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12 Best Recipes of Kitchen Sex. Sweet Delights

12 Best Recipes of Kitchen Sex. Sweet Delights

You’re not into sweets, or sweets mean food for you? Ice-cream, candy, tarts… all those things that jeopardize your diet. That’s not what I’m talking about, even though I’m very much into desserts; we’ll discuss sex sweets, and, unfortunately, the assortment of these recipes is way more limited; besides, many of them are quite bland.

People fall in love, get married, and their sex palate begins to deteriorate. Their household cuisine gets more sophisticated, shelves get stocked with cook books, the variety of their favorite foods pampers their palate, their mutual mealtime understanding improves – harmony is there, while their harmony in bed is on the decline. There, it’s quite the opposite. Sex gets scarce, monotonous, lackluster, boring, routing; this is bad – I hope you’re not going to argue with this. Sex is one of our basic needs, same as food; harmony implies satiation, both at the table and in bed. Remember that sexual frustration is the primary reason for family breakups.

I know what I’m talking about; and that’s why I want to share with you some love cuisine recipes from my extensive experience. And while we are at it, let’s start from the kitchen; indeed, why not?

Since, as a rule, the wife runs the kitchen, it’s the right place for her to take over the initiative, e. g. as in Fig. 194 (the numbers correspond to the respective positions in Fanty Kama Sutra Catalogue). While he enjoys his scrambled eggs, she approaches him from under the table. Just make sure he doesn’t choke.

He would probably feel like having a Dessert, and Position 125 would be ideal for that. You should place something soft under her butt – an oven mitten would do the job. This position lets him use his tongue liberally, especially if he places his knees on his slippers, not to rub them sore in his enthusiasm.

Once the lady is warmed up properly, you can serve the next dish; it might be Position 89. It affords deep penetration with intense stimulation of the clitoris; most probably, she would love this position. If you end up dropping some china on the floor, never mind, china is replaceable, while love is not.

The lady might find it uncomfortable to sit on a hard surface for a long time, and Position 78 would offer her a welcome change. It is very comfortable, just don’t get your hands scorched on the stove if it’s still hot from making scrambled eggs.

Without separating, the guy can move his partner to a chair into Position 139; this will add rapture to your sex breakfast. It’s cool to trot towards the fruit bowl on the dining table, staying together all the way through. There’s a vast range of “chair” positions, we’ll detail them later, but I want to highlight the special features of this one. Standing almost vertically, she will intensify the friction against her G spot, the penis will massage it more vigorously. If he presses tighter to her, he will reach her clitoris and caress it, doubling her pleasure. It’s a most delectable addition to your breakfast.

If the lady gets really passionate and erupts, she can snatch the initiative and pull him down on the floor, the way Fig. 96 suggests. Whatever you decide to try, spontaneous sex on the floor is always a hit. Here’s a tip: throw a soft mat under his back.

If you enjoy diversity and want to add an exotic touch to your lovemaking, here’s the next installment to your menu – move on to Position 252. The lady should be in fairly good shape to be able to lift her leg and maintain her balance on the other one. Thus you will change the angle and depth of penetration. By leaning forward or standing straight, she can add to the variety of her sensations, even though they will be most unusual anyway.

Besides, they will change dramatically if you move into Position 256 and alter the emotional background. The angle of penetration is oblique, and the male partner can maintain this position for a long time, so she would get loads of pleasure if she places her leg like this on the table top.

If she’s able to get into Position 177, by throwing her leg over his shoulder she would additionally change her sensations, for her groin will get stretched nicely. In order to achieve this, ladies are advised to do stretching exercises regularly. If you’re supple, you can add a lot of interesting positions to your repertoire, and it’s a good enough reason to do some yoga.

If you already feel hot, take off your clothes and move to the table. Sex on the table is a rather extensive theme, and we will go into it in a different essay, but now why not try these three recipes. Of course, the table should be sturdy, check it out before you start!

Once you move to Position 181, the lady snatches away the initiative. This position affords strong stretching in the groin and intense stimulation of the clitoris. Together with deep penetration, it will certainly make you moan; the connoisseurs will definitely savor this delicacy. Guys will love it too, for the position is very unusual, and it’s a great way to spice up your Dessert. Helping her to maintain the balance, he supports her by the buttocks, in order to take some weight off her leg. He thrusts actively, keeping the rhythm with his partner.

Now it’s again his turn to play the active part, and if he’s tall enough he will certainly enjoy Position 180. It’s ideal for a lady with a sensitive butt, for he can intensify her sensations by caressing her anus with his fingers or a sex toy.

You can finish your meal in Position 190, with the lady placed on her side. He can last for quite a while in this position, and his hands are free for action. Thrusting at various angles, he can stimulate various areas of her vagina, experimenting with her sensations. Her legs are pressed together, making the vagina tighter; this will add to your pleasure.

Naturally, there’s no need to try all these recipes in one go, there’re too many of them, but now you have 12 sweet delicacies at your disposal, the ones that won’t jeopardize your diet. Combining them, you can create your ideal breakfast, lunch or dinner menu, depending on your mood and on how hungry you both feel.

And if you’re a truly unstoppable couple, always on the lookout for new opportunities, browse through Household Secrets sex catalogue that features 40 positions for making love in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. It’s specially geared for those who love diversity.

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The Series of Illustrated Catalogues of Sex Positions

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EIGHT illustrated Catalogues. Sex positions for all occasions.

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