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How to Spend a Great Night on a Couch. 10 Awesome Sex Positions

How to Spend a Great Night on a Couch. 10 Awesome Sex Positions

I hope you would agree that a couch is a great piece of furniture for making love, even though it’s important to have the right kind of couch. The depth and the height of the seat, the shape and the size of the armrests, the type and the width of the back… These things determine how convenient your couch is for having sex, and which positions would be good for it.

We can come up with a huge number of suggestions, but, to illustrate the main principles, these 10 positions would do.

Let’s begin with the ones that would do for any couch.


1. This is a “couch classic,” with her playing the lead role. Leaning back, he caresses her and enjoys the view. All that he need to provide is a steady erection. Keeping back his climax, he plays a support role, while she “runs the show”, fidgeting, rolling her butt, rocking and having a great ride as she sits astride her stallion. She’s an Amazon, galloping up to the seventh heaven.


2. Here’s another “ride,” with her back to the partner – after all, a back seat at the movies is sort of a couch. Pressing closer to him or leaning forward, she can play with her sensations, for she would thus change the angle of penetration. His hands are free to squeeze her buttocks; he can also put them around her and stimulate her clitoris to add to the intensity of her sensations.


3. If you’re at home, not at the movies, try this option. He doesn’t have to be very active, he can just rock her on his penis, caressing her buttocks. The “treat” is right in front of his nose, which is very exciting. To ease the pressure on her hands, he should sit back as far as possible. If she has a sensitive anus, he can intensify her sensations by stimulating it with his fingers or a sex toy.


4. He can add vigor to your lovemaking if he shifts into this position; it ensures very deep penetration and stimulates the side wall of the vagina, offering her a whole new range of sensations. It’s common knowledge that the G spot is not the only significant area, there’s a great potential in searching for the other sensitive spots. This position can be practiced in two different ways, with her left or right leg at the top. Most probably, your sensations would differ. Try it out! Nothing is more pleasant than such experiments.


5. If you have a low, deep, chill-out-type couch, you will definitely enjoy this position. It is very comfortable, and you will find it great for prolonged, sophisticated, diversified lovemaking. His hands are free to caress her and play with the position of her body. Her breasts, her clitoris, her buttocks… his fingers should never be idle; this is a great position for combining coitus and caresses. Supporting her by the thighs and the buttocks, he can rock her on his penis, twist it inside the vagina, thrust in various directions, alternating between quick and shallow, deep and abrupt thrusts; he can combine frictions with caressing her clitoris… All in all, it’s an almost ideal position for those who like to play with their sensations.


6. While experimenting in the previous position, he can alternatively raise her legs, thus moving to another stance. By propping her legs on his shoulders, spreading them wide or pressing together, he changes the direction and angle of penetration, which will definitely add to the diversity of your sensations. The stretching of her groin would also make this position different from the previous one.


7. If you have a couch with a high back, you will find this position very comfortable. It’s yet another classic, but it’s an ideal one for the couch; besides, you can maintain it for a long while. Since her body is lifted up, the G spot is stimulated more intensely than in the regular doggy-style position. If he cups her breasts and presses closer to her back, he will intensify the effect. By bending or straightening his knees, he can change the angle of penetration, which will also add to the diversity of your sensations.

You will find this position great for anal sex too, providing you like it.


8. If your couch has a wide back, don’t miss this exciting position. It’s very unusual, which is always stimulating. He sort of attacks her and pins her against the wall. Deep penetration, active stimulation of the clitoris, vigor… this combination makes a powerful effect, and even if you only maintain this stance for a short while, it’s still worth trying.


9. Back to the armrests. As a rule, we tend to neglect them; however, if they’re soft and wide… Take a look at this position. It does seem a little extravagant, but almost all the couples will find it comfortable. Pressing closer to her or leaning back, he can diversify her sensations by varying the intensity of the G spot stimulation.

If you’re into anal sex, you’ll definitely love this position. For that purpose, she should lean further forward and push up her butt.


10. If you have bolsters on your couch, it’s a priceless piece of furniture. This position tells as much. To make it even more comfortable for her, you can place a pillow under her waist, and she will definitely fly off to a cloud in paradise. The rush of blood to her head will help. In this position he will vigorously stimulate her G spot, while his hands will be free to stimulate her clitoris.

I hope you will now take a closer look at your couch; we’re offering just a few guidelines, while, in fact, a good couch is almost as precious as a king-size bed. Think twice where you want to make love next, in your bedroom or your living room.

I hope that you liked this article, and that it has supplied you with interesting ideas. If this diversity is something you like, and if you enjoy trying new things, take a look at Living Room Fun sex catalogue that features 60 out-of-bed sex position. It's geared for those couples who enjoy sex outside their bedrooms.

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