjoy making love and always look for the right opportunities.

Some people choose boredom in bed or cheat on their spouse, others divorce because of sexual frustration - and some enjoy their intimate life. They are uninhibited and unrestrained, they are always open to novelty and experiments, they don’t even think about changing their partner and adore their ardor. Their love won’t be over after three years, they will keep their passions ablaze, always adding oil to the flames.

40 positions for sex in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. 40 couples that make love all around their place. 40 love recipes from the great cookbook of love. Savor them, you might like the taste.

The Catalogue is divided into three sections: 18 positions for kitchen sex, 15 positions for bathroom sex and 7 positions for hallway sex. You might have other cozy nooks in your house too, and the 40 positions from this Catalogue will definitely make you think how you might put them to a good use. Your house is your love nest, that’s the right way to look at it.

All the positions in this Catalogue are illustrated, and we deliberately offer a wide range of characters, for love is a game, the most thrilling game in life, and human existence is built around it. You're one of many hundred million couples in the huge theater of life; try to appreciate it and enjoy your intimacy. The variety of characters in this Catalogue will help you to tune in to your lovemaking.

You shouldn’t be put off by the fact that furniture, characters and the degree of their nakedness differ within one combination. Some of the pictures of the sex positions are illustrations of Keyhole Secrets Collection of role playing games, and thus they are tied to a certain storyline. What matters in this Catalogue is the actual position of the bodies. The diversity of characters within one combination will, hopefully, only add to the intrigue; who knows, you might also feel like trying a role playing game, it is very interesting.

Household Secrets Catalogue is a part of Fanty Kamasutra series. It’s a special series of Catalogues of Positions, intended for those people who enjoy diversity in sex and want to learn something new.

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