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How to make HIM stay with you forever. 10 practical tips for women who value stability.

How to make HIM stay with you forever. 10 practical tips for women who value stability.

Don’t know how to make your man to stay with you? Don’t want to be cheated on? Do you enjoy being seen as a woman and not only a housewife, friend and mother of his children? Is stability in a relationship of great value for you, and you are willing to fight for it without relying on coincidences or destiny? Are you not into feminism, but you’re intelligent enough to stand for your own interests? If so, I am going to give you some excellent advice on how to preserve a family.

Let’s get down to business. We’re not going to talk about tasty pancakes and a homely home. These things are clear without any explanation needed. Let’s dwell on a more important subject – a sexual relationship with a man. The subject is not only complicated, but it is the most important ( for a healthy and relatively young couple who live in a normal relationship). Indeed, according to statistical data sexual dissatisfaction is the key reason for divorce. We should take it into account, since we’re discussing stability.

Any feminist would find this article disagreeable. Some women could even find it humiliating. It is generally true that we live in times when no one is under any obligation. A woman has the same rights as a man, and he must make an effort if he wants to win her affection. However, I think that it is necessary to think more practically and even more cynically. This article is for those intelligent and fairly cunning women who want to keep a particular man by their side. They might have their own reasons, but they need to know their strategy.

If you’re not sure you need this guy, or you’re positive he won’t walk out, don’t waste your time on reading this article. You should keep living the way that you want – or go with the flow.

However, if you care about the stability of your relationship, let’s face reality and call a spade a spade. We need specific results rather than abstract reasoning about preserving a family.

As the phrase goes, a man is ready to fall in love to get sex. Have you heard this joke? Right on! Don’t cherish illusions: first of all, a normal, healthy, and youthful man perceives you as a sex object. Once you lose this image, he will start looking elsewhere. And it won’t be his fault. This is the course of nature. Have respect for it, if you prefer reality to wishful thinking. Here are ten useful suggestions for women who value a stable relationship and are ready to work for it instead of leaving it to chance.

FIRST and the most important. Attitude to sex.

Undoubtedly, a relationship with a man doesn’t consist only of sex. You can value each other for other reasons. Love, emotions and family values still exist and, of course, they’re very important. It is important to remember that modern man conceives marriage to include pleasure and sexual satisfaction as well as tranquility and comfort, children and a caring wife. We live in an age of egotism, which is something that we have to admit without holding any illusions. Your husband takes quality marital sex for granted. This is an important reason for most men. If over the course of time, a man stop getting the expected pleasure, your relationship will lose value (on the subconscious level).

Sex is a holy cause. It sounds pompous, but you should think of sex in this way. For a woman, sex is one of the ways to achieve personal fulfilment. There’s no point in comparing it with anything else.

Each flash of desire of your man should be treated as a gift from above. You should forget about other things during sex. His instinct, passion, and energy are directed toward you. If you don’t accept it happily, you’ll take the fire out of his love. Don’t be surprised later. The unrealized energy will flow away and you will trigger a subconscious negative response in him. It’s nature and it’s energetics. You should never forget it.

Sex shouldn’t be understood to be token money. Don’t make your husband squeal by withholding sex if you’re disgruntled at his behavior. You should avoid any arguments in your bedroom. A man has to associate sex with positive emotions. If you’re at loggerheads with your husband, call it square in bed. Don’t insult him by retiring to another room. In addition, if you feel or know that your husband is unfaithful, continue having sex with him. Give sex special attention and make it more emotional and exciting. This is a competitive situation. You lose if you decide to fall out of the race at your own initiative. Appreciate it as a sign that it's time to add fuel to the flames of your love.

SECOND. Your personal unpredictability and originality.

