Paris is the city of love and romance. There’s no doubt about it! So when Nicholas had suggested that they celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary with a week’s stay in the French capital, Anna caught her breath in anticipation. It was really a dream come true!

They prepared thoroughly for the trip and, since it was a romantic one, they began looking for the romantic places. After consulting their friends and browsing the web, they came up with a preliminary list: «Lido de Paris», «Moulin Rouge», «Le Crazy Horse de Paris», Place Pigale… in fact, everything that had to do with the busy night life of the love capital. They wanted to fully savor its atmosphere.

…Spring had already come to Paris, and it made their heads swim. They started with the “all-time classics,” and then began to dig deeper. Their first visit was to Moulin Rouge, then to Lido de Paris, and Le Crazy Horse de Paris, which turned out to be best of all. At least, there were no moms in patched-up pantyhose on stage. Well, anyway. “Your problem is that you don’t drink enough,” joked Nicholas, and they went on exploring the night life of Paris. Then they progressed to the more outspoken strip-shows of Place Pigale… and then they decided that they would like something really unusual; they only had two days left.

Then Nicholas remembered the story he had heard from a friend. Together with his wife, the friend had once visited a swinger club… it was in Berlin though. They were a straight couple, but back then boredom had begun to find its way into their bed. So they decided to try something new. Not to take part in a groupie, though, just to see it with their own eyes. And they got it all. They had sex together, locked up in a private cubicle, but they did get a chance to see the others’ debauchery. And both were unusually sexed-up after that.

Nicholas had been impressed by the story. All they needed now was to find a similar place in Paris.

Having browsed the Web, they had finally found a place. They were not sure it was the right thing, but it looked like a respectable swinger club with a good reputation; or so it seemed by the reviews. Most of them were in French rather than in English, though, and, unfortunately, none of them knew the language. “If we don’t like it, we will just leave, what’s the problem?” said Nicholas, trying to encourage his wife (it was actually his idea, she would have never gone that far). “In any case, we do not plan to do anything, we will just watch and then go.”

“All right,” she decided, “since we are here to try it all, why not take a look at this impropriety? It is actually quite interesting. And I will be right next to my husband, so why should I worry? I will have a drink, to boost my courage. All that I need is to stick right by Nick.”

…The club turned out to have restricted admission, and outsiders were not particularly welcome; initially they were told no, but Nicholas was now too eager to drop the whole thing. He was dying to find out what the place was like. They spent the morning of the next day negotiating, and, finally, they were granted permission, but only after they had declared that they were a couple staying at a very expensive hotel and volunteered to pay for VIP tickets. They were made to fill out detailed questionnaires and their full-body photographs were requested; they were warned that, in the case of any discrepancies, admission would be denied. “Well, it is even better this way,” they decided, “at least it means that they have decent clientele. As for us, it is our first and last time there. At least they have not requested us to take pictures in the nude!”

They were a nice-looking couple, and passed the first test successfully. Now they only had to comply with the dress code, and the way into the club was open. The code was quite simple: gentlemen were expected to wear coat-and-tie, and ladies were supposed to have erotic underwear under an evening dress. They were planning to buy a new coat for Nicholas anyway, she happened to have an appropriate dress, and as for the right kind of underwear, it was probably the most readily available item in Paris.

As the result, they had spent a whole day in preparation for their final event in Paris, but they were both eager to have the appropriate culmination of their romantic trip.

They were expected at the club at 11 p.m., and there was still time to have a good drink, to boost their courage. At least Anna needed it quite badly, for she was still having mild panic attacks.

Yet, gradually she had fallen in for her husband’s plan, she, too, was feeling a certain thrill, most probably the result of visiting all those erotic shows; they had stirred up something new in her soul. It was a combination of a thrill and of dim anticipation; she was actually quite surprised when she first felt it. They spent the day cracking jokes about their forthcoming adventure, and yet, for some reason, both were getting more and more excited, even though they would not admit it, even to each other. It was as if they were looking forward to a strange forbidden game, and the most enticing thing about it was it being forbidden. When, towards the evening, they went to a special store to get her an erotic outfit, Anna felt of a sudden that she was being aroused by the thought of the forthcoming visit; something was happening to her, something that had never happened before and she could hardly identify it. It was scary and thrilling, she was both doubtful and curious, embarrassed and thrilled, it felt like being dragged into a strange whirlpool. “Does it really make you nervous?” asked Nicholas when he noticed it. “Let’s cancel it if you don’t feel like going.” “Not particularly,” she lied, looking at her reflection in the mirror and trying to make sure that her excitement would not find a way into her voice. For some reason, she wanted to hide this excitement from her husband, she was uncomfortable about this strange SOMETHING that was now stirring deep inside.

