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The Wildest Sex Party in the World. An Outsider’s Perspective

The Wildest Sex Party in the World. An Outsider’s Perspective

Human sexuality is a weird, boundless thing. It stands apart, and sometimes makes people behave real strangely. Some people tend to go from one extreme to the other. Some stifle their sexuality and become sexless. Others turn into animals who are always ready to answer the call of lust. I hope that you don’t belong to either the first or the second category. I don’t, but I am still interested in all of these things. I’m a student of sexuality, since it’s a part of my project.

What does sex mean to us? Why is it so important in a relationship? What does it contribute to marital stability and love? I want to figure all these things out and help others to achieve nuptial harmony. Full-fledged harmony cannot be attained without a quality sex life.

Working on my project, I collect all sorts of data. All sorts means no restrictions.

One day I learned about Wasteland, the wildest sex party in the world, according to Penthouse. Amsterdam hosts it twice a year and Berlin – once. Admission is unrestricted. All you need to do is to pay 50 Euros for the ticket, get dressed appropriately, and show up.

On the night of 11—12 April 2015, I put on black jeans and latex, downed a drink to boost my spirits and took a cab to Zandam on the outskirts of Amsterdam, which is the traditional Wasteland venue. I had already visited it in 2012, but left at an early stage. This time I intended to stay until the very end, the way that people in the know had suggested. This is because the real “fun” begins towards morning.

The party hosts over a thousand people, which includes a mix of hetero- and homosexuals, singles and couples, groups, transsexuals and disabled people… Some are dressed, others are half-dressed, or naked; some walk on their feet, some creep after their masters on all fours, like dogs on a leash… This mass of people drinks, dances, laughs, sways, fornicates and copulates – two, three, four or as a whole group… This ecstasy is maintained by special shows and performances, including group sex on stage. This show is a manifestation of unrestrained sexuality, but it’s very important for me to see it all. Since I’m here on business, I keep my eyes open and try to understand these people. I look them in the face and in the eyes. I watch their behavior. I monitor their emotions, reactions and normal and abnormal behavior. I watch them and try to understand their motivations and why they act like they are crazy.

It’s not a place for timid folks. The party is very wild, yet it’s real life and a manifestation of freedom. Everything is here, including all of the dirty sex tricks. It’s actually convenient because the program of this debauchery encompasses all the types of lust. Your ticket gives you access to a unique show. It is a circus act that a normal person would never imagine. That’s the attitude that you should take if you’re visiting Wasteland.

This is a fetish night, and guests are dressed accordingly. For the most part, they are wearing latex, leather and straps. The clothing, behavior and the atmosphere create a special kind of energy. It’s very obvious, yet it’s not the productive energy of harmonizing sex. This energy has no positive features. It’s chaotic.

The clientele here is very diverse. Some people seem to enjoy the atmosphere of madness, some love debauchery, some fancy public sex, some are just eager to copulate, some want to be pawed at that very moment, some look for partners in group sex and some want to take part in an orgy (homosexual orgies included).

However, most people are not here for the sake of sex. They are attracted by the liberal atmosphere and by the extreme sexual freedom. They are here to watch the others and to show off. They expect something special. For them, this debauchery is like a drug. They just cannot suppress their animal instincts.

There are four dance floors, six stages, several bars, a selection of rooms for lovemaking; passages, corridors, nooks… light, shade, darkness, two floors of crazy debauchery, yet there is no violence. Everything is consensual, open and unrestrained. It looks like an apotheosis of freedom. You can fuck anywhere, but mostly people choose nooks in the special rooms. Others walk through these rooms, watching; timidity is not allowed here. Of course, hygienic standards are pretty low. People practice unprotected oral sex, and the stars of the show are gays who suck each other all over the place.

I walk around, watching and unaffected by alcohol. There are many other things here to drive you insane.

Here’s a couple making love. Others walk up to them, watching and touching. The couple doesn’t encourage them. They just enjoy having sex in public, like most sissy swingers. The only difference is that somehow these two made it to Wasteland. Here’s another couple, these two don’t seem to mind, so a number of hands begin to grab the girl. She’s poorly groomed and ugly, but she’s a personification of lust, which is addictive. People around her get bolder, their hands go everywhere, competing against each other. Some touch the guy, while others touch the girl, then join them… There’re mobs of sex-starved single guys here.

There’re lots of wankers and black guys amid the heterosexuals. The wankers walk around, masturbating. The black guys try to steal a fuck. They ramble around like jackals. Some girls seem to like it and they use them as sex machines.

Here’s a Caucasian, intellectual-looking couple in their forties. They look fairly decent. The guy is treating his supine partner to a cunnilingus. She looks completely stunned.

