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10 Best Positions for Sex in a Chair, or the Advantages of Sturdy Furniture

10 Best Positions for Sex in a Chair, or the Advantages of Sturdy Furniture

Did you ever have a chair give way under you, or, probably, you witnessed it happen? Believe me, it’s a miserable experience, especially if ill-timed. That’s the reason why I want to precede my detailing of sex positions in a chair by a warning: make sure your chair is a sturdy one. Just imagine it crack under this couple in Position 7 (See later in this essay). They would be lucky if they get away with just a broken leg chair.

Don’t think me vulgar, but sometimes we want to make love, and a chair is the only piece of furniture available, or even if the other pieces are available, you still feel like using the chair. I don’t see anything wrong with it. This essay will provide you with some guidelines to a really awesome and gratifying experience.


1. Just take a look at this lovely scene in an office: a cunnilingus for a colleague or lady boss. Well, why not? Statistical data show that workplace love affairs are very common. And if you’re into it, you’d better do it professionally.

He will feel very comfortable in this position. It’s great if the floor is carpeted, if not, place a padding under his knees. If the chair has wheels, prop it against a table or a wall to prevent it from rolling away.


2. A little later it would make sense to move on to this position and to get interlocked in a tight embrace. Plunging all the way in and rubbing his pubis against hers, he enjoys close contact with the lady whose legs are locked around him.

If you’re at home, not in the office, you can intensify her sensations by putting a vibro ring on his penis; it would additionally stimulate her clitoris.


3. Once you decide to move on to more ardent sex, you can shift into this position. By pushing her leg up, he can thrust deeper and change the angle of penetration. This will alter her sensation dramatically. To keep the chair steady during your lovemaking, he should restrain it with his hand, pulling his partner closer with each thrust. If you place the chair against the wall, you can forget about this problem and fully enjoy your lovemaking in this thrilling position.


4. If she’s the one to initiate sex, you can start with a blowjob in this position, the one where he’s sitting on a chair.

If you make love at home, you can imitate a “threesome,” using a suction grip dildo – attach it to the wall behind her. Thus you will gratify the fair sex’s most common sex fantasy.


5. Once he’s properly warmed up, she can straddle him, the way this picture shows. It’s a very sensuous position, and she’s the dominant partner. By inclining her body, rocking, bouncing and fidgeting, she can play with her sensations, while he uses one hand to caress her breasts and the other one to stimulate her clitoris, intensifying her sensations.


6. If she wants more diversity, she can change her position, turning her face to the partner and becoming dominant again. Fidgeting, rocking and lifting her butt, leaning back or clinging to him, she can change her sensations from the movement of his penis inside her vagina. Your teamwork is essential, for he should support her with his hands to help her maintain her balance.

He can further intensify her sensations by putting on a vibro ring to additionally stimulate her clitoris.


7. After a while, he can push up her legs and snatch away the initiative. One of the obvious advantages of this position is deep penetration and close contact of your groins. Her clitoris is stimulated intensely, so she will definitely love this stance. Since her boobs are right in front of his lips, he definitely won’t miss his chance to caress her nipples. This position would work great both at home and in the office.


8. Re-positioning her legs the way this picture shows, she will change her sensations and resume her dominance. She’s an Amazon sitting in a sweet saddle and prancing to her heart’s delight. The best way to do it is to rock and fidget on his penis. Deep penetration and intense stimulation of the clitoris will suffice, you’ll definitely enjoy this position even without vigorous thrusts or excessive ardor.

A vibro ring will intensify her sensations and let you prolong your lovemaking, especially if he’s prone to come too fast.


9. You do not necessarily have to sit in the chair. You can play cowboy breaking a hot mare. She would hardly be able to maintain this position for a long time, still, it’s worth checking out, for you’ll experience some very unusual sensations. The special feature of this position is “sitting on a magic twig.” Supporting her by the buttocks, he rocks her up and down on his penis, plunging in, while all she needs to do is to keep her balance. This position is also great for anal sex, providing you’re into it.


10. Once she begins to wear out, she can move onto her knees, and he can continue the “ride” in a different position. This one offers you a whole range of opportunities. Straightening her body, she can intensify her sensations in the G spot area, for it will be massaged vigorously by the tip of the penis. By pressing closer to her, he can caress her clitoris, enhancing her pleasure.

By leaning low and protruding her butt, she can change her sensations; her widespread buttocks would stretch her sphincter, offering a fluid transition to anal sex, if you both enjoy it.

I hope that you liked this article, and that it has supplied you with interesting ideas. If this diversity is something you like, and if you enjoy trying new things, take a look at Living Room Fun sex catalogue that features 60 out-of-bed sex position. It's geared for those couples who enjoy sex outside their bedrooms.

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