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How to Spend your Holidays or Vacations Without Wasting a Single Moment. 10 Awesome Positions for Summer Sex.

How to Spend your Holidays or Vacations Without Wasting a Single Moment. 10 Awesome Positions for Summer Sex.

It’s great to make love at home. It’s comfortable, cozy, habitual… Habitual? There’s half a step between “habitual” and “boring,” and that is really bad, for boredom in bed poses a threat to your love. Besides, the more diversified, unusual and intense your lovemaking, the more joy you will give to each other, the more pleasure you will derive from it, making your love more colorful. Never doubt that, and never lose a single moment.

Whatever you do take a break in the country, go hiking, stay at a resort, travel by car or take a walk... when it's summer outdoors, when we're not home, when we're away from work, we often feel like having some naughty sex; well, what's wrong with it? Isn't holiday time the best time for this? Time flies, and, before you know it, you can turn into a righteous, yet boring old person.

Just remember, not all the places encourage such activities! There’re laws, regulations, social norms and conventions; there’re morality, decency and inhibitions; there’re minors and cops, prudes and overly religious people… Naturally, there might be some people around who would despise your love or your naked butt. Such lovemaking, of course, is a little risky, and you need to assume the entire responsibility for it. Yet the risk! A lot of people find it additionally stimulating, a way to intensify their emotions. It’s up to you to charter your course. You can do it at home for the five hundredth time, under your sheets, in the missionary position, with a yawn, or try it on a bench in the park, feeling like two guerrillas behind the enemy lines.

Here're a dozen summer guerrilla positions, to enhance your holidays or vacations.


1. If you feel like diversifying your sex, the easiest solution is to make love at your summer place when you’re out there for a weekend, holiday or vacation. You can always invent something unusual, while the risk of getting caught is minimal. Even if your neighbors decide to spy on you, take it with a good sense of humor, for they actually misbehave, not you. You’re not doing anything bad, you just love each other, and that’s a good justification; don’t even think twice.

That's how you can use a deck chair.

By thrusting all the way in, he can press closer to her. The advantages of this position are deep penetration and strong contact of your pubes. Her clitoris is stimulated intensely, she will definitely love this position. Her breasts are right in front of his mouth, he should definitely use the opportunity to caress her nipples with his lips. All in all, it’s a great deck chair position.


2. A stable or a hayloft is not something you will necessarily have at your summer place, yet the idea of this lovemaking is for her to turn into an Amazon. The smell of hay and horses, the special thrill and the unusual feelings – if you get a chance to prance around like that, you will definitely never forget it. And if you feel like making it even more emotional, you can enact the story of a groom and a female rider. You will find the scenario in Keyhole Secrets collection, it’s called Favorite Stallion.

A quick tip: bring a thick blanket or a towel, for hay is prickly.


3. Sex in a car is quite an exciting issue; it’s fairly risky, for you go public, and the “public” can show up quite unexpectedly, hopefully, not in a police uniform. But, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained; it’s worth taking a chance.

You can now push the seats forward and move to the back, providing your car is big enough. In this case you will definitely enjoy this position. You are both active, assisting each other; she’s sitting firmly astride his penis. This position ensures deep penetration and close contact of your groins; all he needs to do is to rock her gently, and she will easily attain her bliss. If he spreads his legs a little wider and she presses tighter to him, her clitoris will be massaged intensely by his pubis and the root of his penis.


4. If your engine has cooled, and the hood is neither dirty nor hot, why not use it for making love.

You can place something soft under her buttocks, in this case you will definitely enjoy this position. Your pubes come into close contact, ensuring deeper penetration, while his stand-up hands-free position allows him to do a lot of things. By changing the angle, depth and intensity of thrusts, he can play with sensations. If she presses harder to him, she can increase the stimulation of her clitoris with the root of his penis.

He can have sex in this position for a long time, without getting tired.


5. We’re all children of nature, with dormant Adam and Eve inside. Outdoor sex is very exciting and very special, a lot of people would agree with me. Your risk of being seen is higher than usual, and some people find it very stimulating.

Let’s start with the less risky one, sex in a tent; a chilly day should not prevent you from making love. As they say, two Indians would never feel cold under one blanket; neither would two lovers in a sleeping bag.

