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How to Join Her From Behind and Give Her a Surprise. 10 Unusual Sex positions.

How to Join Her From Behind and Give Her a Surprise. 10 Unusual Sex positions.

In the article "How to Diversify Your Rear-Entry Positions and Ensure Her Pleasure" we were talking about ten alternatives to doggy style that would appeal to those who search for something new and enjoy rear-entry positions.

This is a wide topic, and it makes sense to dig deeper. It's not about going pervert, it's about enhancing your experience.

We're not going back to the standard positions, since you most probably know them. We'll rather add some spice, since we strive for perfection. When trying new cooking recipes, you always try to add your own very special ingredients. You should follow the same strategy in your love cuisine, providing you like having pleasure in bed. This article is for this kind of connoisseurs.

Let's stick to our tradition and consider ten positions that most couples will find doable, even those that don't practice yoga.


1. Let's begin with the widely-known "cow" position. The classic name of the position sounds quite gross, yet the lady looks delectable in it, especially if he is a connoisseur of feminine body and she is feminine.

A woman in a reasonably good shape won’t feel uncomfortable in this position, she just needs to make sure she finds her balance, her knees slightly bent, her hands placed firmly on the floor. He helps her to maintain her posture, pulling her towards his groin, rather than pressing from behind. A rush of blood to her head will intensify her sensations – this is yet another special feature of this position.


2. Try to dance this tango; it's a little more unusual than the "cow," even though he's more restrained in his movements.

It is not a big deal. Making love in this position, you can tumble into bed at any point, that’s one of its advantages; don’t do it too quickly though, savor the special features of this stance, for it offers strong stimulation of the G area.

Turning her slightly to the sides, he can change the direction of his thrusts, playing with her sensations; he might even discover the most sensitive area of her vagina.


3. You might have heard about this position. You don’t have to be a gardener or a construction worker to wheel a barrow. We offer a comfortable version of the classic “wheelbarrow” position: her hands, her main support, are placed on the bed rather than on the floor. Her ankles crossed behind his back, she rests her thighs on his spread legs, making his task easier. Supporting her by the thighs, he thrusts, rocking her back and forth and enjoying the amazing view. This position offers very unusual sensations, also being very emotionally pleasant.


4. This position is more comfortable, for it's easy on her spine, and he doesn't have to go to the gym.

Actually, if you enjoy diversity, you should invest into additional pillows anyway. They are great for lifting and supporting her body while having sex in certain positions, including this one, very unusual and thus stimulating.

Supporting his partner by her buttocks, he treats her to a variety of thrusts, trying to be elaborate and creative. By lifting her legs higher or lowering them down, he can adjust the angle of penetration, thus diversifying her sensations.


5. In our article about kitchen sex we have already looked into this position. But since we're discussing ways to surprise her, let's take another look at it. The lady has to be in a reasonably good shape, in order to be able to lift one leg and maintain her balance on the other one.

If you feel like it, you can bend the knee of the upper leg, right away or a little later. Thus, you will alter the angle and depth of penetration slightly. Leaning forward or standing up, the lady can add variety to her sensations, even though they will be special in this position anyway.


6. This unusual position would appeal to those who enjoy some fun in a sitting room, for a couch or an easy chair is a great piece of furniture, providing you know how to put it to proper use.

Despite its extravagance, this position is very comfortable; almost any couple can try it. By alternatively clinging to his partner and leaning backward, the guy can diversify her sensation by changing the intensity of the G spot stimulation.

This position would also appeal to the couples who enjoy anal sex or would like to try it. In this case, the lady should lean further forward or push up her buttocks, thus spreading them wider.


7. What about pretending to be a cowboy breaking a hot mare? She would hardly be able to stay in this position for a long time, yet it is worth trying, for you will experience very unusual sensations. A comfortable easy chair will be a great alternative to the regular chair. The special feature of this position is “sitting on a magic twig.” Supporting her buttocks from below, he rocks her up and down on his penis and plunges in, while she just maintains her balance. Once she feels tired, she can get down on her knees, and he can go on with the “ride.” He has to vary his thrusts, playing with sensations.


8. If you both go deeper into the water, you can give her this kind of surprise, providing no one's diving nearby. A couple locked in embrace in the water – what’s wrong with it, it happens all the time.

If the water is warm enough, and you have lubricated her anus while still ashore, you can try anal sex, even without cleansing her rectum. It’s a great thing to try in the sea or in a lake, providing the water is clean enough. It won’t matter if you make it a little dirty.

A quick tip – irrespective of which kind of sex you have in mind, use silicone lubricant, since it's not washed off by the water.


9. Let's make it a little more exotic, providing you like it and are interested in pair yoga. Here's the "bowman position" – for a bowman with a fully erect penis. A great rear-entry option, providing it meets two requirements. It’s an incredibly pleasant embrace, providing she’s not too heavy and he’s fairly strong.

Holding his partner up in this position, he rocks her on the penis and caresses her breasts. Her arms around his neck, her back flexed, the lady ensures deeper penetration as she sits on the “sweet twig” with her legs spread wide.

Those who enjoy anal sex and look for diversity in intertwining their bodies would also love this position.


10. And, to crown it all, here's one more idea for the guys with longer penis and steady erection. Guiding his penetration with his hand, he will slip in quite nicely, providing she has ample natural lubrication and will push up her butt, flexing her back.

You won’t probably choose this position for prolonged lovemaking, yet it offers very interesting emotional background. With your buttocks pressed together, you will experience some very special sensations. Guiding his penis with his hand, to prevent it from slipping out, the guy rocks his pelvis up and down, feeling the strong friction of the tip against the upper wall of the vagina, including the most sensitive G area.

That's where we're going to put a full stop. Rather than laugh, try at least the last position, reversed doggy style one. The more unusual things you practice in your bedroom, the more you experiment, the more "naughty" you get, the stronger will be your feeling of complicity, of secret, clandestine pleasure. Believe me, it's a great way to bond.

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