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10 Ways to Kill His Desire. What She Must Know

10 Ways to Kill His Desire. What She Must Know

It’s not that sex is the most important thing in life, but any woman who wants a long-term relationship should know that she won’t succeed unless she achieves harmony in bed. As they say, guys are guys, and quality sex is very important to them.

In Ideal “Sex, Male Perspective”, we’ve already discussed what you should take into account in your bedroom. Now, let’s discuss what you should stay away from.

It is true that every guy has his own sexuality. However, there are certain things that most of them detest. What’s weird is that even the most experienced wives often neglect these issues, not to mention new lovers. In fact, it’s all very simple.

SO, dear ladies, if you want to achieve harmony in bed, remember that, most probably, your partner would be put off by the following things:


Guys don’t like coldness in bed. A passive, restrained attitude kills his passion, and this type of a partner cannot remain attractive in his eyes. You don’t really need to scream at the top of your voice, scratch and twist, but if you lie there like a log, you are making a grave mistake. This is because for  him it would most probably feel like masturbation inside your body or having sex with a rubber doll. If you do go to bed with a guy, try to be proactive, even if you are not exactly in the right mood. Remember, it’s harder to re-kindle an extinguished fire than smoldering ashes.


Guys are more thrilled by variety than girls. No family values can compensate for this urge. That’s the nature of male sexuality and you should always keep it in mind. This issue is treated in detail in  “Marital sex. 12 steps to paradise or bringing variety to the bedroom”. Monotony in bed leads to boredom which is like rust on your love.  Instead of later accusing him of infidelity or indifference, try to stay open to novelty. Otherwise, you could definitely place your relationship at risk.


If she’s reluctant, he’ll never get hard. For a man, the lady’s desire is the best aphrodisiac. This maxim goes without saying. He expects playfulness in bed and he loves to be teased and seduced. If you don’t do these things, his interest will inevitably subside. Don’t rely on him to arrange and organize everything. Even if he’s a natural leader, he still needs your cooperation. Making him run the show all the time won’t work. Playing this this type of game won’t give him enough thrills.


It is true that her pleasure is number one priority for most loving guys. However, don’t usurp your power by becoming a consumer. For him, a permanent partner is a “guaranteed pleasure”. The more value that he gets out of your lovemaking, the more grateful he will feel. Otherwise, you will fail to meet his expectations. Although it is important for the woman to enjoy sex and to make her pleasure obvious to her partner, she should also remember that he expects his share of pleasure too, and she should provide it. You should remember that only if the food is good, will your guest ask for a second helping.


Telling a guy about his inadequacy in bed is the worst mistake that a woman can make. It hurts his pride, because for a guy sex is both pleasure and self-assertion. If you’re unhappy with something, try to mend matters by subtle hints or by being proactive. If you blame him directly, you’re on a fast track to saying goodbye or making him impotent, at least as far as you’re concerned. If you like to criticize him, don’t take his soft-off for a surprise.


Even though guys like to pretend that they are hardcore machos, some of them tend to be fearful and conservative in bed. If you push them too hard, it might cause an unwelcome response. Instead of intensifying his desire, you will kill it. If you are eager to drag him into bed or to try something new, make sure to watch his reaction. If he’s cautious, it means that you’re too pushy. You should slow down, or he will freak out. A game is a much better strategy than pushiness. Try to entice him to go to bed and seduce him with your ingenuity, rather than drag him by the scruff or force him to join your experiment.


It is true that sometimes we need it real bad, but a penis is a fine-tuned instrument. It’s connected to his brain, and it only takes one “click” to switch off his erection. You should never be in a hurry. By straddling a limp penis,  he ends up being “lost in action”. It  will probably slip out of the vagina. It won’t make much of a difference if you blame your partner. You should blame yourself for going too fast. A minute-long blowjob would make all the difference, and you would gallop off to a cloud in paradise.  However, your impatience killed it all. Your stallion was not harnessed for the gallop. Remember that haste is a bad condiment  for your love dish.


While sex can be spontaneous and hardcore, guys still enjoy romance at least as much as girls. Homeliness kills their passion. If, right after sex, she jumps up and rushes to the shower, or begins to change the sheets, it kills the romance of the act. The sex boils down to just pleasing oneself. You need to remain his mistress for a while longer, rather than turn into the mistress of the house. That is much less sexy. Candles, fragrances, music… these might be helpful too. It’s up to you to create the romantic atmosphere, if you want to retain his love.


Whatever Napoleon said regarding Josephine’s body odors, most guys prefer pleasant smells, impeccable grooming and nice underwear. In their eyes, a woman is a refined creature, even if they prefer hardcore sex. Most guys would be put off by a stale odor between her legs if they decided to go for a cunnilingus – sorry, nothing personal. Before going to bed, change your “cozy panties” for something more attractive. Lack of grooming is unattractive, and you should know that sooner or later it will start turning him off sexually, however important the family values that you share.


It doesn’t sound very important in comparison to the things listed above, yet this point is worth mentioning. When you head for bed or relax after your lovemaking, it’s much better to turn on some music, rather than blabber away or discuss household issues. Almost any guy would get upset, whether you resent it or not. Remember that you have other instruments of seduction – an enticing gaze, an enigmatic smile and a catlike grace. In bed, you need your tongue for oral caresses, not for blabber. All guys think so.

I formulate what you really can do, deriving pleasure from the process and not even straining yourself. Of course, I cannot put it into the format of an article. To learn more, read the novel, THE MASK, or The Formula of an Ideal Wife. If you feel that Love is one of your priorities, and you still want the same love you had in the beginning, take the trouble to read the novel. It’s written for women.

If you like my way of thinking or my style of writing in general, you might enjoy reading my novels, novellas, and short stories or others articles on this theme.

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