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As she comes to a familiar resort with her husband, the heroine can’t even imagine where she’s heading, even though she’s a decent woman.

A novella about impromptu infidelity.

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An explicit novella that tells you that:

Sexual frustration can be explosive

Even if a woman loves her husband, sexual frustration makes her psychologically unstable and open to adultery. Nature can’t be cheated.

It doesn’t take much to justify your transgression

Love in bed is the only guarantee of fidelity. If one partner is bored to death, it’s not fair to blame him or her for transgressions, and where there is a will, there is a way.

Sexless love is treacherous

However stable, tender and sensuous, Love can only be cemented by sex. Those who doubt it put themselves at risk.

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A novella about impromptu infidelity.

Whoever thinks that fidelity is a given thing is wrong, especially if s/he doesn’t keep his or her spouse happy in bed.

The heroine of the novella loves her husband and doesn’t plan to cheat on him, but their marital sex is all but dead. Over and over again she has to resort to masturbation, and, despite all her love, she finds it frustrating. And here they are once again at the familiar resort. Their friends, the warm sea and an amazing beach are there for them… but her loyalty is about to be put to a test. She will do her best to resist the temptation, but it is increasingly hard. An irrepressible desire is awakened…

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buy book on AMAZON for 2.99$

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Combination of hot eroticism with modern philosophy. It arouses, excites and opens up your mind. I deliberately provoke my readers.

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Contemporary outlook on intimate relations between men and women. Love, sex, freedom, restrictions. That is the sphere of my interests both as a writer and philosopher. I analyze, write, rationalize, offer solutions. Solutions for happiness, love quests and love preservation, solutions that help to enjoy life.

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