She was well aware that constant sex deprivation could damage your health, and she had recently read a very detailed piece on the subject in a women’s magazine, which set her thinking. Her husband was spending an increasing amount of time away from home, and she was not interested in adultery (she was quite a prim lady, for that was the way her highly pious grandmother had brought her up). So she had no other choice but to take care of her own needs. It sounded quite silly, yet there was no alternative and, besides, she did not see much wrong in it. It was, actually, quite a standard situation, – no wonder that the sex toy industry is booming – so she decided to first search online. Asking her friends for suggestions seemed indiscreet.

She was diligent by nature, and liked to get to the bottom of all things. Having spent the entire weekend browsing the net (her husband was away on yet another business trip), she put together a list of questions. It had not taken her long to realize that she would never select the right item without actually seeing it. Besides, the dildos varied hugely on many different parameters. Also, some of them had a fairly strong aroma that she might find repulsive, and, finally, there was the matter of price – quality toys seemed quite expensive. She felt that without professional advice she would spent a huge amount of money on a pig in a poke, never knowing whether she would like the thing and whether it would be right for her. Since she seemed to have no choice but to go to a sex shop, she decided to visit the one far away from her workplace, which had a good reputation.

One thing she wanted to avoid at all costs was being spotted at such a place; she would hate to meet anyone she knew there. So she decided to go right before closing time, when customers are few and most people have already gone home.

Just in case, she looked around before entering, opened the door and peered timidly inside. To her disappointment, the shop assistant was male; blushing slightly, she hesitated at the door.

“Hello! Come in, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about!” He flashed her a welcoming smile, spotting her hesitation. “Please, do come in. I won’t bite you.” He walked towards her with a warm welcome. “Looks like you are new to our place. No reason to be shy.” The guy seemed to be a psychologist as well as the shop assistant, for he got to the bottom of her feelings right away.

“Well… I just came in… for a quick look,” she mumbled, as if trying to find some excuse, which was downright silly. Yet, the shop assistant pretended not to notice her embarrassment: he had to handle a lot of similarly inexperience customers coming to a sex shop for the first time.

I wonder, what makes them all think that sex toys are dirty and objectionable? I have to face the same situation day after day, and offer them psychological help. These thoughts flashed through his head once he spotted her at the door.

“I think it is great that you came here,” he said, approaching her with a broad smile. “We had a new delivery yesterday, and the choice is incredible. We have a lot of things that we are really proud of. You won’t find anything like them anywhere else in town.”

“Really?” she looked in frustration at the endless shelves with adult toys.

“Are you new to this type of products?” The shop assistant tried to be tactful, even though it was quite obvious that she was. Her confusion showed that much.

Standing there with a gaping mouth, she was staring at the shelves. It is one thing to surf the net, and quite another to find yourself in the midst of this sexual extravaganza! The shelves were lined with virtually anything, from sex dolls and handcuffs to huge black penises the size of Heracles’ hand. A timid person could easily faint if he just chanced to walk in.

“Y-yes…” she said slowly. “Absolutely new.” She needed a sip of water. Her head was swimming.

“Oh, I see, it is too warm outside. Let me offer you some water.” The shop assistant seemed to have read her thoughts. “Come here and sit down. I know, we have a big choice. It might overwhelm you, if it is your first time.”

She sipped some cold water, felt better and took another look around. Apparently, it was a good idea to come to a sex shop. She would have never figured out all those “horrors” on her own. .And the shopping assistant seemed quite well-meaning; she was wrong to be so tense at the beginning.

“Just relax,” he smiled, going on with the conversation. “Actually, we have nothing scary here, even though some things might look a little formidable to an untrained eye.”

“Indeed.” She glanced at a shelf full of studded whips.

“People have various kinds of sexuality. It is a very personal thing, and we have very little control over it. A person cannot be blamed for certain individual preferences. These things take shape when we are still very young. As a rule.”

“Do you think so?” She gulped some more water.

“It is a scientific fact. I have nothing to do with it.” With an amusing wink, the shop assistant shrugged his shoulders.

“I have also heard that sex toys can help if you are sex-deprived,” she blurted out finally, when the first shock was over.

“Of course they can!” the shop assistant agreed wholeheartedly. “That’s what most of them are made for. To help with sex-deprivation, or to offer variety. There are others that help to improve your inherent skills, or to intensify your sensations. The main thing is to discard inhibitions and to start experimenting. Let’s take the dildos.” He followed her gaze fixed at the central showcase. “Let’s get a little closer.”

“Let’s,” she said and stood up.

“Do you see the variety?” The shop assistant waved his hand at a huge display case with dozens (or hundreds) of artificial penises. “There’s an incredible diversity of sizes, shapes, types of vibration, stimulation techniques, combined stimulation of various parts of female body… The choice is there, you just need to know what you want to achieve and to which end.”

