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Ideal Sex, Male Perspective. 7 Handy Tips to Their Partners.

Ideal Sex, Male Perspective. 7 Handy Tips to Their Partners.

If a woman has strong reasons to keep a certain man by her side, she should stay alert. By nature, a man is an alpha male dog, this is something to be remembered; the best way to keep him “leashed” is sex. All the other things, including family hearth, happy laughter of the children, a secure roof over your heads etc. are valid, but less reliable. Don’t entertain fickle illusions; alas, the above is true, and life keeps proving it.

This article is about keeping him “leashed.”

It’s common knowledge that sex is a very important component of a guy’s life; as a rule, when he enters a steady relationship with a woman, he takes sex for granted; for a male, a permanent partnership means guaranteed satisfaction in bed. As long as the partner lives up to his expectations, their relationship is not threatened. In this respect, good (quality) sex at home is a reliable way to prolong your love.

However, let’s start with the definition of “quality,” from the perspective of the male partner; what kind of sex is he dreaming about? Actually, the answer is quite simple, and you should always keep it in mind if you are interested in a long-term relationship.


Quality sex for him, is, primarily, the kind of sex that she enjoys. An experienced male can always tell the difference, and her satisfaction invariably adds to his arousal. You should better leave imitated pleasure, faked orgasms and “love through clenched teeth” to the prostitutes. If a guy can “drive her crazy” in bed, he walks upon air, for it’s a clear indication of his worth and experience. A woman’s desire adds to her partner’s self-esteem; for him it’s even more important than her passion.

TIP No. 1: while in bed, opt for those things that you really enjoy; don’t restrain your emotions.


Sex, same as food, should not be monotonous. It’s particularly important for guys, for they tend to get bored by routine and repetitive things faster than women. If you don’t want your partner to get bored, if you want to remain his favorite delicacy in bed, search for novelty. It’s not at all hard, there’s a lot you can do; besides, it’s actually quite thrilling. For more detailed treatment of novelty in your intimate life, check out "Marital sex. 12 steps to paradise or bringing variety to the bedroom".

TIP No. 2: search for new recipes of love cuisine, the same way you do with food.


Your lovemaking should be emotional, even if you’re half- asleep when making love; your guy will definitely appreciate your attitude. For him, good sex is a mini celebration, the best minutes of his life; it’s very important to share his joy. He expects it, and will be grateful to you for such reaction; your enthusiasm makes a huge difference. Men tend to appreciate women who appreciate sex. You can scream at the top of your voice or moan softly, but lying as a lifeless log is a huge mistake, for that is not sex, but masturbation inside your body. For a man, such copulation is very similar to having an intercourse with a sex toy, even though for a much higher price.

TIP No. 3: enjoy sex, be vocal and demonstrative..


Most men are adventurous, they tend to look for something special, out-of-the-way. It’s a positive trait, for it encourages creativity; it should be valued, for it’s an indication that the person is young at heart. Trying new things in sex is a sure way to diversity, and without diversity your family bed will get cold and your love will wither.

TIP No. 4: open up to experimenting in bed, encourage your partner to try novel approaches, give him a chance to experience new things with you; thus you will find it easier to get him involved in your games.


For males sex is both about pleasure and self-assertion; even if, just once, it didn’t work out, you would hurt your partner by telling him that it was not the best time in your life. It’s the greatest mistake ever. Naturally, you should not keep your dissatisfaction to yourself; let your partner know what you would like to do, but make sure to say it in a tactful way and only after letting him know that, overall, it was awesome.

TIP No. 5: make sure to praise him in bed, and NEVER criticize him; he should believe that your lovemaking is always gratifying. It’s not so hard to exhale, “Awesome!”, and if you add a compliment to his instrument, the guy will definitely think you’re the best.


Of course, each guy has his own needs, but they all want to have sex whenever they feel like it. For you it’s not really much of a challenge: the guy needs both the right mood and erection, while all you need is the right mood. You can say no to a guy once, twice… and then nature will take its course, he will stray or end up with an erectile disfunction, which would deprive both of you of great pleasure.

TIP No. 6: never say no to a guy if he wants to make love; try to be flexible, adjust to the situation. You’re under no obligation, yet the stability of your relationship is at stake.


Most women want to be the only ones, while most guys dream about having a harem, since they are hunters at heart and want multiple “prey”. A harem is an expensive and troublesome thing, and any woman, who wants to gratify her dreams, turning them into reality, needs to learn diversity. She should be creative about her looks, her attitude, her behavior in bed… she should play all sorts of roles while making love. It’s actually very, very exciting; for more details check out "How to make HIM stay with you forever. 10 practical tips for women who value stability".

TIP No. 7: if you want to be his only one, turn into a “harem,” which means be an actress in bed, don’t play one and the same part until it’s your time to retire.

I formulate what you really can do, deriving pleasure from the process and not even straining yourself. Of course, I cannot put it into the format of an article. To learn more, read the novel, THE MASK, or The Formula of an Ideal Wife. If you feel that Love is one of your priorities, and you still want the same love you had in the beginning, take the trouble to read the novel. It’s written for women.

If you like my way of thinking or my style of writing in general, you might enjoy reading my novels, novellas, and short stories or others articles on this theme.

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