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How She Should Straddle Him if She Loves to Prance. 10 Special “Rider” Positions.

How She Should Straddle Him if She Loves to Prance. 10 Special “Rider” Positions.

Many women like to be active, and enjoy playing the part of an Amazon astride of a stallion. It’s a great thing for a lady to do, but since quite a few of them lack the relevant experience, let’s take a look at what the more advanced female riders have to suggest.

The classical “rider” position does not need any special comments; it’s simply a very good one. She straddles him and prances on top -- thrusts, fidgets, rocks, rolls her butt, leans forward or back… basically, she uses him to play with her sensations. He can lie supine, sit in a chair, on a couch, on a stool… He’s rather irrelevant, the really important part is his hard penis -- which should be really hard. It’s also important not to break it; remember that as you prance, even if you’re completely carried away!

These positions are for truly egotistic women; when you make love this way, the only thing you should think about is your own pleasure, irrespective of whether you’re sitting with your face or your back to him. Once you transform into Amazons, ladies, forget about romance. It’s not compatible either with this situation or this position.

Now let’s talk about diversity; here, as generally in your lovemaking, you have to use a whole pallet of colors, in order to paint the picture of your love, the one that will blow your mind… when you climax.


1. As we’ve said right at the very beginning, he’s actually a sex tool in these positions, so drop the conventions and treat him as such. If he’s an experienced lover and values his partner’s pleasure, he won’t need any additional explanations.

In this position, she‘s totally in control; however, he can also experience some very unusual emotions. Strong stretching in the groin rewards him with unusual sensations – many find them very pleasant. Your groins come into close contact, and their friction increases your arousal.

With his legs lifted all the way up, the angle of penetration is most unusual; that’s another special feature of this position.


2. This is quite an unorthodox position of the same kind, for it will give you some very special sensations. She intensifies the stimulation of her clitoris by leaning forward and moving back while sitting astride her stallion. By pulling her legs closer of stretching them out, he can help his Amazon, for the angle of penetration will change respectively. Just make sure you don’t break his dick while prancing; she should constantly keep it in mind, unless her partner is a one night stand.

Remember it’s not a joke. For this position, it’s worth focusing upon, for the position is indeed very special.


3. If she leans back in the standard “rider” position, placing her whole weight on her hands, the hands will soon feel the straing; too bad, for as she does that, her G spot is massaged vigorously.

In this position she can relax on top of her partner, still leaning back.

Rocking gently, her back supported against his legs, she lets him caress her legs and her clitoris.

Sex toys might come handy in this position. A vibrator for the clitoris or a dildo for the vagina, if the penis goes into her bum. In this case she can close her eyes and imagine a threesome, pretending that a stranger had joined them.


4. Now let’s look at those positions where he gets more proactive, rather than just lie there and stare at the ceilling.

This position is for energetic couples. Unless you are in proper physical shape, you won’t be able to maintain it for a long time. It won’t do for heavier women, for he won’t be able to support her properly. In the case these restrictions do not apply to you, go ahead and try it, you won’t be sorry. This position ensures deep penetration, while her clitoris is stimulated with the root of his penis; if she treats herself to this gallop up to a cloud in heaven, she will definitely enjoy her sensations.


5. This position is far from ideal for vigorous lovemaking. She runs the show, rocking slightly, leaning all the way forward and pushing up her butt to ensure deeper penetration. Her partner just supports her, both concentrate on their own sensations that tend to be most unusual in this position.

If you decide to try it on the floor, make sure to place a cushion under his knees and, even better, another one under his ankles; he will feel more comfortable, and thus you will be able to stay in this pleasant position for much longer.

This position will also appeal to those who enjoy anal sex and love novelty and diversity.


6. In this position, he assists the rider even further.

By throwing her leg over his shoulder and turning slightly, she will change the situation quite dramatically. Pleasant stretching in the groin will intensify her sensations, while the penis will enter the vagina at an oblique angle. She has little freedom to move in this position, so he is the one to play the lead role. By pressing her tight and plunging all the way in, he will get a new sense of her depth. You will definitely feel that this position differs dramatically from the “symmetrical” ones. The tip of his penis will rub against the sides of her vagina stronger, thus intensifying your sensations.


7. You can take it a step further and throw your leg over your partner. You probably know that sidesaddles were quite popular with the Amazons.

The lady plays the lead part, yet her partner helps her to move by holding her waist tightly with both hands. Leaning on one hand and holding on to his neck with the other, she rocks and thrusts with his help. Her legs are pressed together, which makes the vagina tighter, while the unusual angle of penetration guarantees the most unusual sensations.

Almost any couple can try this position, providing she’s not very heavy and his penis is not too short.


8. Let’s now move to the couch; it’s not a good idea to spend a lifetime in bed.

If your couch is comfortable, you will derive great pleasure from this position. You are both active, assisting each other; she’s sitting firmly astride his penis. This position ensures deep penetration and close contact of your groins; all he needs to do is to rock her gently, and she will easily attain her bliss. If he spreads his legs a little wider and she presses tighter to him, her clitoris will be massaged intensely by his pubis and the root of his penis. This race will surely give you a double pleasure.


9. This is yet another unorthodox position, with an unusual angle of penetration. The position is unusual, which adds to your excitement, and she is playing the lead role. After bringing him to full erection with a blowjob, she lowers herself gently on her partner and begins to fidget, rocking and rolling her backside. Don’t prance too energetically. After all, a penis is not made of metal. His hands are free to caress his partner, intensifying her sensations, but, in any case, this position will most probably be just a transitory one.

For instance, you can move on to the next position.


10. Finally, try this “rider” position, the one that is more appropriate for the circus arena. If her arms are fairly strong, you will both enjoy this position. He does not have to be particularly active, just rocking her on his penis and caressing her buttocks would suffice. He has the treat right in front of his nose, this is more than enough to get him aroused.

To ease the strain on her hands, he should sit as close as possible to the back of the couch. If she has a sensitive anus, he can intensify her sensations by stimulating it with his fingers or with a sex toy.

I hope that you find some of these suggestions appealing, but it would be wrong to put a full stop here, for the “rider” poisition is too subtle an issue. In yet another article “How She Can Intensify Her Sensations by Straddling Him. 10 Ways to Approach Your Orgasm” we’re going to look further into it. And even if you’re not a lady and your boyfriend is not exactly a gentleman, you might enjoy reading it.

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