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How to Achieve Perfect Harmony with Nature. 10 Recommended Sex Positions.

How to Achieve Perfect Harmony with Nature. 10 Recommended Sex Positions.

We all know that outdoor is conducive to harmony, even though we all we have various ideas about this harmony. For some harmony means sunbathing, berry- or mushroom-picking, while some seek ultimate reunification with nature. The younger people would agree to that, while the older ones might have their doubts; still, there’s nothing better than making love outdoors. And since the warm season is almost there, with its holiday and vacation time, summer homes and other attractions, now’s the right time to share with you the best positions.

This kind of lovemaking has a special emotional background, for, apart from other things, you can easily be caught; a lot of people find it additionally stimulating.

Now let’s get down to business. You certainly know all the traditional positions on the beach towel, so we’ll go straight to the more exciting ones. 


1. If there’re wolves in your forest, or you don’t want to be caught, take a closer look at your outdoor furniture. A rocking chair, for instance, if you or your neighbors happen to have one.

Rocking chair positions is quite a vast topic, detailed in “How to Snuggle Together in an Easy Chair. A Selection of 10 Sex Positions”, however, a rocking chair is quite something. As you rock in this position, your pubes rub pleasantly against each other, while the penis plunges into the very depths of the vagina; all you need to do is to hold on to each other. Pushing his legs slightly, he controls her balance by holding her tight.

Of course, you can only try this position if she’s not particularly heavy; in any case, check the rocking chair before this adventure.


2. If you have a well-equipped summer home, you certainly own a hammock. It’s good for a nap with a book, and even better for such a harmonious encounter. You don’t need to bustle or fidget, the whole idea of this position is summertime relaxation. Linked together, you rock gently in the hammock, savoring your outstanding sensations. Gentle forward thrusts is all you need, providing that you don’t sit with your bare butts on the rough mesh. If you do, you can rub the small of your back sore; keep it in mind!


3. A swing is another exciting place, and a “big auntie” would love to have a go! Especially in this particular way, with the “uncle’s” help. If the height of the seat is right, she will fly higher to paradise with each swing. He should not hurry or show off his power. This position is for prolonging your pleasure and enjoying something unusual. By leaning backwards or sitting up, she can change the angle of penetration, playing with her sensations and looking for the best position.


4. If you’re tired of your summer cottage and want to try something new, the best thing to do is go for a ride  into the woods.  It’s very relaxing, and you can always lock your car if there’re too many hikers around.

This position is very popular for making love in the car, and for a reason. Even if your car is small, you can push the front seat all the way back; you will thus get enough space and feel comfortable. By lowering the back of the car seat or placing it upright, by throwing up her legs or bringing them down, he can play with your sensations. You can enjoy each other for a long time in this position.


5. If you have a fairly big car, you might want to try this position; not as you drive, naturally; besides, try not to honk too much. The steering wheel will come very handy, for she can hold on to it while fidgeting on top. If you open the door or at least roll down the window, you will add the outdoor feeling to your pleasure.


6. Once you get into the woods, you might want to linger there for a while. Why not prolong your pleasure and try some other positions? You can go on in this one. Standing sex is not always comfortable, yet this position is an exception. Half-seated, half-propped, supported confidently by her partner, she feels very confident. Since most of her weight it shifted to the car hood, her leg won’t feel the pressure. Clinging to her partner, she will have no problem maintaining her balance. The hands, one leg and a firm penis will ensure it.

The angle of penetration is most unusual in this position, and if he’s taller he will strongly massage her clitoris. Overall, it’s an awesome position to try out in the woods.


7. Here’s another way to get closer to the nature. Remember, you will need a sturdy branch, and make sure there’s no ant path on the tree trunk. This remark is a bit prosaic, but such things matter.

To ensure her comfort, he should support her with his hands, holding most of her body weight. Her main support is, of course, the penis; this “twig” is way more reliable than the branch above. Wiser women will definitely agree with that.


8. You can then move on to the “man behind” positions, and might want to start with this one, still clinging to your favorite tree. Even if you both get carried away and shed off your clothes, do keep your shoes on, if you’re not on a golf course but in the woods. She should lean against the tree trunk, protrude her buttocks and flex her back slightly; these are the prerequisites of this position. Its special feature is intense stimulation of the G spot, something that most women adore.


9.  Looking for more diversity, you might stumble on a fallen tree. Just in case, bring a towel; otherwise you might get your thighs scratched in this amazing position. It’s worth a trip to the woods to find a fallen tree and try it out.

If you have a pack of wipers, or there’s a river nearby, you might want to consider anal sex in this position. It will be an exotic treat for those who like the unusual.


10. Finally, take a look at this position; you will have to find a tree stomp. Once you find it and cover with something soft (e. g. the same towel) to protect her butt, you will definitely enjoy your lovemaking. Deep penetration, active stimulation of the clitoris, pleasant stretching in his groin will make you both feel like happy children of the wild – an envious sensation.

That’s how I visualize your harmony with nature; but you must remember one thing! Be extra cautious in public parks. In certain places such liberties are discouraged. As we all know, morals are a delicate thing, and some people have absolutely no sense of humor!

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