The Series of Illustrated Catalogues of Sex Positions

“FANTY Kamasutra”

EIGHT illustrated Catalogues. Sex positions for all occasions.

This exclusive Series of catalogues will:

Equip you with sex positions for all possible situations

The number of positions you try is not an end in itself; however, we often focus on things that are habitual, and there’s a narrow margin between habit and boredom. The positions from this series of Catalogues are ingredients for love recipes, and you will definitely appreciate their diversity.

Teach you to maximize your pleasure

How to intensify your sensations in bed, maximize your partner’s and your own pleasure, how to make a fluid transition from one position to another or from one kind of sex to another? These Catalogues offer answers to all these questions.

Help you improve your lovemaking techniques

Good positions are all about enjoying each other and your love. You will discover the special features of each position and find out how to select the best ones for you as a couple, and which new things you should try. This Series of Catalogues is a textbook of quality sex.

Series Description

This collection of illustrated Catalogues of sex positions is really unique. It’s based on the analysis of an impressive selection of catalogues published in different countries. The goal is to show the best, the most rewarding and diverse things two people can do together, away from the strangers’ eyes.

The collection will be of special interest to those men and women who want to improve their “sex communications skills,” as well as to permanent and family couples who strive for diversity in sex and want to make their ardor last for a long time. The Catalogues include the most exciting sex positions and their combinations, as well as the descriptions of their special features and potential.

Advanced sex techniques, understanding of the specifics of each position, informed approach to their combinations and the transition from one type of sex to the other; open-minded attitude to awesome sex experiences outside your bedroom, i. e. in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, in the car… all of these things are very important for kindling a passion or preserving your love, for maximizing your own and your partner’s pleasure. These Catalogues will not only help you to enjoy sex, they will teach you a lot of things about the art of love.

The project includes eight illustrated Catalogues of positions; we market it as a comprehensive compendium of sex positions.

Brief description of each Catalogue:

“Oral Mischief” Sex Positions Catalogue: Sex Catalogue for Those Who Love Reciprocal Pleasures. 42 Ways Your Lips and Tongue Can Make Your Partner Happy.

“Living Room Fun” Sex Positions Catalogue: Sex Catalogue to Be Used Outside Your Bedroom. An Assortment of 60 Sex Positions: Table, Chair, Easy Chair, Couch.

“Honeymoon” Sex Positions Catalogue: Sex catalogue for those who want to abandon themselves to passion for a month. 30 Sex Combinations, One for Each Day.

“Household Secrets” Sex Positions Catalogue: Sex Catalogue for Unstoppable Couples. 40 Ways to Make Love in the Kitchen, Bathroom or Hallway.

“Cosy Bed” Sex Positions Catalogue: What You Can Do in Your Bed if You Really Want It. Sex Positions Catalogue: 50 Lovemaking Scenarios for Your Bedroom.

“Hot Holidays” Sex Positions Catalogue: How to spend your holiday or vacation without wasting a single moment. 50 best sex positions for outdoor sex.

“Special Recipes” Sex Positions Catalogue: 55 recipes of love cuisine for sex gourmets who love refined pleasures.

“Hot Spice” Sex Positions Catalogue: How to Intensify Your Sex Sensations. 40 Ways to Use Sex Aids.

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“FANTY Kamasutra”

EIGHT illustrated Catalogues. Sex positions for all occasions.

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