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Forget the Dolls. 10 Sex Role Playing Games Where the Lady Has the Lead Role

Forget the Dolls. 10 Sex Role Playing Games Where the Lady Has the Lead Role

Many women enjoy playing the active part in sex, while a lot of males find their partner’s domination intimidating; they need the right frame of mind to accept it. Even if the male partner is excited by her domination, he still needs to “release the brakes,” and a role playing game offers an ideal opportunity for that. The game format will put him off his guard, and she will get her chance to enact the story in a natural way, without either feeling embarrassed or “intimidating” her partner. The format of a game not only helps to relax, but makes the whole thing more interesting.

Here’re ten sample story lines for such games, with the varying degree of female domination.

1. “A Gift Boy” role playing game.

A Gift Boy

The story: Her friends sent her a “call boy,” and she has a real party.

She wants to make sure no one would recognize her, even by accident, so she puts on a mask, and that helps her to relax completely. By the time she meets the “gigolo,” she has come up with a whole program; he’s not in the position to say no, for she has paid for his time.

2. “A Formidable Lady Boss” role playing game.

A Formidable Lady Boss

The story: To keep his job after a major screw-up, a manager lets his lady boss do whatever she wants.

You will need to pre-agree on how rude you want the “lady boss” to be, but, in any case, the “manager” should think twice before contradicting her. It’s hard to find another good job, and he has made a major mistake.

3. “An Important Interview” role playing game.

An Important Interview

The story: A lady is eager to get a job. In order to do so, she has to seduce her future boss.

Most men find it hard to resist female charm, and any woman who acts with skill can seduce almost anyone. A very revealing blouse, a short skirt, stockings with a belt and no panties – well, you surely can imagine what kind of “interview” you can have.

4. “A Dirty Bribe” role playing game.

A Dirty Bribe

The story: Trying to bribe a female official, a gentleman runs into a hypersexual bitch who is not really interested in money.

The idea of this story is somewhat alike to the one of A Strict Lady Boss, even though this one is more unusual. The sexed-up female official takes a fancy for the “plaintiff” from the very beginning and, exercising her power, she begins to sexually harass him. And once he makes an attempt to bribe her, he’s trapped; either she summons the police, or he has to do whatever the “official” wants him to do.

5. “The Oppressed Slave” role playing game.

The Oppressed Slave

The story: She rented a slave from her girlfriend, just for fun, and discovered the ecstasy of dominating him.

This is a more “hardcore” game; however, many couples like hard sex. If the male partner is a strict boss at work, he needs to mentally relax, as in the pendulum action. It’s healthy for him to spend a little time in the guise of a slave, providing his “mistress” won’t slash him too hard with the belt.

6. “A Private Interview” role playing game.

A Private Interview

The story: A female reporter’s is assigned to interview a well-known politician, and her provocative questions make him hot…

It’s a hot summer day, and a “journalist” in a light outfit looks so attractive that inadvertently seduces a “politician.” And when she begins to ask questions that probe into his intimate life, the interview takes an unexpected turn. She finds out that the politician is an acclaimed womanizer.

7. “An Important Credit” role playing game.

An Important Credit

The story: A strict male professor wouldn’t give a female student a credit; she decides to take emergency measures, for she doesn’t seem to have a choice.

This is a classic role playing game story, and a very realistic one at that. Even the people with strict principles can easily imagine such a situation. That’s how a “female student” begins to earn her credit – she climbs under the table for a blowjob, while the “professor” is looking through her records; and if the table is a sturdy one…

8. “Luggage Delivery” role playing game.

Luggage Delivery

The story: Checking into a hotel, a lady spotted a nice-looking bellboy, who was in charge of luggage delivery. He managed to lose her box on the way, and was duly punished.

It’s not punishment, it’s just lust. The lady turned out to be very sexed-up. For her, the lost package is just a pretext. She threatens to complain to the “service boy’s” boss and begins to harass him, provoking shamelessly into sex. There’s only one thing the poor lad can do under the circumstances…

9. “A Sweet Lady Next Door” role playing game.

A Sweet Lady Next Door

The story: In all innocence, a guy goes to the apartment next door to borrow a corkscrew. His female neighbor, bored to death, opens the door…

She’s so bored that she decides to seduce her neighbor; besides, he found her with almost nothing on. Her delightful body, her semi-transparent robe – of course he gets hard. And there’s nothing wrong about it, it’s great to have a good “relationship” with your neighbor. You might once need to borrow something else.

10. “An Easy-Going Model” role playing game.

An Easy-Going Model

The story: An artist is getting more and more infatuated by his model. Trying to suppress his desire, he feels the brush tremble in his hand…

As she seduces the “artist” in this game, his “model” lets him go further and further. She feels that he’s in her power, and eventually makes him lose control. It’s just one of the possible developments of this story.

If you feel you still lack experience or need more detailed scenarios of these games, you will definitely enjoy Keyhole Secrets, a Collection of sex role playing games. It includes 200 different sex scenarios, as well as comprehensive Guidelines on how to prepare and to play these games.

If you like my way of thinking or my style of writing in general, you might enjoy reading my novels, novellas, and short stories or others articles on this theme.

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