“I see it all. What’s the use of pretending?” He stroked her bare buttock (the underwear they had selected was a pure fiction, it just highlighted her nudity). His touch sent a shiver down her back, and the mirror swayed in front of her. “Are you really scared?” Apparently, he had misinterpreted her reaction. “Then let’s forget about it.” “I think we should stick to it, since we’ve made up our mind,” she said in an even voice, having swallowed hard. “Didn’t we decide to go and take a look? Just let’s start with a drink at the bar, for courage.”

…The hour was drawing close. The club was not too far from the hotel, so they decided to walk. Having put on their respective outfits, they started to move in the direction of the club, stopping at each bar that caught their fancy. Anna’s excitement was mounting, she was not even tipsy, and yet she felt that her head was swimming for a reason other than alcohol; still, she tried to look carefree and relaxed, without giving a hint of her real emotions to her husband. He, too, looked quite nervous, she could feel it, and his excitement increased hers. In a way, it was quite thrilling.

…From the outside, the club looked quite normal. There was neither a sign, nor any other special marks. It took them some time to find it, and they would have probably failed, despite the detailed instructions e-mailed by the manager, if it were not for a couple that looked very much like them – they saw them momentarily in a dim archway. 

There was a bright lamp by the door; apparently, they were scrutinized quite closely before getting admitted. Anna swallowed a lump of anxiety, as if she was about to sky-jump; it was strange, though, for they were not endangered, just trying out a new kind of fun. And yet, she was quivering inside, and the quivering was ready to burst to the surface. Surprisingly, the quivering was caused not by fear, but by a strange anticipation that was coming from her inner depths despite her efforts to conceal it. More and more stunned by this strange feeling, she could not figure out what was going on, and keenly tried to sort out her feelings, discovering things about herself she had never known about.

“Bonsoir!” Finally, the door opened. A tall lady was standing inside, her brown eyes staring at them. She was elegantly dressed in black, which made her look lovely and rather mysterious. “Nicholas and Anna?” She gave a friendly nod, welcoming them inside, stepping out of the way.

They walked in. “Do you speak French?” she addressed Nicholas, at the same time drawing Anna softly in, holding her by the elbow; at the same time she cast a quick assessing glance at Anna’s figure. “Unfortunately, we don’t. We speak English,” said Nicholas, smiling back.

“You will have to excuse me, my English is far from perfect. Still, I hope we will understand each other. My name is Jeanette, I am the manager. Please follow me, I will explain it all. I am sure you will like it here. Are you familiar with our prices?”

“Yes, we’ve been informed. I hope you take credit cards?” Nicholas was obviously regaining his composure, while Anna was still struggling with her inward tremor. “Of course we do! You will need to pay first, after that I will take you to the cloakroom, and then to the bar. There I will give you a more detailed explanation. We have an excellent club,” she said pointedly. “Our clients are most respectable people. You need not worry.” She had obviously detected Anna’s nervousness it was hard to conceal from a trained eye.

In the cloakroom, Anna was requested to take off her dress, and to go on in nothing but her underwear! It was a surprise, as none of that was mentioned on the club’s website. A little taken aback, they exchanged glances, but it was too late to pull out, and their options were few. To leave now would look rather foolish. Besides, the suggestion did not sound completely out of place, since they had come to a special establishment; Anna bit back her embarrassment, nodded to her husband and then turned her back to him, so that he could help her to unzip her dress.

Standing on high heels, dressed in red exposing underwear that highlighted all the best features of her body, Anna looked extremely sexy; so when she caught her own reflection in the mirror, she felt a slight twitch in her chest; something exhibitionist had awakened in her. “You look lovely!” The manager all but pawed her with her eyes and gave Nicholas a conspiratorial wink. “I think men will love you.”

