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World’s Nudism Capital Through the Eyes of a Clothed Person

World’s Nudism Capital 
Through the Eyes of a Clothed Person

I learned about this place from an Houellebecq’s novel, and even though I’m not at all into nudism, I decided I should visit Cap d’Agde, since I study everything related to sexuality and I’m interested in all its manifestations.

Cap d’Agde is located in France, on the border with Spain; it’s a unique site for those who like to sunbathe in the nude or would like to try it. This nudist resort was founded in 1956; it had gradually come to encompass the entire town, and today it’s the most popular spot in Europe for those who like to vacation in this particular style. It’s widely believed that Cap d’Agde is the world’s capital of nudism since it is the largest resort of the kind. It features dozens of special hotels, apartment blocks, cafes, restaurants, clubs, stores and, naturally, a nudist beach, several miles long; a place where people from all over the world don’t burden themselves with clothes. You can walk naked to a café, or go shopping at a supermarket, jog or cycle through the town, dance in a nightclub or wander through a park with a stroller… In fact, you can live naked, not just bathe and sunbathe. There’re lots of families here, with kids of different ages; the kids absorb the nudist ideas from early on. Naked children, naked parents, naked grandmas, grandpas, great-grandmas… You won’t make much profit selling swimsuits at this resort.

This place is far from posh, in fact, more on the basic side; the level of hotels, cafes, clubs, same as the entire atmosphere are far from exuberant. If you’re more into deluxe hotels, glamorous clubs and sophisticated cuisine, take it easy. Cap d’Agde is a different place. Everything is simple, unpretentious, without any glamour since the hotels (and rented apartments) are two to four stars, plus the French easy-going attitude to customer service.

In the early 2000s swingers settled here, and now, as this movement gains momentum, they keep monopolizing more and more space at Cap d’Agde. The number of swinger hotels and special clubs goes up every year, and the area of the beach, where you can have public sex, keeps increasing.

This sphere of life is quite boisterous here, and if you’re interested in these pursuits, Cap d’Agde is a great place to watch and try. Most people speak French, but if you’re proficient in English, you will easily meet the “debauchers” from all over the world.

There’s no clear-cut demarcation between the nudists and the swingers; family hotels and swinger hotels, regular cafes and special clubs are to be found in the same neighborhood. Even the area of the beach, where people sunbathe with their kids, is only separated from the public sex area by a conventional demarcation line, rather than a fence or a turnstile. You can easily wander into the wrong area out of pure ignorance.

Swinger crowd is quite diverse, even though, as a whole, it’s younger than on the cruise liners or, let’s say, at Desire in Mexico, an elitist venue of the same kind. The average age of the swingers is around 35; most of them are from Europe. It’s indeed a very popular place. Cap d’Agde is fairly cheap and yet prolific, it offers heaps of opportunities – a lot of people seem to be attracted by these features.

Swinger hotels and apartments come in a wide quality range; the more expensive ones are harder to book. The best seems to be Le Jardin d’Eden – by mid-winter it gets fully booked for the summer months. For certain periods it’s rented out by certain swinger communities, and thus, turns into a private club.

Only couples are admitted into these hotels. There’s absolutely no access for the minors, since sex is practiced everywhere, at all times of the day. The most popular place is the swimming pool and the pool area; no one seems to feel awkward, and lots of people come expressly for the purpose of making love in public. Same as at all the similar venues, most of the guests are public sex aficionados, soft swap couples, full swap couples; swingers are few; changing partners and group sex are not common, even though there’re some people who practice it, and there’re gigolos too, mostly black males who roam around. They are hired as live sex machines or invited to sex parties as MCs.

Certain hotels host special parties, e. g. Le Jardin d’Eden and Le Jardin de Babylone – they are the most proactive ones. Twice a week they organize midday bacchanalias for their guests. Nervous or particularly prude people by all means should stay away from these parties, while those who like “live porn” would definitely enjoy them. You can watch the others, show your own worth, offer yourself or hire a live penis. All these services are affordable, friendly, welcoming.

Cap d’Agde also offers a non-stop day-time sex party, open for anyone. There’re absolutely no sex-related restrictions. You can’t come in a swimsuit – they won’t let you in, but since people, by the most part, don’t know each other, this event doesn’t get as hot as at the restricted-admission parties at the hotels. Still, everyone can pick their own degree of modesty.

For those who enjoy adult entertainment, there’s a wide range of night sex clubs; the leader is Le Glamour. It’s definitely the best establishment in Cap d’Agde, and it sets the standards of intimate life. It’s a full-scale nightclub, where you can have regular or group sex with almost no restrictions. Dress code is fairly sexy, there are special sex shows, bars, dance floors... and a huge sex area in the basement, big enough both for frolicking around and for taking a good look, depending on whether you prefer to spy or to make love in public. Here you can also meet swinger couples in search of diversity, or the “lonely hearts” of both sexes on the lookout for adventures. Most patrons are heterosexual, this place is not Wasteland.

Even though there’s a specially allocated area, at Le Glamour you can basically have sex anywhere; by one at night people get completely uninhibited. Those who don’t suffer from excessive modesty make love everywhere – by the bars, on the dance floor, in the smoking room… This is not forbidden. Porn is shown on the screens, actors set the example on stage, while the guests get hotter and hotter; sexual freedom takes its flight.

There’s a variety of clubs at Cap d’Agde, some are more pricey, others are very affordable; there’s a special spa and a BDSM studio… You can enjoy a wide range of sex services, catering to any taste and any income.

Another social group, known as jerkers, is also very common. This term stands for masturbating males who group around couples that make love on the beach in the area where it is allowed. It’s a really weird phenomenon. Just imagine a regular beach, people on their mats, ice-cream sellers with their trolleys… Some sunbathe, others read books, play cards or chess, toss a ball, others make love – two, three, four together… The jerkers never miss such opportunities. They spot such groups, surround the lovers and begin to masturbate, almost stepping on the heads of folks who sunbathe nearby. The “audience” surrounding one couple might include a few dozen jerkers. They crowd around and polish their cocks. This is not a sight for nervous people.

Strange as it might seem, the jerker community is quite diverse. It includes young guys, fathers of the families, old gaffers, nice-looking guys of different races. There’re hundreds of them, they specially come to Cap d’Agde to masturbate on the beach, for they really like it.

A friend told me about one such guy, who frequents the place with his wife and kids; his family has no idea about his “hobby”. Every day he takes his bike and goes off “for a workout”. The workout is limited to toning one specific group of muscles, and takes place at the “jerkers beach”.

Certain restrictions apply to this beach area, and mounted police is supposed to maintain order, but I have personally seen neither horses nor policemen; it seems that no one is concerned about any legal consequences. This place has sex liberty in full swing.

So, if you’re a nudist, a member of the swinger community or just a promiscuous person, go to Cap d’Agde in France, you will most probably enjoy it. In any case, it will be a memorable trip.

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