A black guy shows up, begins to squeeze her breasts, while she tugs at his penis until it becomes stone-hard. With a smile, the girl nods to him, the black guy puts on a condom. Her partner steps aside, letting him have her, and he begins to fuck her. He makes no effort to please her. He just got hold of a chunk of white meat. He comes fairly fast and walks away. She wanted to use him for a dildo, while he just emptied his balls. It was all that he really wanted.

It looked downright ridiculous; I even felt sorry for the girl. He disappeared, but yet another black guy popped up at the very same moment, already with a hard-on…

I watch them, trying to figure out what this couple is trying to achieve and what sort of expectations they have. I see that the guy feels ill at ease. He’s not particularly hot about this woman. However, he watches her with guilty, loving eyes. He’s actually embarrassed by the performance of the black guy who can’t make his woman come. He sprays some antiseptic into her groin and begins to lick her anew. The second black guy is already mauling her. This one has a smaller penis than the first one, but he is also eager to try a white girl and he is also sexed-up. Why would the girl want it, under the circumstances? I can see that she doesn’t really enjoy the process. It looks like this couple came to a wrong place with entirely wrong expectations. It all looks rather ridiculous.

In fact, many things look ridiculous here. You wouldn’t think about the place as a sexually thrilling one.

Here’s a girl with two guys who fuck her on the steps and block the passage of the other guests. The girl has a large ass and the passers-by try to squeeze her buttocks. However, the guys wave them off since they are greedy. It distracts them from sex and, naturally, they can’t come. They masturbate inside their girlfriend, who doesn’t seem particularly thrilled either. As a professional, I can see that. They are nice folks and they should not have wasted their money on Wasteland. They would have been better off having fun in a hotel room. They might be animators, though, warming up the visitors and making a statement that it was worth spending your money on the entrance tickets. Another couple, in tight latex, definitely experiences some doubts.

They look around nervously and dash for a corner. Both have flies on their garments. After a silent nod, they unzip the flies, the lady turns her face to the wall. After a few licks, the guy fearfully takes his aim and, glancing around, begins to throb. This is the only word to describe it. It’s obviously another kind of corporal masturbation and it’s hard to figure out why they would want to do it. None of them is having fun, and they are obviously unnerved by the audience. It’s so obvious and so un-sexy that no one seems eager to come and watch them. They make me feel awkward, for they look like decent people who decided that it would be cool to try this thing here, in Amsterdam, with other people around.

They shouldn’t have come for the party. It’s the wrong place for them. Things are different for a plump girl nearby, who is mauled by three guys. The guys look attractive, while the fatty is downright ugly. She’s having the time of her life, which is quite understandable.

They lick and maul her and they thrust their fingers inside her. Pawed by six hands in various ways, she’s obviously having a party. Now she’s sucking them, surrounded by onlookers, but eventually they get bored. None of the guys comes. They just walk away suddenly, leaving her sagging body alone and her feeling perplexed. Another awkward moment. I can’t guess why the guys chose to molest her. They seemed to have thought it would be fun.

Here’s another weird group: a guy with three girls, all of them in their mid-thirties. They are nice-looking intellectuals. They stand out against this background, for there aren’t too many pleasant-looking people here, aside from the well-groomed gays. Chattering busily, the ladies place the guy on a stool and begin to suck him. They switch every minute, never stopping their blabber. The guy is neither particularly hard nor well-endowed, but they all seem to be having fun, waving off the vultures who flock around. Finally, the guy goes completely limp, and they dissolve in the crowd. They are weird people having weird fun. All I can do is to sympathize with the disappointed vultures, they were so eager to get their prey.

I stroll along, watch, get more and more perplexed and visit the bar once in a while. It’s hard to process it all without alcohol.

Groups of gays form here and there. They suck and fuck each other. Once in a while a girl, a blowjob aficionado, would join them and take her turn swallowing a penis. It looks quite amusing, but why would a girl need anything like it?

It looks amusing because it’s very much like a circus show. It looks more and more obvious to me. However, these people are not actors. They are normal people, and there’s over a thousand of them here. It’s all about their sexuality and the way it is. It seems to me that they don’t have a clue what sex is all about. I can see it quite clearly. The only people who really enjoy this party are the ones who just hang around, dance and drink. Sex is too subtle a thing to be practiced in such an environment. Here’s my tip to you: if you are eager to go to a fetish party and if you want to display your bare bottom or watch the others do it, you’re welcome. However, if you want to watch sex live or to have it in public, opt for a decent swinger club. Wasteland is not the place. People who gather here are very peculiar and hard to understand.

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200 illustrated sex stories that will wake up your erotic fantasies.
The Series is divided into 8 Collections; each Collection includes 25 short stories.

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