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Where Else We Can Make Love. 10 Unusual Places.

Where Else We Can Make Love. 10 Unusual Places.

As we all know, sex is a righteous deed, and by no means a blasphemy. If you’re a loving couple, if you’re really passionate about each other and don’t want your love to wither, enjoy each other whenever you want; it’s wrong to restrain your desires. That’s what mother nature expects from you. Of course, the others’ opinion matters; some people are conservative and inhibited, others are too pious and “right”, there’re minors and old folks out there, as well as those who don’t like sex. That’s a good enough reason to make love secretly; besides, the law doesn’t really approve of public sex.

However, a lot of people are particularly thrilled by the forbidden, the new, the risky, the extreme.

This article is not a call for breaking the law; I just want to tell you how you can have fun, or even misbehave for the sake of your love.

There’re lots of opportunities out there; I can’t list them all, but let’s go over the ten most popular ones; after that, you can use your creativity. Just remember one thing: you do it at your own risk, I haven’t encouraged it. Take this text for an erotic fantasy, nothing more.


1. Here we are inside the dressing cubicle of a clothes store; preferably a large and not-too-crowded one. If it’s outside the busy hours, if the sales people are youngish and positive-thinking, they would hardly start chasing you, especially if you do it quickly and quietly. They might think you’re trying something on very thoroghly, making a careful choice. 


2. The back row of a movie house, a late screening, a less-than-popular movie, better an adult one, so that there’re no minors or old people in the audience. What else do you need? Bring a few towels or wipers just in case, and it might be worth your while to leave your underwear at home…


3. A change room at the beach, early morning or late afternoon, when the crowds are not there. Try to stay quiet and not rock the cubicle, check the lock, walk in one after the other, don’t linger there. These are some ideas that come to your head towards summer.


4. The WC at a decent restaurant. Not as challenging, but a thrill. Walk in and walk out separately. If you meet someone at the door, give him a happy wink. Innocent till proven guilty. If some people think wrong about you, it’s their problem; they should not watch so much porn.


5. An elevator. Ideally, find a low-speed one inside a skyscraper, even better if it happens at night, when few people use it and kids are in bed, still better if you own the skyscraper. If someone does walk in (not a policeman) it’s not the end of the world. Greet him/her with a friendly smile or an apology, adjust your clothes and ask what time it is. Most probably, the person will either laugh or run away, embarrassed.


6. Office. We’ve already discussed it in “How to Have Awesome Sex in the Office. 10 Ways to Approach Your Colleague”, yet the situation here is different. If you don’t work together, one can visit the other at the workplace (you should know, though, that the first person might get sacked for THIS). So, only if you treasure love more than anything else, if you’re sure that there’re no CCTS cameras around and your office has a reliable lock, then… to hell with the regulations!


7. Here’s yet another WC, this time on board a plane, not in the restaurant. It’s less spacious, and the whole thing is more risky, so it might not be a good idea for any flight, as long as it’s not your private jet. Not too many people would dare do it, even though it’s a life-time experience.


8. It’s even easier to do it in the car; we’ve already discussed your options in “How to Achieve Perfect Harmony with Nature. 10 Recommended Sex Positions”, but it would be wrong not to mention it here. It’s one of the easier-available options for diversity. They say that, in certain free-minded countries, there’re special sites for it in natural reserves.

If you have a fairly spacious car with tinted windows, I can offer you a whole Kama Sutra of Love on Wheels positions. If your vehicle is small, with clear windows, never mind. Just check out this position, good enough even for a mini, all it takes is to drive into the woods. 


9. A swimming pool. The prerequisites are obvious: clean water, no people around, silicone base lubricant (it doesn’t get washed off). If it happens at night, in the dark, you can easily enjoy each other even in a public, not a private pool. One important condition, though, is that she has to have good resistance to infections; otherwise she must sanitize herself with a special solution after THAT.


10. And, finally, the woods, the outdoors. Don’t miss such a great opportunity. It’s great to feel like Adam and Eve, even though you don’t have an apple tree close by. Nature is harmonizing, it encourages natural pursuits, and what can be more natural for a loving couple than to enjoy sex.

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