Collection of Sex Role Playing Games

“Keyhole Secrets”

The world's largest collection of SEX FANTASIES and SEX ROLE PLAYING GAME scenarios.
The Collection is divided into 8 Parts according to thematic directions; each Part includes 25 scenarios.

This unique Collection will:

Revitalize your marital sex

As years go by, ardor leaves the family bedroom; it’s a normal thing to happen. Normal? Doesn’t it mean you age and degrade, in terms of your sex life? There’s nothing normal about it! Here’s a pill that will let you stay sexually young forever: role playing games.

Make you forget about adultery

Adultery is cumbersome and dangerous; besides, there’s no satisfaction guaranteed, for any partner becomes boring after a while. Here you have 200 partners! 200 characters you can turn into, as you play together with the loved one and discover all kinds of new things. Why would anyone want adultery after that?

Disclose your potential as a couple

Often enough we don’t know the hidden reserves of our own sexuality, even less the secret reserves of our partners. A game is your chance to open up, in a most unusual way. It’s funny, thrilling, and by no means serious. The “non-serious” part is a great potential.

Series Description

It's the world's largest illustrated collection of SEX FANTASIES and SEX ROLE PLAYING GAME scenarios.

The 200 scenarios of role playing games in this collection will help you to preserve the ardor of your Love and make your intimate life more exciting. It's a known fact that routine is intimacy's main enemy, and lackluster sex is the chief reason for divorces. It's hardly worth your while to prove it by your own experience.

The most popular sexual fantasies, the craziest erotic dreams, the dirtiest stories. This Collection will bring all of them to life; you will stage a great two-actor show, rewarding each other with a whirlwind of emotions. As you play, you will learn to discard your inhibitions, you will find out a lot about each other, you will disclose your hidden potential as a couple, and you will forever forget about adultery.

- What are role playing games, how to start one?
- Why do such games have a great potential?
- How to tune in to the game and maximize your pleasure?
- How to select the story, how to run the game?
- How to develop a thrilling customized scenario?

This Collection will answer all of these questions, making your intimate life a real thrill!

Keyhole Secrets Collection is divided into 8 Parts, each with a certain agenda. This makes looking for the scenarios more convenient.

Here’s a brief description of the other Parts, each of them containing 25 scenarios:

Part 1 of the Collection offers story lines that involve sex with waiting staff (waiter, plumber, chambermaid, masseuse…). Even though everything happens spontaneously, it’s consensual sex, with no violence.

Part 2 of the Collection includes stories of sex with a stranger. Various situations and characters, sex is alternatively initiated by him or her… In any case, both partners get carried away spontaneously, and once it happens, there’s no stopping them!

Part 3 of the Collection includes stories of mercenary sex, to achieve a variety of goals: career advancement, bridging the gap or making money… it doesn’t really matter, the main thing is that one person offers him/herself to the other for a reason, and the “other” is more than happy to profit from the situation.

Part 4 of the Collection contains stories with enforced sex or harassment. It’s not raping, but the way it happens, the partner that is being abused has no way to get out of it. All he can do is to give in and try to enjoy it…

Part 5 of the Collection includes stories of seduction and sex date with a new partner. It’s consensual sex, but it is initiated by one of the partners, who seduces or provokes the other.

Part 6 of the Collection includes unusual stories. Unusual sex, unusual characters, unusual settings; sometimes it’s just a fantasy, but anything can happen in this life. Sometimes sex works wonders, and we don’t know how far we’re prepared to go in our lovemaking…

Part 7 of the Collection includes story lines about forbidden sex. These are fantasies about violence and sex with minors. In real life, it can get you in trouble with the law, but in your two-actor theater you can do whatever, the more diversity in your repertoire, the more exciting is the actors’ sex life. Boredom will never find its way into their bed, that’s what role playing games are all about.

Part 8 of the Collection is about enacting group sex with the help of sex toys to imitate the extra partners. The diversity of the story lines in this Part will cater to any sex taste, even the most “pervert” one; still, a game is a game, it’s all about enjoying yourselves at zero risk.

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“Keyhole Secrets”

The world's largest collection of SEX FANTASIES and SEX ROLE PLAYING GAME scenarios.
The Collection is divided into 8 Parts according to thematic directions; each Part includes 25 scenarios.

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