The word “men” sounded explicit, and Anna felt a shiver run down her back; the scenario of the game that was about to begin was both scary and intriguing in its obscurity. She leaned on her husband’s hand, and, all of a sudden, realized that her fear had a tinge of honey; it was sending a strange dizziness into her head. “So, what are the rules here?” Putting his wallet slowly back into his pocket, Nicholas tried to look unperturbed. “I suggest that we move to the bar and discuss it all,” said Jeanette with a slightly mischievous smile. “If you have any valuables, you can give them to us for safekeeping. Even though you need not worry, it is absolutely safe here.” “Nicholas pretends to be worried about his wallet!” thought Anna and chuckled inwardly; the funny thought was a kind of a relief, and she realized that she needed to get yet another drink and to approach this adventure with a sense of humor.

The bar was close to the cloakroom, which she found reassuring. It was obvious that, just in case, they were free to leave without going any further.

The room was fairly large and cozy. It looked exactly as it should in such an establishment: a lot of red, dimmed lights, burning candles, Oriental incense, low settees, velvet and leather… everything was permeated by eroticism. It was both relaxing and exciting; Anna was even more intrigued and took a cautious look around, trying to take stock of the other visitors; she was still a little shaky, unable to fully suppress her trembling. She put her hand on the counter, picked up a menu and, through a corner of her eye, went on assessing the situation and listening to her inner voice; something was really happening to her.

There were a dozen patrons at the bar. They all looked friendly and conversed quietly, sipping out of their glasses. They all seemed to be couples; all the ladies were stripped to their underwear, same as herself, while all the men were wearing coats-and-ties. The contrast was quite stunning, it created the atmosphere of an eccentric show, and now they, too, were on stage. There was something both enticing and forbidden about it; Anna and Nicholas exchanged glances and ordered a strong cocktail each. After that, they moved to a corner, to a cozy settee. Anna spotted right away that they were being looked at; the glances that glided along her all-but-naked body sent another shiver down her back. While still walking, she gulped a big mouthful of cold cocktail, as if trying to extinguish the fire of her renewed excitement; she kept being amazed at herself.

She could hardly discern the other faces; all she could see were the outlines of bodies and the twinkling of the eyes that reflected the flames of the candles. The twinkling looked mysterious, as if it was some sort of a secret gathering of a Freemason lodge; at least that was the thought than flashed through Anna’s head, causing her to smile. She was more and more enchanted by the mysterious vagueness of what was going on. Not was it just enchanting, it was luring  her into a weird intrigue; or, possibly, her cocktail was way too strong, or something special had been added to it at the bar. “Our rules are quite simple,” explained Jeanette in a low voice. “You have paid for admission, but it does not put you under any obligation. You might want just to sit here in the bar, and that’s it. Some guests do precisely that. Especially the new members when they first come. But most of the people here are our regulars. Once they take a good look around and realize that all the guests here are respectable people, most visitors decide to take part in the proceedings. As a rule, they find it quite fascinating. However, there’s no need for you to rush. We are open till six in the morning. Most guests will arrive later. This is a very comfortable table, you can see almost everyone from here. Once you familiarize yourselves with the surroundings, you might decide to come back.” “Unfortunately, we are going back home tomorrow,” Nicholas spread his hands in mock desolation. “But, indeed, we would rather start with just looking… at what sort of things you have here…”

“Just looking is a little bit of a problem,” interrupted Jeanette with a soft smile. “Because of the kind of the event we have tonight. And just to sit here… I am not sure it makes all that much sense.” “That’s too bad,” sighed Nicholas, sipping his cocktail. “We went out of our way to get here…”

“I am so sorry. Still, you can leave whenever you want. Everything here is on a purely voluntarily basis.” Jeanette gave a friendly wave to yet another couple that had just passed by the security guard. “Well, it is up to you to decide. I am not going to talk you into anything.” She touched Anna’s hand, just slightly. “I can see that the young lady is rather nervous. You needn’t be. It is a very interesting place. And a very safe one too. Besides, we have a special medical office here, you can get disinfected afterwards.”

“Disinfected?” Nicholas repeated with a wince.