“Well…” she said pensively. “It is quite a mind-boggling choice.”

“Don’t you worry,” said the shop assistant encouragingly. “We will figure it all out.”

“ It seems hard to figure out,” she said, blushing.

“That’s what I am here for, to help you. Just don’t be embarrassed. Go ahead and ask all the questions you might have. Just imagine you are at a doctor’s.”

. “A doctor’s?” She glanced at him in frustration.

“Exactly! It is a matter of your health. It is both psychology and physiology. Isn’t it?”

“Well… I guess you are right.”

Well, you would agree that it is silly to be shy at your gynecologist’s. Right?”


“Well, this is the same story! Any embarrassment is completely out of place. My responsibility is to help you. I am not just a passerby, I am an expert doing my job. Almost like a doctor. Do you agree?”

“I do,” she nodded with a sigh. The shop assistant seemed to know his job.

“Then let’s try to figure out what you need and for which purpose. I am sure we will be able to find the best solution.” He opened the showcase. “And the main thing is, stop being embarrassed. I just want to emphasize that once again.”

“All right,” she said, plucking all her courage and finally letting down her guard. “I need to do something about sex deprivation. My husband is often away on business trips…”

“I see it! It is quite a typical case. You are neither the first nor the last. It is quite natural. You were right to come here.” He seemed to be good at talking to ladies, even though, actually, he was just right.

“So, what would you say is the best solution? I did look things up online… And, frankly speaking, it seems very confusing.” She picked up a medium-sized dildo. “Like, what would you say about this one?”

“It is a good enough dildo,” said the shop assistant, approving of her choice. “Yet, it is not such a simple question. Every lady needs her own thing,” he said confidently. “As you see, the shapes, the sizes, even the materials are all different. This one is called realistic, it is made of a special polyester. As you see, there are various other materials. There are special shapes. The sizes differ tremendously. Some have special types of vibrations. The trick is to try various ones.”

“You think so?” she asked in hesitation.

“Of course! The thing is that you need to make the right choice. The sensations differ greatly. No one will be able to suggest the one that is best for you. It depends on your sensitivity, your tastes, your habits…”

“But what should I do? Should I buy a few? But which ones? Besides, they seem quite pricey.”

“Are you in a hurry?” The shop assistant seemed to have an idea.

“Not really. I came here to get the right thing. Why?”

“Would you like to try some?” he asked all of a sudden. “To test them, so to speak.”

“Are you serious?” she asked, genuinely perplexed. “I have never heard of such a service.”

“I am dead serious. We even have a special room for it, where we train the female assistants. Actually, I am the manager. I just let my colleague leave work early today; her child is sick.” Now she could see why he was extra attentive; after all, he was not just a shop assistant. The manager went on enthusiastically: “We have a chain, but this is our main store, and it’s where we train our employees. Amid other things, we introduce them to the new products.”

“And you let them test them?” she said, unable to suppress a smile. “All those dildos?”

“How else can they sell them? How would they talk to the customers? It’s like a waiter’s job. Unless he tasted the dish, he wouldn’t be able to help the guest. Right?”

“Right… I guess so.”

“There you go! Exactly my point. Should we try it? Since you have the opportunity. But don’t think that I am pressing you into it, it is actually up to you. You can just acquire a whole collection, test them out and select the best. I will give you all the explanations anyway.”

“But… I don’t think… they are properly washed…” she said still in doubt, visualizing how many people had touched those toys, where they had been manufactured, even though the shop assistant had almost persuaded her.

“Come on!” he snorted. “Do you think I would allow my employees to be infected? We treat it with a special solution. A disinfectant made in Germany. It is specially intended for sex toys. Gives you a two hundred percent guarantee. They are fully sterile.”

“Well, I guess… in this case… I should go for it,” she said, making up her mind, for the opportunity seemed unique. It is better anyway than buying a boxful of dildos, wasting all that money, and, besides, where am I going to keep them? This thought, in any case, seemed reasonable.

“Great!” said the shop assistant happily. Apparently, he was very proud of his idea. “Then let me first offer you the basic selection. When we train the assistants, we start with it. Here are three dildos of various sizes. As for the size, it is very easy to choose. Then we move on to the shape and the texture. These are most important parameters, but we will get to them later. The main thing is to figure out which size will stimulate you best. And it is even better to try it blindfolded. Then you are not distracted and concentrate on your emotions. Actually, that’s the best thing to do when you select the shape too, and the size, and the texture. Forget your preconceptions; a lot of girls seem to think that the bigger, the better. And they select a black one. But, actually, it is not the case. You should be guided by your own feelings. As for the size, you will be able to determine it with your hands, but if you are blindfolded when you insert it into your vagina, you, actually, have fewer preconceptions.”

“Well… right… let’s do it. And where am I to test it?” She looked around.

