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How to Serve Gourmet Sex on a Table. 10 Best Positions.

How to Serve Gourmet Sex on a Table. 10 Best Positions.

As a rule, we underestimate the lovemaking value of our tables, while they have the right height for most guys. If your table is sturdy enough, it will add variety and thrill to your sex, irrespective of its location and primary purpose.

Since some people don’t have enough relevant experience, let’s look into ten best tabletop positions. In all of them he does not press her down with his weight and, as a rule, can hold on for a long while, which, naturally, is a great advantage.


1. Let’s start with the cunnilingus on the cooking table in the kitchen: it’s a delicious treat, a lot of people would agree to that. If you place something soft under her butt and under his knees, you will feel very comfortable. A soft potholder or bedroom slippers would do fine. Even though I’ve already considered this position in "12 Best Recipes of Kitchen Sex. Sweet Delights", I feel I should mention it one more time. 


2. If she feels uncomfortable sitting on her tailbone, she will enjoy cunnilingus in this position. He supports part of her weight on his shoulders, part of it is distributed along her backbone, thus she won’t mind the hard surface of the table. She can relax and savor her sensations.

As for him, he will find both positions great for cunnilingus, for he can hold his head almost straight.


3. Naturally, it makes sense to move on to this position; it’s awesome, especially if she’s lying on something soft. Rolling his penis inside the vagina, changing the direction and the depth of his thrusts, pulling her closer, he can play with your sensations. By pulling up her legs and thrusting upwards, he will stimulate the G spot more intensely. If he holds her legs with one hand and uses the other one for stimulating her clitoris, the table will definitely turn into her cloud in paradise.


4. If she lifts her body and moves into this sitting position, her sensations will change dramatically, for now the root of the penis will massage her clitoris. If she has a sensitive one, she would definitely enjoy the process. 


5. If she’s a passionate one and likes to play the active part, you can move on to this position. Pulling him closer with each thrust, she can set the rhythm of your lovemaking. Supporting her by the thighs, he can help her to hold her balance and relax her legs.

All the three abovementioned positions ensure deep penetration, which, of course, adds to their value.


6. Let’s now move on to behind positions, starting from this one, the simplest and, probably, the least challenging one, even if your table is not particularly sturdy. This position has a special emotional background, and if he gets a little rough, you can imagine whatever. It’s common knowledge that fantasies add value to sex, and you should play with each other without any inhibitions. We have already discussed it in "Erotic role playing games. How to diversify marital sex".


7. To further unravel the plot, you can move on to this position, where she’s lying flat on the table. By pushing up her legs, bent in the knees, he can ensure straighter penetration; in this position the penetration will be very deep.

This position is also great for anal sex.


8. Taller guys will definitely enjoy this position. If she has a sensitive anus, you can intensify her sensations by caressing it with your fingers or a sex toy. The position is ideal for that, for her buttocks are spread wide.


9. Another awesome position is this one, with her lying on her side. This unusual position will reward you with new sensations, providing his height is right for the height of the table. Thrusting in various directions, he can stimulate various areas of the vagina, experimenting with your sensations. Her legs are pressed together, making her vagina tighter; this will add to your pleasure. 


10. And, to crown it all, a summer house treat, with her playing the lead role. If you don’t have a bed, the floor is dirty, and you just can’t wait – why not, really? Just remember that you will need a sturdy table, the one that would hold your weight.

The format of this article prevents me from going into details, yet I hope that I managed to convince you to re-evaluate your table. A kitchen table, a living room table, an office table, a table… how many tables do you have at your place? 

I hope that you liked this article, and that it has supplied you with interesting ideas. If this diversity is something you like, and if you enjoy trying new things, take a look at Living Room Fun sex catalogue that features 60 out-of-bed sex position. It's geared for those couples who enjoy sex outside their bedrooms.

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