“That’s right. To be double sure, so to say,” Jeanette answered with a wink. “Just in case you get too much involved. This is something to try at least once in a lifetime. Do you agree?” She looked Anna in the eye, cunningly, as if trying to encourage her. “I guess so,” she exhaled almost inaudibly and downed the rest of her cocktail in one gulp. “Well, then I suggest that you do take a look around; maybe you will change your mind. If you do, just wave to that girl over there in the corner. Her name is Cathy. She will let you know what to do next. Her English is rather basic, but it is all quite simple, you will figure it out. The most important thing is not to panic, you will be together, in the same room. And, as I’ve already said, you can leave at any moment. I am sorry, I need to go.” She stood up from the settee. “Other guests are here.”

They ordered another strong cocktail each, and, sitting in a tight embrace and conversing softly,  began to study other visitors. In a way it was quite amusing, even though they still had not figured out what exactly was going on.

Jeanette had greeted yet another couple, and as they were passing by, Anna and Nicholas took a good look at them. A slim mulatto and a statuesque blond lady, almost naked; both looked quite sexy. “I wonder what do they look like in bed?” flashed through Anna’s head, and she cast a glance at her husband. He leaned over to her, as if he had read her crazy thought. “That’s what I am thinking, too,” he whispered into her ear, and they both giggled. The mulatto turned his head without stopping and gave them a friendly smile. His gaze brushed on Anna’s all-but-exposed breasts, and all of a sudden she felt her nipples go hard. She sipped more cocktail and leaned back, trying to cope with her emotions. “Well I never!” flashed through her mind. “What’s wrong with me? Who would expect me to react so? And this beast of a mulatto, he has all but devoured me with his gaze!”

The new couple had disappeared, almost without stopping at the bar. They kissed each other’s lips and went into two separate doors on two sides of the counter.

“Just watch how it is being done here!” Nicholas pointed out. “Men go to one side, and ladies to the other.” “I guess they meet again someplace else,” suggested Anna. “Isn’t this a swinger club?”

“It is,” Nicholas confirmed. “I doubt that boys go with boys and girls with girls here.” Again they all but burst out laughing and, to suppress it, covered their mouths. All the drinks were now taking their toll, and their tension was gone. After all, counting the “warm-ups” on the way here, each had already downed five cocktails. 

The bar was not really getting busier. People did not stay long. Couples would arrive, talk for a while and disappear behind the doors by the counter. Most of them seemed to know each other. Jeannette had said the truth: most people were very respectable. On the other hand, the atmosphere was quite informal. Parting by the door, the couples, by the most part, would kiss gently; they seemed quite eager to meet again someplace else. Anna was getting increasingly curious. She could not get the mystery of the two doors out of her head. “It seems to me that you liked that mulatto guy,” said Nicholas and pinched her bare buttock.

“Ouch!” screamed Anna, and everyone looked at them.

“Hush! They will kick us out of here!” Nicholas gave a stifled chuckle. “And that would be the end of our VIP tickets.”

Cathy approached them with a wide smile on her face.

“Well?” she cast a questioning glance at them. “Do you now feel at home? Do you feel good? Do you like it?” Her English was indeed hard to understand. She was purring rather than speaking; the name Cathy was exactly right for her. Anna even laughed out involuntarily. The young hostess kept smiling provocatively, rocking her hips in time to the music from the amplifiers.

“I do,” nodded Anna, smiling back.

“And so?” The girl narrowed her catlike eyes. “Have you made up your mind?” And she nodded at the mysterious doors. Yet another couple disappeared there after a quick smooch.

Again Anna felt sweet tickling in her chest; all of a sudden, she had realized that the whole crazy thing looked incredibly appealing, she was dying to take a risk; it was like setting a bet at the casino, when you are no longer capable to control your emotions.

She swallowed some more cocktail and cast a questioning look at her husband, leaving the decision to him, discarding any responsibility; after all, the whole idea of a swinger club had been his. “If we don’t like it, we will leave immediately.” He got her point without a single word. “Shall we go?” Her lips moved as if on their own accord. “Let’s give it a try!” Nicholas breathed out, put his hand around her waist and helped her to get up. “Is this your first time here?” This question came from Cathy, or so it seemed. “Yes,” Anna said with a nervous giggle. “Then let me show the lady her way first, and then I will help the gentleman.” She made a gesture, otherwise it would be hard to understand her. “You will meet later,” she explained, nodding at the door and putting her palms together.