Once he learns everything about you, his interest is likely to tire. Routine is boring, and seeking something new is essential for any human being. It is one of our natural characteristics. It is great if you have your own hobbies, if you know something better than your partner and if you change and improve as a person and as a woman. But your intimacy is the most important thing. Provocation underlies a long-term relationship. Implore your man to make discoveries. There should be no behavioral stereotypes regarding relationships and intimacy! You shouldn’t have automatism or knee-jerk reactions, no traditional positions and no predictability! The more resourceful you are, the more interest you’ll draw to yourself. Do whatever you want, but change at least slightly. This can include a change of image, new roles, suspense, your own provocations and a continuous search for something new. Even such simple things as an unexpected welcome mat or a new perfume will stir up his interest. Remember, ORIGINALITY leads to perception.

THIRD. Your independence.

Try not to depend on your partner financially, psychologically, morally or sexually. He must feel and realize it. As a result, he will value you more. This will be the main motivation for him and his interest won’t evaporate as time goes by. Your man will try to dominate you. That’s nature and it will be difficult not to depend on him. Nevertheless, it’s a real safety net for your future. Don’t dedicate your life to husband and family. It is more important to dedicate it to yourself. This is the right attitude. There’s no guarantee that someone will appreciate your sacrifice, but you’ll soon make him feel bored. The role of a dependent or hired help who depends on his words are incredibly dangerous. It is much better to provoke slight jealousy, bare your teeth from time to time, and earn your own money. Your man should feel competition from other males. It will stimulate him. It will be a kind of chase or hunt. Combine it with originality, and get his passion and interest.

FOURTH. Impeccable grooming.

It’s a fundamental truth, but it’s worth repeating it again. Look in a mirror right now, if you can. As you know, a man loves through his eyes. How do you look? Is your makeup good? Do your eyes glow? Is your skin firm? What about your body? What about your belly? Is your booty trim? And what about your legs? What about cellulite and sagginess? And what about your back posture and movements? I understand that it requires hard work, time, and money. But no other options are available. If you’re not used to work on your appearance and if you let it go, you will be degraded to the position of a slipper. It is an object that is forgiven for its crumples, attrition and shapelessness. However, his attitude to you will be similar. You’re no longer competitive. You demonstrate your age, plainness and bad manners. It also shows that you’re not feminine, sophisticated, and accomplished. You show your lowest level. You reduce interest and respect for yourself, fall out of the race and increase the risk of breaking up. Imagine how difficult will it be to find a new companion after the breakup.

It is true that a woman’s life is more complicated than a man’s life in this regard. She has to work harder on her appearance. That is the way that things are. A man loves through his eyes, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Illusions are very dangerous. As for the “natural fashion” trend, it’s more of a delay-action bomb. Want to be the one to test it? Good luck.

FIFTH. Your sexual appeal.

You should always try to be sexy for your man. You must always listen to his remarks and requests. This includes your haircut, make-up, appearance, and clothing. It goes without saying that clothing is very important. Before you put something on, think about how sexy and attractive you’ll look. Keep it in the back of your mind! Make it your natural instinct! Fashion doesn’t matter. Sexiness is the most important consideration for your man. Fur, leather, low necklines, scantily clad looks, tight-fitting, and transparent clothes are always erotic. Clothes must emphasize those parts of your body that your partner values the most. But remember that scantily clad look should be elegant. Stockings and G-strings instead of tights, a peignoir instead of a washed out bathrobe… Just don’t overfeed your man. If you start wearing erotic lingerie at home every day, it will soon bore him. As a result, the erotic feeling will disappear. Contrasts work great. This can include formal dress with no panties or a high-necked dress with an open back. In general, if you excite your partner, it will work. But try to be free-and-easy, as if you are acting spontaneously. Being sexy means excitement.

SIXTH. Understanding his sexual preferences.

You should familiarize yourself with the things that stimulate your partner the most. For example, you have noticed that your husband wanted sex after a movie that featured a rape. This is a subject for erotic role playing games. You may also have noticed that he looks appraisingly at female booties. Here’s the main task regarding exercises at the fitness-club. It’s important to track the changes in his preferences as you both age. There are even men who change their sexual orientation. At one point, he probably became interested in anal sex or his anus became more sensitive, but his woman didn’t take it into account. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your partner and don’t expect that he’ll direct you. Men are often withdrawn and shy. Adult games are the best method for such experiments since they provide an opportunity to try something new as if it was a joke, just for fun.