“No, not here! laughed the shop assistant. “I did tell you, we have a special room. Let’s move there. It is actually closing time, ten p.m. No one will disturb us.” He locked the front door.

The tiny room looked quite cozy. Dark wall paper with a pleasant pattern, a small and soft sofa, subdued lights, a nice lavabo in the corner… Indeed, it was used for testing out intimate products, so it needed the right atmosphere.

The shop assistant first showed her the room, and then went on with his instructions:

“Make sure to take your time. As I’ve said, everything has been disinfected. I placed a clean towel underneath your bum. Hey, we’ve agreed: don’t be shy!” He raised his finger, seeing that she began to blush.

“All right,” she said with a smile. She seemed to like the assistant more and more, he was a swell guy.

“That’s what we will do. First we will wash our hands thoroughly. I will help you to lubricate the dildos (you need to know the right way). Then you will sit down, and I will blindfold you. I will place the toys in random order by your right hand, and the lubricant by your left one. Then I will leave. You will raise a little, take off your panties, and lubricate your orifice. Seeing nothing. Hey, no blushing! It is a test, not a romantic date!” He shook his finger again and frowned, as if he was a professor delivering a lecture; she could not help it and giggled, looking at the funny expression on his face.

“That’s right, professor,” she said, standing straight and suppressing her laugh. “I will do it all.”

“Make sure you do it all, or you won’t get your credit!” he said, extending the game.

“Please, don’t, my dad will be mad!” she giggled again. It was all quite funny.

“Then make sure you do it just the way I’ve told you. Take your time. It won’t make sense otherwise. If in doubt, try again. And do not try to determine which particular one you are using. Don’t think about these things. Just register your sensations when you insert it. The main thing to determine at this stage is which size is the best for you. Then we will move on to the shape and the texture. And, finally, we will select the vibrator for you. Even though, that is quite a different story, we might even leave it for your next visit. Is everything clear?”

“Right you are, professor!” She rubbed her hands together, feeling wholesomely excited. She had never expected that her visit would be such fun!

“Well, call me once you make your choice. I will hear you. I will leave the door ajar for the purpose. All right?”

“Well… I guess so.” She sounded unsure. She was obviously apprehensive.

“Please, don’t worry!” said the shop assistant with a smile. “Are you afraid that I will rape you? I have better things to do. And, besides, you are a customer.”

“Well… right.” She suppressed her fear, for he was obviously right.

Having prepared everything and blindfolded her, the shop assistant left, and she began to blindly test the dildos, inserting them, one by one, into her vagina. She started with the smallest one, in order to warm herself up, then moved to the medium size, then to the biggest. She tried to follow his instructions: to stay attuned to her sensations and keep her mind blank, irrespective of the size of the dildo. As for the smallest one, it was obvious from the very beginning. It was even smaller than her husband’s penis, but she hesitated between the medium and the big. The big seemed to have its advantages. The feeling of being filled up to the brim – she actually had a problem inserting it – was extremely pleasant and made her quiver with tension. It was a sort of sweet pain that made her moan through her clenched teeth and breathe quickly through her nose; and yet, it only felt right as an experiment. The medium offered a much better and more comfortable opportunity to play with her sensations. Besides, I do not want to overstretch my vagina: suppose my husbands feels it and doesn’t like it, she thought and decided on the medium size.

The testing of the toys could not pass unnoticed; she got quite excited. Her cheeks were flushed, she was a little dizzy, and her hands were shaking… She felt she needed to calm down before calling the shop assistant.

After sitting it out, she pulled down her skirt to cover herself up. It made no sense to put the panties back on, she still had to select the shape and the texture.

I’ve made up my mind!” she called, and then cleared her throat. Her voice was hoarse.

“Here, I’ve brought you some water,” said the shop assistant, looking inside the room. “I am sorry I have not offered it from the very start, it’s just the end of a busy day.” He seemed to know that testing the toys was an exciting procedure.

“Here, this one seems best, the medium one.” She handed him the one she had selected. “Oh, no, I am sorry, it is all wet.” She felt really embarrassed.

“Oh, forget it! Nothing wrong with it. You don’t say sorry to a gynecologist. You have excellent natural secretion, and it is great. Nothing to be ashamed of.” He smiled softly, showing understanding. “Of course, such a procedure stimulates you. And our goal is to select the one you like best.”

Her arousal was quite obvious, yet the shop assistant was right, there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“So… let’s move on to the texture?” She cast a questioning look at him, still feeling slightly dizzy.

“Let’s start with the shape. Don’t mix up things, even though… I do understand you, so take a breath,” said the shop assistant looking at her pink cheeks. “Let’s leave the texture to the end. You should trust the expert.”

“I do.” Her eyes were hazy and moist, and she could not conceal it.