“Let’s go, honey. Don’t worry, go ahead. I will be there, just in case,” said Anna’s husband, trying to cheer her up. “Find a quiet place and wait for me.”

Anna exhaled loudly, as if about to down a glass of vodka, and thus discarded all her doubts. She kissed Nicholas’s lips, swallowed the remains of her cocktail and followed the hostess. Cathy took her hand and, leading her ahead, tried to explain something in her broken English. It was hard to understand her, besides, Anna was no longer thinking straight.

They walked through the door and, after just a few steps down a narrow passage, came into a brightly lit room. It looked like a changing room. There were small closets with combination locks, a stack of bathrobes on a small table in the corner and what looked like a small shower with a WC behind an opaque glass door.

“Get undressed and put on a robe.” Anna gathered that much from Cathy’s gestures. The hostess opened an empty closet and, her eyes narrowed mischievously, turned back to Anna. Anna was once again overwhelmed by the same excitement, and the shivering inside returned. Once again she felt like she was being handed a parachute before taking the last step into the alluring precipice. Her head began to swim and, trying to relax, she inhaled deeply. “It’s all right, don’t worry please.” The hostess saw that she was uncomfortable, patted her hand and said something along these lines. “You will see your husband there.” She pointed at the door in the corner of the room, as if it was a door leading on stage. A stage where Anna was supposed to play some unknown part. She had not read the script, she had no idea what she was supposed to do, and yet something was dragging her on that stage; there was no turning back and, besides, it would be ridiculous to turn back at that point.

Feeling even dizzier, Anna nodded in agreement.

Smiling mysteriously, Cathy began to undress her, and she did not resist. The shoes, the bra, the belt, the stockings, the G-string – the hostess placed everything carefully into the closet and put the robe on Anna’s naked body. The shivering surfaced again, something was happening in her head, something like a split personality. Now it felt as if the whole thing was happening to someone else, in an erotic dream, an unreal, mysterious, sweaty dream, but, for some reason, Anna wanted to see this dream to the very end, and thus she followed all Cathy’s instructions. With an encouraging wink, she took Anna’s hand and led her to the second door; apparently, she enjoyed welcoming novices on stage. Anna’s legs were limp, and yet she stumbled behind, trying to control her shivering and feeling a drop of sweat run down her back. She had a very vague picture as to what was going on; she just followed the script written by the club, for she was now part of the game.

Behind the first door was a small, brightly lit vestibule, with yet another door at the other end. They walked in, Anna’s shivering became stronger. She felt that her teeth would soon began to chatter. Cathy was looking at her with a wordless smile, savoring her emotions. She had closed the door leading to the vestibule, and gave Anna another mischievous wink. “My… my husband?” Anna’s voice was now trembling. “He is there.” Cathy nodded at the second door and switched off the light. It was now pitch dark. Anna froze in bewilderment, having no idea what was going on. The hostess found the handle of the second door in the dark, opened it, placed her hand on Anna’s waist and led her on into the darkness. Anna was powerless to resist, she went on dreaming, plunging even deeper into that dream; she was now powerless to change anything. Cathy gave Anna’s back a gentle push, then let go of her and disappeared. The door banged softly behind Anna’s back. All alone in the mysterious darkness, Anna had absolutely no idea what had happened and where she was now.

She froze, completely lost, unsure as to what to do next, afraid to move. Blood was pulsing in her temples, her breathing was coming in gasps. She was shaking all over, and her excitement had reached its peak. She was clueless as to what was going on, she could not see a thing, totally disoriented in space and in time, but aware that something was going on around her.

And then, ALL OF A SUDDEN, it dawned on her that… the sounds around her… were the sounds of LOVEMAKING. Yes, of lovemaking. They were clear, unequivocal and unrestrained. Someone was moaning, someone was panting, someone was banging away, someone was gasping and groaning. Those were mating sounds, no doubt, and there were several people making love… in fact… quite a few people.

