Combination of hot eroticism with modern philosophy. It arouses, excites and opens up your mind. I deliberately provoke my readers.

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Novels, Novellas, Short Stories, Educative Books

The Series of 8 Collections of Erotic Stories

“Looking Through the Curtains”

200 illustrated sex stories that will wake up your erotic fantasies.
The Series is divided into 8 Collections; each Collection includes 25 short stories.

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The Series of Illustrated Catalogues of Sex Positions

“FANTY Kamasutra”

EIGHT illustrated Catalogues. Sex positions for all occasions.

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Collection of Sex Role Playing Games

“Keyhole Secrets”

The world's largest collection of SEX FANTASIES and SEX ROLE PLAYING GAME scenarios.
The Collection is divided into 8 Parts according to thematic directions; each Part includes 25 scenarios.

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About the Author

Contemporary outlook on intimate relations between men and women. Love, sex, freedom, restrictions. That is the sphere of my interests both as a writer and philosopher. I analyze, write, rationalize, offer solutions. Solutions for happiness, love quests and love preservation, solutions that help to enjoy life.

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My Work

I write on intimate relations between men and women, on the psychology of such relations, on sex and sexuality. I always write in a positive vein, since I believe that sexual energy is the main one of all human energies, and the more you achieve in sex, the more you achieve as a personality (not just in bed, but in general). In this, I fully subscribe to the Oriental concept of energies.

The Essence of My Works

My works are rather philosophical than overtly erotic. All the scenes, including the hottest ones, are aimed at disclosing the characters’ personalities, at provoking them and advancing the story, rather than just embellishing the plot. The idea is to make the reader think, to subtly point out the problems and the truths, to make him analyze his own feelings, to teach him something new. Even when I work on my erotic stories, I try to outline the psychology of my characters, so that the reader could identify with the story and to learn more about his own sexuality.

I want you not just to enjoy my novels and novellas, I want you to think, to learn, to improve.

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