He could not live with it any longer, being tormented by the memories. They turned into a real nightmare, and he decided to go to the church and confess, hoping to quench his remorse. At the time they lived at their summer house, close to a village church located next to a nunnery; so he had a very convenient opportunity.

Unfortunately, the priest got ill, what a bad luck! In fact, he had an upset stomach and felt sick just when they were about to start the confession. For him, it was hard enough to pluck his courage and to come at all, coming again was not an option, especially since the opportunity might not have presented itself. He had chosen a moment when his wife went out to visit the neighbors. So he asked the priest to find a substitute.

“Please, do understand me, father,” he whined, while the poor priest was clutching at his stomach. “I really cannot put it off any longer. It is very important for me, I beg you. Please ask someone to do it instead of you if you are really indisposed.”

“I cannot entrust it to anyone, my son. You know what a confession is about, come some other time.” The cleric rushed away.

“Damn!” he swore and crossed himself in fear (it is not proper to curse in church). He looked so miserable that anyone would feel sorry for him.

A nun standing nearby had overheard their conversation, and seeing how upset he was came closer to comfort him.

“Please do not torment yourself, you can confess tomorrow.” She patted his hand compassionately. “Why not postpone it for a day?”

“I really wanted to do it now. I might not be able to come tomorrow, or I might change my mind.”

“Change your mind about confessing? That is not right.”

“It wasn’t at all easy to pluck my courage, my remorse drew me into it, and now there we go.” He almost spat on the church floor, but stopped himself at the very last moment.

“You need to repent in your heart, that is good enough.”

“I did repent, but I am still tormented.”

“Have you sinned?”

“I have, badly. That’s why I decided to go for a confession. I hoped it would help.”

“Is that going to be your first confession?”

“Yes,” he sighed. “And looks like the last one. Well, I should go get a drink instead. It might help.” He turned to the door.

“That’s not such a good idea.” The nun began walking next to him. “The priest could not see you, but that does not really matter. At a confession, you are not talking to him, but to God. God absolves you.”

“Well, I do not know how to talk to God. I hoped the priest would help me.”

“The main thing about a confession is your wholehearted repentance,” said the caring nun obligingly. “And you must be adamant in your intention never to sin again.”

“Well, I hoped that the priest would help me to repent properly,” he went on complaining as they left the church. “And I needed it today, while I have the guts.”

“What should we do about it?” said the nun compassionately. “Well, I guess I can help you. I cannot take a confession, but I can tell you how to ask God for forgiveness.”

“Really?” he asked eagerly.

“Really.” The nun surveyed him, then looked around. “But we cannot do it right here. Let’s go to my cell. It is close. And we are about to do a serious thing, which will take time.”

Without a moment’s hesitation he agreed, and they walked to the monastery.

Her cell was tiny, but cozy, and the nun’s sincere benevolence was very appealing.

“To make it easier for you, let’s pretend we have a confessional here,” said the nun. “Let’s open the door of the closet. It will act as a sort of a partition between us, you won’t see me. Thus it would be easier for you to inwardly communicate with God. And I will assist you by asking the appropriate questions.

“Right. It will be much easier this way, thank you. Frankly speaking, I am very embarrassed. You are a woman, and my sin is a gross one.”

As a matter of fact, the nun was a far cry from an old crony. It was hard to tell what exactly had made her take the veil, probably a strange twist of fate; however, she looked younger than his wife.

“Well, that’s good. Please commence. Be sincere and do not hold anything back. You are speaking to God, not to me,” she said reassuringly. “Do tell me about your sin.”

“I’ve done something really bad,” he sighed. “I committed adultery. Moreover, I’ve cheated my wife with one of her friends.”

“God Almighty!” The nun crossed herself behind the partition. “How come? That’s a sin indeed.”

“Well, I tell you, it was all devil’s work. I had no intention to go astray, believe me.”

“I am sure! You would not think of such a nasty thing.”

“It was the devil, really. The mere memory makes me blush.”

“Yet, you need to recall it all. I don’t know how our Holy Father would have helped you, but my method is that you need to remember everything in all the details. You need to get a full picture of your own sin. It would mean re-living it once again, and once you repent and feel ashamed, God will forgive it. The more ashamed you feel recollecting it, the better.”

“All right, sister,” he sighed. ”If there is no other way, I will tell you all.”

“And may my presence not embarrass you. For you are repenting, my son.” The nun was now acting the part of the priest.

