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“Hot Holidays” Sex Positions Catalogue

How to spend your holiday or vacation without wasting a single moment. 50 best sex positions for outdoor sex.

How to spend your holiday or vacation without wasting a single moment. 50 best sex positions for outdoor sex.

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It’s great to make love at home. It’s comfortable, cozy, habitual… Habitual? There’s half a step between “habitual” and “boring”, and that is really bad, for boredom in bed poses a threat to your love. Besides, the more diversified, unusual and intense your lovemaking, the more joy you will give to each other, the more pleasure you will derive from it, making your love more colorful. Never doubt that, and never lose a single moment.

It’s a very useful catalogue. It will help you not just to have great fun on holiday or on vacations, it will enhance and refresh your intimate life. Why not go to a summer home or a resort; why not take a trip or a long ride in the car, why not just go for a walk… Since the summer is there and we spend a lot of time away from home, taking a break and relaxing, we sometimes feel like going really naughty in our sexual life; well, why not? Holiday time is the time to have fun. Fool around to your heart’s delight, enjoy life and each other, there’s no reason to put your emotions on hold. Time flies, and before you know it you will grow old, feeling righteous, yet bored.

Just remember, not all the places encourage such activities! There’re laws, regulations, social norms and conventions; there’re morality, decency and inhibitions; there’re minors and cops, prudes and overly religious people… Naturally, there might be some people around who would despise your love or your naked butt. Such lovemaking, of course, is a little risky, and you need to assume the entire responsibility for it. Yet the risk! A lot of people find it additionally stimulating, a way to intensify their emotions. It’s up to you to charter your course. You can do it at home for the five hundredth time, under your sheets, in the missionary position, with a yawn, or try it for the first time ever in the fitting room of a store, with your teeth clenched, feeling like two guerrillas behind the enemy lines.

These things are by no means mutually exclusive, same as the dessert and the main course, and yet… a dessert is not the same as a bowl of soup.

Now let’s get down to places and positions.

Naturally, we can suggest a bigger variety of places and positions; here we list the most popular and workable versions. You can do it in the nude on a sport bike, riding at full speed against the traffic… but let’s stay away from extremities. This Catalogue offers those things that would suit almost any couple that enjoys new emotions and wants to refresh their intimate life.

All the positions are illustrated, and the diversity of characters is intentional. Love is a game, the most thrilling game in life; this world is built around it. Your couple is one of a hundred million couples in the enormous theater of life; feel it and enjoy your intimacy. The diversity of the characters in this Catalogue will help you to tune in to love.

Hot Holidays Catalogue is a part of Fanty Kamasutra series. It’s a special series of Catalogues of Positions, intended for those people who enjoy diversity in sex and want to learn something new.

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