The “spoon” position is a classic; it’s great for unhurried sex. You both lie on your sides; he enters her from behind and presses tight to her. In this position, even the lightest thrusts will strongly stimulate her G spot. He can also caress her breasts, and she can intensify her sensations by stimulating her clitoris with her finger.


6. Now forget your inhibitions and move into the jungles. Well, a forest or a park would do too, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you will experience unity with nature, which is very emotionally rewarding. Relax, feel like two mating animals, abandon yourselves to love.

By changing the angle, vigor and depth of his thrusts, raising and lowering his buttocks, leaning back or forward, he can change your sensations dramatically. He will find it particularly easy to stimulate the G spot area by leaning forward and pressing into her back, or by partially standing up.


7. Those who like to go extreme, can try this way of going naughty in a deserted park. If the bench is not too tough, or if you place something soft under her knees, you will find this position comfortable and promising. By standing up, she can intensify her sensations in the G spot area, for it will be massaged more vigorously by the tip of the penis. Clinging closer to her, he can caress her clitoris and thus double the pleasure she derives from your lovemaking.

By leaning low and pushing up her butt, she can alter her sensations; her spread buttocks will stretch her sphincter, facilitating the transition to anal sex – if you like it.


8. Sex in the water is a most interesting topic; the unusual nature of such love is definitely very exciting. Just make sure the water is clean, and there're no children paddling or divers diving next to you.

Remember that you might end up with sores, for water tends to wash off her natural lubrication.

If you walk deeper into the water, you can practice this and the subsequent positions very discreetly. A couple locked in embrace in the water – what’s wrong with it, it happens all the time.


9. This is not a position to be practiced on the rough seas, but otherwise it’s an amazing aquatic delight. If the water’s deep enough, you would hardly feel her weight at all, he doesn’t have to be an Atlas to keep going for a whole hour, rocking her gently on his penis, while the others will think it’s just an embrace. Your pubes will come into close contact, her clitoris will be massaged intensely, providing he doesn’t lift her too high. There’re lots of opportunities for pleasant play here. By lifting her up or bringing lower, he can diversify her sensations, pushing her down with each thrust.


10. This is, of course, a more daring position, yet it's great if the mattress is well-inflated and he can reach the bottom with his feet. Additional stretching in the groin will intensify his sensations; besides, he will be able to enjoy a fabulous view. By shifting her legs around, he can play with your sensations. Spreading them wide or pressing together, crossing them or tossing over his shoulders, or bringing closer to her belly, he can enjoy the diversity, searching for the most pleasant option. Just keep in mind that this position is not ideal for prolonged lovemaking; if he’s naked, he can rub the small of his back sore.

Well, that’s it. This was Position 10, the last one. Or rather, not a position, but an idea; the goal of this article is to entice you to trying something unusual.

Your holidays or your vacations are the best time for that, for, willy-nilly, you move your love outside your bedroom. Leaving the routine behind, you encounter your opportunity to explore the new horizons. It’s interesting, it’s thrilling, it’s very exciting, it’s your gateway to new emotions.

If you’ve been together for a long time, take your vacation for a honeymoon; if it’s a new relationship, don’t miss this opportunity to reinforce your bond. Forget your fears, restrains and inhibitions; the more colorful and diverse is your lovemaking, the more sensuous, passionate and long-lasting will your love be.

If you think this is the right attitude to your relationship, if you like diversity and don't want to waste your time while having your summer break, you will definitely profit from Hot Holidays sex catalogue. It's a special summertime edition, featuring 50 best positions for outdoor sex. You might find other ideas there that you would want to try out together.

If you like my way of thinking or my style of writing in general, you might enjoy reading my novels, novellas, and short stories or others articles on this theme.

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If you like my way of thinking or my style of writing in general, you might enjoy reading my book on this theme.

“Hot Holidays” Sex Positions Catalogue

eBook“FANTY Kamasutra” Series.
“Hot Holidays” Sex Positions Catalogue

How to spend your holiday or vacation without wasting a single moment. 50 best sex positions for outdoor sex.

How to spend your holiday or vacation without wasting a single moment. 50 best sex positions for outdoor sex.

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FREE eBook“FANTY Kamasutra” Series.
“Hot Holidays” Sex Positions Catalogue

How to spend your holiday or vacation without wasting a single moment. 50 best sex positions for outdoor sex.

How to spend your holiday or vacation without wasting a single moment. 50 best sex positions for outdoor sex.

read morelook insidebuy book on AMAZON for 1.99$

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