“That’s how it all happened,” he began. “My wife’s friend invited us to her place in Latvia. To attend the Ligo holiday, it is one of their festivals. They celebrate it at the end of June. Everyone goes to the country, looking for the fern flower; they build bonfires, make barbecue, drink beer, have fun, go swimming naked. That’s the special feature of this holiday. You can sort of relax and do whatever, merging with the nature. It is a tradition. Originally, it was a pagan holiday, people were even making love to complete strangers.”

“God forbid! It sounds similar to our St. John’s Day.”

“Sort of… Well, we took a flight to Riga. I had seen that friend of hers before. A nice-looking lady, she lives with her husband, no kids. We were just about to leave for the country to celebrate the Ligo, when her husband was sent away on a business trip, his company had some sort of an emergency. Well, we joined their friends and went out, a large party, in several cars.”

“It must be even more fun that way.”

“I would say so,” he chuckled. “And we did have a good time. But listen on. We had such a swell picnic. Everyone had a few drinks, got relaxed, began to fool around, have fun, flirt with each other. I have already said, it is that kind of a festival. And then I noticed that my wife’s friend was looking at me in a special way, as if just kidding. She was alone, but she wanted to have her share of fun. As for the others, they were loosening up more and more. The atmosphere was conducive, everyone let go of the brakes. Some were kissing around. Others were flirting away, some left for the bushes embracing each other, some went swimming naked, beckoning to the others to join them. We had a few drinks too, relaxed, ditched the clothes and jumped into the water. Then I noticed the lady take off her clothes as well. Stark naked, she joined us splashing around. Her boobs were swinging, she was giggling and having fin. The moon was bright, I could see it all. And I felt I was getting a hard-on, obvious enough to make it embarrassing to come out of the water. And once she noticed it, she realized that she was the reason. Once she had figured it out, she started to tease me, the bitch. There were lots of people in the water, and it was dark. No way to tell who was doing what. My wife did not notice anything, besides, she was fairly drunk, while her friend was splashing away, touching me under the water, showing off her bum while diving, shaking her boobs right in front of me.”

“What an impertinent woman!”

“Right you are, sister. Well, she got me fully aroused. My thing was stiff as a peg, and I felt the itching between my legs.” He felt that his memories were making him hard again.

“Good Lord!” The nun crossed herself again, but her voice also seemed slightly changed, after all, she was a human being, even a recluse could not help being affected by the story.

“So, what would you expect me to do? I grabbed my wife and dashed into the bushes. She was completely abashed by my assault. I pushed her to a tree, made her lean forward and plunged in from behind. She was just squeaking… do I have to give you all the details, sister?” he asked bashfully, feeling that he was too carried away.

“The more details you remember, the better, as long as you repent.” The nun reached for a carafe and poured herself some cold water.

“I do repent.” He mopped his brow. This confessions turned out to be hard work. ”Well, anyway. I felt the branches move nearby, but I put it down to a gust of wind. So I bent my wife even lower and went on loving her. Unfortunately, I came real fast, I was too excited. We went back to the bonfire, and I saw her friend winking and giggling away; I was sure she spied on us, the swine.”

“That was impudent indeed!”

“It sure was! Completely dead to shame. Well, the celebration went on, the atmosphere was getting more and more relaxed. Some were sitting by the bonfire naked, or topless at least. Including the lady. And I must tell you, she had a swell pair of tits. And a bum to match, actually; when we went swimming, I had taken a good look (for she was twitching her ass right in front of me).”

“Well, you had no option!” It was now obvious that the nun’s voice was hoarse, she seemed to be excited by the story.

“Right you are.” He felt that his pants were becoming too tight. “Well, anyway, I went hard again. As if I were a youngster, I was really surprised. Unfortunately, my wife seemed to be completely drunk. Sex was out of the question, she was all limp, I had to drag her out of the water with my thing erect. Her friend was watching us, laughing her head away, she found it funny, and then she blew a kiss to me.”

“The rogue!”

“Indeed. Do you have some water, sister?” He peered from behind the partition.

“I do.” The nun looked flustered, and it seemed to him that she snatched her own hand away from her groin, her frock was obviously pulled up. Apparently, the decent woman found it hard to listen to his testimony. “Take a seat, I will bring you some.” She got up from the bench. “And I will pour myself some more too.”

He sat down on her bench, and felt that he was tired from all the standing behind the partition. His member was fully erect from his recollections, his head was swimming, so he followed the nun’s backside with his gaze. It looked all right, even in her frock.

“There, my son.” The nun handed him a glass and sat down next to him. Her hand was shaking slightly.

“Would it be all right if I sit as I go on with the story? I am exhausted from all the standing.”