Anna was standing there, flabbergasted, trying to breathe quietly and not to move, listening to the sounds in bewilderment, and… feeling that her shivering began to subside. Yes, the shivering was going away, moving inwards, turning into a film of perspiration on her body. Her body was beginning to boil inside. Her head was becoming more and more dizzy, and her breathing accelerated. She stood there, listening to the sounds, unable to understand what was happening to her, to her body and her mind, having no idea as to what she was supposed to do next. She was totally disoriented. One minute, two, three… she lost track of time in her confusion, and then, all of a sudden, a strange feeling came from deep inside. It was fear, excitement, curiosity, anticipation… all together. Her mind went blank, and the air began to thicken. Having lost every sense of reality, Anna could no longer tell whether it was reality or a dream.

And then a pair of hands touched her in the dark. She started an gasped, unable either to speak or to move. The hands paused, and then began to crawl along her body, fingering her unceremoniously… Not a single word was uttered; as for herself, she was still speechless. The dream came to its climax, Anna lost all control. Breathing shallowly, she began to shiver again.

The hands figured out that she was a woman and began to undo the sash of her robe… her shivering intensified… she was powerless to resist, and she was still numb… the robe slid to the floor… or someone had removed it, having approached her in the dark… her throat contracted again. Anna felt that she was about to die.

In the meantime the hands, male no doubt, began to travel up and down her naked body, taking their time, stroking, exploring, defining the shape. Her shoulders, back, breasts, belly, buttocks; back to the belly and the breasts… the softness, the roundness, the firmness. The fingers found her nipples, squeezed them slightly, rubbed, twisted, trying to make sure that they had found the right thing. All of a sudden, the nipples responded by getting erect… Anna’s mind went completely blank, she had no clue as to what was happening to her, to her mind, her soul, her body. Primarily to her body, for her mind had all but dissolved in the darkness. And her naked body refused to take orders from her reason; it was now living its own life and getting involved in a strange, unfamiliar game. Anna still was unable to speak… or, possibly, her tongue was now also involved in the game, same as her body. And the body was not in need of any words; all of a sudden, it was covered with sweet goose-bumps. It was still quivering, but she no longer felt any fear. The hands seemed to have detected her arousal and became bolder and more enterprising; she felt a new avid eagerness in those hands. Her waist, her thighs, her belly, her buttocks, her pubis… the curly strip of her haircut, downward-bound path of love. The fingers did not go further, into her groin, for they felt that she instinctively pressed her thighs together. No one was pushing her, no one was under any obligations, and no one was being forced. Bodies joined bodies by their own volition, and the sounds of copulation were driving her crazy. 

The hands took her fingers and pulled her down to the floor. She felt unable to resist, her legs gave way under her. The floor was soft and padded, as if she was lying on a huge bed. The sounds of lovemaking were now very close. They resonated in her ears, strong and clear, enchanting, hypnotizing, still driving her crazy, and she let the stranger drag her down to the floor, as if she was drowning in the crazy sea of passionate moans.

Another pair of hand joined the first one, and helped to lay her on the soft floor, groping her eagerly, as if those hands had spent a long time waiting for a new female body. She gasped and tried to say something, but her mouth was sealed by someone’s lips and filled up by a hot tongue…

…Hands, fingers, tongues, lips, naked bodies pressing into hers. She was touched, caressed, squeezed, kissed and licked in the darkness; she kept losing her sense of reality. She could no longer tell how many people were caressing her, which hands were male and which were female, she was gasping and drowning in the crazy whirlpool of emotions. Someone had stuck an erect penis into her hand… and, all of a sudden, she felt the first stirrings of her own lust. That lust was beyond control. It dissolved the remains of her reason. She was now fully possessed by that lust.

Her body was offering itself to the crazy caresses, her blood was boiling with desire, her hands went groping for the naked bodies next to her, savoring them. The penis in her hand began to grow even harder, her mouth filled up with hot saliva, her legs parted obediently under the anonymous pressure. Her body was streaming with desire, warmed up by an invisible tongue.

…By the time someone had entered her, she had already swallowed the penis that had been pulsing in her hand; she felt a hand squeezing her breast impatiently, and a mouth eagerly sucking the other one …

Anna retained not memories of what happened after that. It just seemed to her that, through the haze, she had heard her husband’s hushed voice.

“Anna? Anna? Anna, are you there?”

But her mouth was filled up; besides, what could she tell him now?

A Private Club

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