“Well, give it to me.” The shop assistant took the dildo, wet with the lubricant and her secretion. “Let’s rinse it and use it again. Together with the other dildos, of other shapes. You will need to compare them. I will bring them over. And I will put back the small and the big one.”

She trusted him more and more, and especially appreciated the fact that he took the used dildo so simply, without a trace of repulsion. It seemed to have brought them closer together, for it was a most intimate procedure.

He was back in a minute. She had not even finished her water, and her head was still dizzy.

“There, look at these.” He had brought two more dildos. “I will let you check out this smooth one and this ribbed one, together with the one you have liked. Let’s again limit it to three, so you won’t get confused. Do you see how different they are? They will make a nice set, together with the one you have liked.”

“Right,” she said and picked up the ribbed one gingerly. “That looks interesting.”

“Of course!” The shop assistant was rubbing his hands. It seemed to her that the testing left him excited too, or at least his cheeks looked pink. “Now you have a different assignment,” he went on. “Try to concentrate on the shape. How you would feel the ribs, and this ideally smooth gliding; some seem to like it best.”

“Should I be blindfolded again?”

“Sure! It is essential. We need to concentrate on your tactile sensations. It is best not to get distracted. And remember, you need to take your time, especially while testing the shape. Try one, if still in doubt, rest a while without opening your eyes, calm down and go on experimenting. We have time for it.” Again he made all the preparations, blindfolded her and left.

This time her arousal came even faster. Actually, the smooth dildo had not impressed her much, even though it was not bad at all, especially in contrast with the ribbed one. But the ribbed one hit her really hard. There was, indeed, something artificial about it, it was very different from a real penis; but she drew her breath and, once again, felt sure that with the ribs sliding one after another deeper and deeper into her… She could not suppress a moan. She would have come in a minute, yet it was too early (she needed to select the material) and, after a gasp, she bit her lip hard.

She removed the blindfold and was sitting, all shaken, with the first dildo in her hand, trying to recover, and then, as if in a haze, she saw the door open. It did not even frighten her, for she was very dizzy; instinctively, she just covered up her groin with her hand.

“I am sorry.” The shop assistant, smiling, peeked through the door. “Did you call?” Obviously, he had misinterpreted her last gasp.

“No… It was… just…”

“I see it.” He looked approvingly at her flushed cheeks. Her forehead covered with perspiration and her hazy eyes also spoke volumes.

“And I have brought you a Real Skin dildo for a test.”

“Really?” Still unable to recover, she pulled down her skirt.

“There’s no reason to be embarrassed. We’ve made an agreement,” he said with another smile. “Didn’t we?”

Yes… We did…” She was still in a stupor.

“Then let’s move on to the texture, while you are still warmed up. Then you will feel the difference even better.”

“Well, let’s…” She was now ready for anything, for her head was swimming. In any case, she did not feel like thinking about anything.

“Well, look here.” The shop assistant approached her and felt that she was all electrified; it added to his own excitement. “Size-wise, it is the same as the medium one, but it has a special texture. Do you feel that it is almost indistinguishable from a real penis?” He thrust yet another dildo into her hand.

“Well… It is silky…” She sounded unsure. “And it is almost like a real one, even though it is not warm.”

“That’s because you know it is a dildo. There, let’s cover your eyes.”

“All right…” he agreed, and he blindfolded her again.

“I will now help you to sort it out.” The shop assistant felt his own penis go still. “Just remember, you are expected to switch off your brain. Concentrate on your feelings.”

All right…” she nodded, still unsure what he was driving at.

“Of course, the lack of warmth shows the difference. But if you warm it up, you will never feel it. Do you want a try?” All of a sudden, a crazy thought flashed in the assistant’s head. All this testing… the client’s confusion and embarrassment… he was getting excited too. “Would you like… to try it properly?” he repeated meaningfully.

Yes…” she agreed mindlessly, not even thinking about what she was being offered. Her head was still dim after all the testing.

“To bring it to the right temperature, you should put it into your mouth for a while. Help me, open your mouth.”

She swallowed the dildo obediently and began warming it up; in the meantime the shop assistant unbuttoned his fly. His penis was fully erect. The idea of having sex with her was almost obsessive, he could not even think about caution. As for his client, she was all but steaming.

“I guess that will do. Give it to me.” He removed the dildo from her mouth. “It does not even need to be lubricated. Your saliva will do. Just spread your legs a little wider. I will do everything to help you to tell one from the other.”

Something stirred deep down in her heart, but she was in such a state of confusion that it dissolved in her brain, and she spread her legs obediently.

“Well, now try to tell them apart. First this one.” He slowly inserted the dildo and made several deep thrusts. “Do you feel it?”

“Yes… I… do…” she moaned, her mind totally blank.

“And now let’s try this one.” He plunged his penis inside her. “Is it really different? Do you feel it?”

“I… I… do…” she was trying to speak coherently.

The testing was getting more and more intense…

An Unusual Purchase

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