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How to Have Awesome Sex in the Office. 10 Ways to Approach Your Colleague.

How to Have Awesome Sex in the Office. 10 Ways to Approach Your Colleague.

Research shows that the highest percentage of extramarital affairs take place at work. Whether the boss likes it or not, co-workers tend to flirt with each other. You sure remember the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, it’s one of the kind. Whether you’re a President or an intern, it doesn’t make much of a difference, sometimes we all want to do it. Anyway, since it can’t be helped, let’s come up with 10 comfortable positions for office furniture; you can hardly expect to have a king-size bed at your workplace.

But first – nota bene! You have to make sure that there’re no CCTV cameras at your office, or they’re disabled. Another issue is sexual harassment. In certain particularly democratic countries it can land you in trouble. SO, the key things are secrecy, mutual consent and no information leakage, even if one of you got the other one stained in the process of ardent lovemaking!


1. You can try to do it standing, in this way, without interrupting your work. Some people find it particularly exciting. With her butt propped by a table or a windowsill, she will feel comfortable, even while standing on one leg. The angle of penetration is oblique, the clitoris is stimulated intensely, which adds to her pleasure.


2. You can try a more hardcore version, still standing, but with the guy behind. Imagine a boss punishing a lenient worker, introduce an element of a role playing game, providing you enjoy them. The accent is shifted to the G spot. By leaning forward or straightening her body, she can alter her sensations, while he will get additionally aroused by the view of her delectable bum.


3. Sex in the office tends to be very unusual and thus emotionally charged; if you try some creative positions, there’s no reason for you to dislike your job. Try this cunnilingus; after that, she will have to kneel in the chair, pushing up her butt. If the chair has wheels, you can try a very unorthodox lovemaking technique. He can grab the armrests and, instead of thrusting, roll the chair back and forth.


4. You can make it simple, for instance, like this: one colleague treats the other to a pleasant surprise. He crept up to her, pushed her panties to the side and is busy leaking, trying not to distract her from her work. In this respect, oral sex is a great solution for the office, for you need neither shower nor wipers; grab a chewing gum and go home on peace.


5. However, if you want to have a full-fledged encounter, let’s get back to the chair, even though we’ve already written about it in “10 Best Positions for Sex in a Chair, or the Advantages of Sturdy Furniture”​. The chair should be sturdy, check it beforehand, for you’ll find it hard to explain to the co-workers why a valuable piece of furniture is broken, and to your spouses why you came back from work bruised.

“The boss” here is the lady, even if in real life she’s not. By leaning back and forward, rocking, rising, squatting and fidgeting, she plays with her sensations, while he caresses her breasts with one hand and stimulates the clitoris with the other, intensifying her pleasure. Naturally, it will add to your emotional bonding.


6. Here’s another position that we feel is very appropriate for the office. It’s emotionally charged, you can last for a long time, and you don’t need a particularly sturdy chair. The most important advantage is that none of you has to sit with his bare butt on the work chair, you needn’t worry about hygienic issues.


7. Here we have the third version of a chair encounter, the one I have already mentioned in another piece; it’s great for making love in the office, for this position will enhance your pleasure. Plunging all the way in and bringing your pubes into close contact, he will stimulate her clitoris with the root of his penis. It’s another very powerful way of building a working relationship.


8. An office desk is a classic, especially if you’re not sure that the chairs would hold out. Since you don’t have too much time for preliminaries and she might be quite a bit nervous, he can arouse her by a cunnilingus – this way, on the table. Try not to smash a computer or a lamp; other than that, no comments. Hopefully, his tongue will be dexterous enough for such a business meeting.


9. This position is a natural sequence to the previous one; it’s very comfortable. As a rule, he can maintain this stance for a long time. By varying the technique of his thrusts and the depth of penetration, he can play with your sensations, gradually bringing her to the boiling point. He can pause once in a while, to keep back his climax, and stimulate her clitoris with his fingers, in order to keep her warm and to prolong the pleasure. By thrusting slightly upwards, he will stimulate the G spot area, his colleague is sure to appreciate it.


10. We can suggest a dozen other “office” positions, but, not to make it too long, let’s crown our story with this one, still on the table, but with the lady lying on her belly. By pushing up her ankles he will ensure a more direct penetration; in this position the penetration will be very deep.

If she has a beautiful butt, he will find this position esthetically satisfying, that’s why she should preferably have it bared. Besides, you should remember the risk of staining your clothes; remember where it led Bill Clinton. The more you take off, the better.

As a rule, there’re some easy chairs in the office, and they’re also worth discussing; but since easy chairs are quite a special issue, let’s look at them in the article “How to Snuggle Together in an Easy Chair. A Selection of 10 Sex Positions”.

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