“Sure.” The nun gulped some water and nodded. “Unfortunately, I do not have a spare chair to put behind the partition for you.”

“Well, I will go on recollecting.”

“Go on, my son, and repent.”

“We were getting ready to go back. Some guests had already left, there were only a few cars left. So we had to cram into them. We went into the jeep of the lady’s acquaintance. Packed in somehow. My wife got motion-sick, so we placed her up front, and ourselves we somehow perched on the collapsible seat at the back, almost in the trunk. There was hardly enough room for the two of us. There were four more people in front, while we were at the very back, with all the bags, but the only other alternative was to walk.”

“Sure! So, you found yourself next to her.”

“Right,” he chuckled. “And she was all but naked.”

“What do you mean?” asked the nun anxiously, licking her lips.

“Just a flimsy blouse and a tiny skirt. She had not put any underwear on. To be honest, I had watched her while she was getting dressed, even though I had not intended to,” he spilled out. “It just happened so.”

“The girl must have gone crazy!” said the nun indignantly, while, herself, she was wearing no panties either. She loved a little draft under her frock, especially since it was a hot day.

“Now imagine that. We were sitting there together, pushed against each other. The way you and I do now.” The bench at the nun’s cell was fairly small, and they had to sit very close. “The road is bumpy, the car keeps rocking, our buttocks rub against each other. It made me even harder.”

“Oh, my God!” The nun crossed herself, her hand shaking. “Forgive our sins!”

“That’s right.” All of a sudden, he became aware of the warmth of her buttock. “And I do know that she has no panties on, and that makes me even more excited.”

“Why… why, my son?” stammered the nun.

“Well, I feel that she is available. All I need to do is to push up her skirt. And it is all bare underneath, and this thought kept rolling through my mind… all the time.” He felt that his voice was also going hoarse.

“Well… right,” said the nun pensively. “I am sure, she was also… excited. By the feeling.”

“She was, and I could feel it. I could feel her excitement.”

“How did you feel it?” The nun began to shake slightly.

“I felt it by her shaking. As if she had a fever. And it drove me crazy. Imagine, sitting next to a woman and knowing that she really wants it. Feeling her desire boiling. Knowing that she is all wet down below. Spilling out, and with no panties to cover it up. I got so hard my pants were bursting.”

The nun was shaking more and more visibly. Her cheeks were flushed. Her breath accelerated. He could feel her boiling over. His member was hard as stone. The nun’s eyes traveled involuntarily to the conspicuous bulge and stayed there. Raising her eyes with an effort, she met his, as if in a haze.

“That is… completely… disgraceful,” she stammered. “And… what… next?”

“She saw how I felt and put her hand on my fly. Put it there and began to stroke.”

“What… filth,” exhaled the nun.

“That’s when I lost my mind completely… My hands crawled under her skirt. I did not want to do it, swear to God.”

“I… know… you didn’t. It was all devil’s work.”

“Yes, they crawled there… on their own accord.” All of a sudden he realized that he was stroking the nun’s leg, pulling up her frock.

Red in the face, the nun was sitting motionless, though her shaking was becoming more and more obvious. “Then she unzipped my fly,” he went on with the story, “extracted my penis… Well, she did not really have to extract it, it jumped out, once liberated. She extracted it and began to caress it with her fingers.” Still pulling her frock up with one hand, with the other he unbuttoned his pants and extracted his stone-hard member.

Against her will, the nun’s hand reached for his penis, she took it into her palm. In the meantime, he reached for her groin and discovered that she had no panties on. With a moan, the nun spread her legs slightly, and his fingers found the swollen folds of her flesh. With a spasmodic sigh, the nun gasped.

“Once our hands went loose, we were getting more and more insane,” he went on, caressing her. The nun could not speak any longer. He had to go on with his confession without her prompts. “I felt it was hard for her to restrain her moans. She was shaking all over, trying not to let out a sound, for the others were sitting right in front. It was dark, still we could see their outlines; thanks God, they were all looking at the road that ran through the woods, paying no heed to us; besides, loud music was playing in the car.”

The cells of the other sisters were close by, and the nun clenched her teeth. She was streaming already, her head was in a haze, her desire to feel his member inside was tormenting her mind. He could not hold back any longer either and, feeling that she had also reached the edge of the precipice, he went on with his confession, re-enacting his story.

“And then the devil got the better of me. I pulled up her skirt, grabbed the harlot’s buttocks and placed her atop of me.”

“Aah!” moaned the nun, getting astride of his fiery member.

“Good Lord, save and forgive me! It is all… devil’s work,” she stammered, whirled away to Paradise.

An Obliging Hitchhiker

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