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How Many Sex Positions it Takes to Stay Happy. Quality, not Quantity

How Many Sex Positions it Takes to Stay Happy. Quality, not Quantity

Have you ever bothered to make a record of all the sex positions you use regularly, or tried at least once? It’s actually a major resource. Of course, the number of positions is not an end in itself, and yet love cuisine is the same as any other cuisine: the more ingredients you have, the more enticing your food will be, to say nothing about diversity.

How Many Sex Positions Are There and Whether Their Number Matters

The classical treatise, Kama Sutra, offers 64 positions. Golden Book of Love by the modern sexologist Josef Wekerle describes 531 sex positions. Forget Josef, there are rumors that a scholar named Legman claimed that there are 3780 sex positions! It’s highly probable that the difference between his Position 3521 and Position 3522 is the curled-up left-hand pinkie, and here’s the point where we should start thinking about the ultimate purpose of this diversity, whether it’s worth pursuing, providing you’re not a part of an adult circus act.

It’s important to know that sex positions differ by sensations, potential, stimulation of various areas of the genitalia, emotional background they create, rather than by actual postures. Their diversity helps to disclose the hidden reserves of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom… what you can get up to in bed, on a table, in a chair, on a couch… what you can do in your office, in the open, in the gym…

However, you won’t achieve much by just adding to your list, mastering new positions or intertwining your bodies. You should approach this issue with understanding; quality matters more than quantity, and your main criterion is your satisfaction. If you decide to diversify your love cuisine, make sure to put this criterion on the top of your list.

How to Select the Positions; Their Special Features

It’s not that all the positions will be perfect for you as a couple; it’s quite natural. People differ in their physiology and physique, to say nothing about their sexual preferences. You might find some postures overtaxing, others uncomfortable, and some downright disgusting; this is quite natural.

New sex positions are primarily about new techniques, special sensations, unusual angle of penetration and specific stimulation of certain areas. Lots of people try to chase the fame of Ernst Grafenberg who discovered the G spot; it’s trendy to write about all sorts of new “magic spots”. In real life, women differ from each other in this respect, it’s a very personal issue. While one particularly fancies one position, the other prefers another. One needs to flex her back in a certain position, the other needs it deeper and faster…

The only way to figure out whether a certain position is right for you, why it is particularly pleasant and how it differs from all the others, is by trying it together.

Intelligent Combinations as a Prerequisite of Quality Sex

One of the most important components of the art of sex is the ability to combine various positions and switch from one to the other during your lovemaking. It’s not about acrobatic sessions in bed, but rather about your ability to play with the contrasts of your sensations, about skillful transition from one kind of sex to another, the art of passing the active part on to your partner as your arousal grows, the savvy, “optimal” use of various pieces of furniture or locations.

How to start sex in your hall and finish it in your bedroom, how to spend a “romantic night” on a chair, how to organize a “sex marathon” in your office, how to fully intensify his sensations by treating him to a real surprise… All that you need are quality combinations, all that you should master is the art of creating them, and your openness to experiments is essential. Don’t bother about quantity. Three or four positions within one combination are more than enough. Check out the idea at Fanty Kamasutra Catalogue of sex positions, and then use your own imagination.

How to Design Mini Scenarios of Pleasure

You need to be creative in your approach to the change of positions during your lovemaking. Sex combinations differ from each other, but they all pursue the same goal – to offer you an amazing finale of your love act, or give you a chance to try something new. A properly designed combination is a mini scenario of the awesome experience that the two partners can share. The most important thing is to take your time before shifting to the next position, to prolong your pleasure and maintain perfect teamwork. You need to take all your individual preferences into account, get a good feel of each and every position, stay attuned to the change of your sensations when you shift from one position to another.

If you like to experiment, start with the simpler, more familiar positions; once you warm up, move on to the new ones. Just remember: a good improvisation should be carefully prepared. It’s particularly true about sex combinations. If you want your “night of passion” to go without a glitch, pre-plan all the positions and transitions to make sure that you don’t tumble off your bed as you shift from one position to another, or a chair doesn’t collapse under you at the most inappropriate moment. In a more serious vein, here’s a helpful tip: each time you make love, try at least one new position; turn it into a habit, and after a while you will discover that positions actually do not matter, improvisation will come naturally during your quest for pleasure, the same way it comes to an experienced chef or a jazz player.

Pleasant Fun Outside Your Bed

Now let’s discuss locations, for they are no less important than positions. A lot of people never venture outside their bedroom, while they should. They have their living room, kitchen, bathroom...each place is great for having fun. You can check out the catalogues of positions, Living Room Fun and Household Secrets, they offer a whole range of ideas. These my books are also available at You can even offer your partner a competition. At least once a week, each of you has to suggest a new place for sex in your house. The one who fails to find one loses the game and is to be punished. Think up an unusual punishment, a sexually-oriented one.

Apart from your place, you have the car, hotel rooms, back rows at the movie houses, fitting rooms at the stores, surface water bodies, park benches... you can expand this list ad infinitum. Of course, it’s fairly risky, and the responsibility is all yours. Be responsible about selecting the time and place, minimizing your risk of getting caught. If you need additional tips for this kind of mischief, you will find 50 positions for outdoor sex at the Hot Holidays catalogue. This my book is also available at

The most thrilling thing, though, is to collect such places when you travel. Why do you need souvenirs and trinkets? Collect sex locations. It’s way more exciting and important. You can start a special photo archive for this purpose. It will make you laugh your heads off at your golden wedding. And after that you will leave on the jubilee trip, to add to your collection. With this approach, it goes without saying.

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The Series of Illustrated Catalogues of Sex Positions

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EIGHT illustrated Catalogues. Sex positions for all occasions.

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