SEVENTH. Romantic environment at home.

It’s all about candles and fragrances, music, bed-linens, a bed and an arm-chair comfortable for sex, explicit magazines, and massage oil on a night stand, taking a bath with a glass of champagne, taking a shower together and decorating the interior of your bedroom and bathroom with erotic elements. Here you can find numerous reserves and limitless solutions. You’re a woman; it’s your task to make your home cozy. Make sure it’s sex-friendly! Always think about sex possibilities when you purchase any furniture! This includes the bedroom, kitchen, lobby, or even in a pantry. All that is left to do is to snatch an auspicious moment.

EIGHTH. Erotic things in your life.

This is very important, since it creates the perception of the world in general and sets the style. When was the last time you and your husband visited an erotic photography exhibition, an exhibition-for-sale of sex toys, watched a new erotic movie or purchased erotic lingerie together? Have you ever participated in erotic parties? Have you ever visited a strip club together? Do you have erotic style pictures, photos or figurines as your interior decorations? Do you add to the collection? Have you offered your husband to read a sexy novel that you like? Do you have albums of erotic photography or paintings? I hope that you see what I’m driving at.

NINTH. Your personal sexual improvement.

By this, I mean the improvement of your personal abilities, knowledge, skills, and sensuality. First of all, you need it for yourself since it will bring you more sexual delight. It is important to become more sophisticated and innovative over the years. Make sex your own hobby. Aim for being the best. It’s actually fascinating, and not at all difficult. I promise you that your self-esteem will grow, and your age won’t be important. Be unusual and skillful in sex, and your partner will never prefer a cold, young, and inexperienced doll; no matter how beautiful she is. There aren’t too many tricks. Believe me, you’ll master them easily. Just don’t be lazy. Cleopatra, for example, was neither young nor beautiful at the end of her life, but men were still daffy about her. The types of things you can do is to control your pelvic muscles, learn different sex techniques and understand your own sexual energetics, erotic massage and striptease. There are many manuals, courses and types of training that are now available. If you become ”a priestess of love” for your man, you’ll be indispensable.

The last, TENTH, top important. Continuously search for something new in sex.

This’s a vast topic, and a theme for a separate article "Marital sex. 12 steps to paradise or bringing variety to the bedroom".

The main idea is to continuously search for something unusual for you and your man. You should try something new. Don’t be afraid, don’t restrain yourself and experiment. This could include new positions, unexpected places for lovemaking, role-playing games and games for adults, dominations and sex toys. In short, it can include everything that you could imagine. Forget about such terms as “perversion” or “dirty”. Everything’s permitted and the more sophistication, the better. Your sex must be diversified: fast, tardy, rude, tender, unexpected, and circumspect. Search for new places for sex. On vacation, use your chance to get “naughty.” Originality and suddenness provide a surge of emotions, while extremities are always thrilling. And remember the principle: try not to restrict and withhold your man in sex. Of course, we’re talking about pure perfection, but if you work it out, he will be on your back completely. The more you allow, the more he is dependent on you. The more diversified and sophisticated your sex, the greater drug you are. Remember, sexiness brings you together; it’s as romantic as serenades under the moon. Search for solutions, provoke, play along, fornicate, and your love will never disappear.

Take into account that as a rule a man, unlike a woman, needs more sexual originality. Don’t think that he likes what you like, and that he is satisfied with things that satisfy you. It’s very important if your man associates everything new and unusual in sex with you. Then he won’t go to prostitutes if he wants to experiments or something piquant. He will not shy away from offering the same to you. As mentioned before, it’s better yet if you instigate him to do it.

Each of these concepts is very extensive. This article provides only a short overview. The aim is to help you and to suggest some ideas. It’s up to you to decide if they’re interesting or not, and if the issue is important for you. Just remember that sexual satisfaction is the foundation of a stable family relationship.

It’s not worth your while to check this truth out personally, don’t risk it.

If you like my way of thinking or my style of writing in general, you might enjoy reading my novels, novellas, and short stories or others articles on this theme.

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