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How to Snuggle Together in an Easy Chair. A Selection of 10 Sex Positions.

How to Snuggle Together in an Easy Chair. A Selection of 10 Sex Positions.

Sex in an easy chair is something to discuss, especially since many people have an easy chair in their bedroom, i. e. the place where they normally make love. A nice bed and a comfortable chair – what else do you need to make you happy, especially if the person you love is right next to you? You need to go beyond the missionary position and put your furniture to a good use; here’s a selection of ten awesome positions. She plays the active part in five of them, he runs the show in the other five.


1. To begin with, let’s honor the ladies first principle and let her run the show by warming him up with her lips. Washing down his penis with champagne is a treat worthy of true sex gourmands, no wonder we show it here.

A bit moe about this position. If she has soft padding under her knees, she will feel perfectly comfortable giving him a blowjob. To add to the emotional background, place a mirror behind her. He will get even more excited watching her booty during the oral sex.


2. Once she feels she’s ready to “straddle her stallion,” she can move into the next position; for instance, into this one, very comfortable and sensuous. Plungung, rocking, rolling her butt and fidgeting, she can play with your sensations. He can caress her buttocks and kiss her breasts; he’s the source of pleasure for his rider. This position offers strong stimulation of the clitoris; by putting a vibro ring on his penis, you can further intensify her sensations. 


3. This positon is even more sensuous. As you sit there, locked in an embrace, you enjoy your unity in an easy-going mode, without any abrupt moves. Holding her by the waist, he just rocks her on his penis and pulls her genty closer. Her legs thrown over the armrests will put your pubes into close contact and ensure deep penetration.

A vibro ring on his penis will intensify her sensations in the same way as in the previous position. You can put it on either in the very beginning or a little later, once she gets ready to “spice it up.”


4. Once she decides to change her sensations, she can move on to this position, straddling her partner with her back to him. He helps her to move, while caressing her breasts gently. This position ensures strong stimulation of the G spot, and she can additionally intensify her sensations by fondling her clitoris.

This position is also great for anal sex, you can move on to it after a while. Leaning forward slightly, she lets him warm up and lubricate her butt; after that, she lifts it and lowers down on his penis.


5. Towards the end you can move on to hardcore sex; with her feet on the floor, she “fucks the guy” ruthlessly. Many women find it additionally exciting; just make sure he doesn’t climax too fast.

By changing the angle of her body, fidgeting, rocking and thrusting, she experiments with her sensations while enjoying her domination. Her goal is a vigorous climax; she should not break his penis either.


6. You can change your active parts, or she can let him run the show for a while; he should first warm her up orally.

Throwing up and spreading her legs, she gives him free access to her groin; thus his neck will not go numb. Standing on his knees, he treats her to an assortment of oral and lingual caresses. He kisses and licks her labia, sucks it, fumbles with them gently, trying to figure out what she likes best. He should stay away from her clitoris for as long as possible, until she actually asks for it. She might like rimming too… you will have more fun if she gives him specific instructions.


7. Whether his cunnilingus makes her come or not, you might want to follow it with this position. In it he feels that he possesses the women with particular intensity.

With her legs spread wide, she will feel a pleasant stretching in her groin. By spreading them wider or lifting higher, he can play with her sensations. His other resources are a diversity of thrusts and deeper penetration. Leaning back he can shift the stimulation to her G spot, and clinging to her – to the clitoris. This position offers you a unique range of opportunities. It’s also good for oral sex.


8. Her legs thrown over his shoulders, her thighs pressed together, she can tighten her vagina and thus change your sensations. She can intensify the effect by crossing her legs, bringing her thighs even closer together and pulling them up with her hands. Supporting her ankles on his shoulders and thrusting slightly upwards, he will stimulate the G area; you will thus achieve a double effect.


9. This position will offer you equally thrilling sensations. Her legs are pressed together, her inner muscles are tense – that’s the special feature of this position. Her vagina is tightened, and your private parts rub strongly against each other. Your sensations are intensified, and all that you need now is to come up with the most efficient technique. By diversifying his thrusts, pushing upwards and downwards, plunging in smoothly and abruptly, he prolongs your pleasure. She helps him by flexing or arching her back, “listening” to her sensations. She can squat lower and push up her butt, thus he will be able to thrust downwards, hanging over her, stimulating her G spot.


10. If, after that, you move on to anal or hardcore sex, you will create a special emotional background. He fucks her ruthlessly, that’s the main idea of this position. He’s rude, avid, unceremonious, it’s almost a rape; his penis goes all the way in with vigorous, powerful thrusts. He gropes, he squeezes, he grapples… he squashes her breasts and her buttocks, he almost devours her, he’s a terror… still fucking her, he sticks his finger into her anus…

A lot of people, both men and women, believe that hardcore sex is particularly exciting. Try to approach this position from this angle.

I can offer a wider range of easy chair positions, and I strongly recommend - providing you have enough space at your place - to invest into a sex-friendly easy chair.

I hope that you liked this article, and that it has supplied you with interesting ideas. If this diversity is something you like, and if you enjoy trying new things, take a look at Living Room Fun sex catalogue that features 60 out-of-bed sex position. It's geared for those couples who enjoy sex outside their bedrooms.

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The Series of Illustrated Catalogues of Sex Positions

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