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How She Can Intensify Her Sensations by Straddling Him. 10 Ways to Approach Your Orgasm.

How She Can Intensify Her Sensations by Straddling Him. 10 Ways to Approach Your Orgasm.

In article "How She Should Straddle Him if She Loves to Prance" we've had a detailed discussion of the productive "rider" position that is very popular with active women, and for a reason. Since it's a hot issue, why not go a little deeper, and arm the novice Amazons with the experience of the ladies-in-the-know, the ones who never let their "stallions" idle in the paddock.

As mentioned above, the most important goal of the "rider" position is her pleasure; all he needs to do is to provide his assistance and refrain from coming prematurely. One other thing he should naturally provide is his erect penis. The quality of erection is crucial for making love in such positions.

That's why we will further explore the "rider" position by discussing how she can enhance her pleasure even more and intensify her sensations even further.


1. The easiest was to do it is by caressing herself throughout the "ride," forgetting any inhibitions. All you need to do is to select the comfortable position. This one is just great: in a chair, with her legs spread wide. This position offers intense stimulation of the G spot; she can further intensify her sensations by caressing her clitoris.

This position is also comfortable for anal sex, so later you can move on to it. She leans forward, giving him an opportunity to warm up and lubricate her bum; then she takes him inside.


2. You can try the same game in bed. Rocking back and forth, she thrusts, varying the intensity of her moves and the depth of penetration. Your groins are in close contact, while the penis plunges into the vagina at an unusual angle. This position will ensure strong stimulation of the upper area of the vagina, naturally including the G spot.

If the lady leans back, she would be able to watch the penis plunge into the vagina; this is also most stimulating. She can further intensify her sensations by stimulating her clitoris either with the fingers of her free hand or with a sex toy. 


3. This special position is sort of transitory; she can try it while turning around in the “rider” position: e.g., after a ride facing her partner, she decides to turn around and face his feet. This position is quite doable, providing that you make the transition slowly; you can even linger in it for a couple of hours. Well, this is a joke, and still, it’s always fun to try new sensations, and you are sure to experience some here. The angle of penetration will be very unusual, and if she intensifies her sensations by fondling her clitoris, the ride will definitely become a memorable one.


4. Now let's move on to sex aids; by using them for your lovemaking you can intensify her sensations.

The most obvious ones are, of course, vibro rings; hitched to his penis, they can additionally stimulate the clitoris.

For this you will need the positions that ensure close contact between the clitoris and his pubis. This is one of them. Her feet are hanging off the bed, and thus she can cling closer to him and feel comfortable. Her ankles won't swell even if you go for a long ride. The more she leans forward, the stronger will he stimulation of her clitoris be. 


5. Naturally,  the "rider" position is too good  to limit yourselves to just vibro rings. She can intensify her sensations by stimulating her clitoris with the vibrator; a huge variety of these gadgets is available, catering to all tastes.

For this, you will also need an appropriate position; one of them is shown in the picture. She straddles him, warms up, and then, still prancing, picks up a vibrator for additional stimulation of her clitoris. Since in this position the tip of his penis massages her G spot, the sex toy will reward the Amazon with double pleasure.


6. You can actually ask him to assist you in this game. He might get bored just lying there and staring at the ceiling.

You can do it in this position; after a hearty ride, she can relax completely and let him stimulate her with a vibrator. Rocking slightly back and forth, she feels his penis press against her G spot, while he teases her clitoris.

Providing she loves anal sex, this position will offer even bigger opportunities. For instance, while thrusting inside her anus, he can stimulate her vagina with a dildo.


7.  If she has a sensitive anus, we can all but envy her, for, in this case, her butt can be additionally stimulated in the "rider" position. One of the options is shown in this picture. Lying down on her chest, women can increase the pressure of the tip of his penis against the rear area of her vagina, and offer him access to her anus.

If he has anal beads in his hand, he can turn them into a magic wand that works wonders. By pressing her buttocks tight and rocking on his penis, she can intensify her sensations. Just remember to get lubricated if you like the idea!


8.  After the warm-up, you can move on to anal sex, and use sex aids to stimulate her vagina.

Take a look at this awesome position, ideal for playing such a game. You can supplement anal penetration with regular dildos, or use something more environmentally friendly -- a carrot, a cucumber, a banana... if you think it's acceptable, you will certainly find it highly emotional. Besides, he will experience some very unusual sensations, especially if you stick a carrot into his anus. You will have a sort of... farmers love.


9. While intensifying her sensations in the "rider" position you can go even further and enact group sex, using sex aids to play the parts of additional partners and imagining the debauchery all the way through.

An artificial vibro tongue or a quality clitoral vibrator will readily play the part of the second woman who has crept on you from the front during your conventional lovemaking.

If she straddles him and begins to stimulate her clitoris, and then falls back, the way this picture shows, the tip of his penis will stimulate her G spot more vigorously, intensifying her sensations even furthter.


10. You can let your fantasies run wild, and imagine this debaucher -- it's bad enough to get you all in prison; I mean her having sex with three guys.

Sitting astride his penis, she sucks the “live skin” dildo, while he stimulates her anus with yet another sex aid. The blindfold will make it easier for her to spur her imagination and plunge into her fantasies. If, on top of it all, he will treat her to a colorful story about “the three brutes molesting her,” you will almost have a role playing game, such as The Fateful Roulette from Keyhole Secrets Collection.

From this point of view, the use of sex aids in role playing games has a huge potential. If you combine the "rider" positions with using sex toys at the final stage of the game, you will experience  very subtle emotions. All you need is to use your imagination, relax, prepare for the game by getting a good feel of your parts, and then you will definitely make it to the cloud in paradize. We have discussed the role playing games in more detail in Erotic role playing games. How to diversify marital sex.

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