Her vacation was to start in a month, and she had never made it to the gym. Yes, she knew it was high time to start exercising, and still left it till the very end. One thing, then another… Now she tried to squeeze into her summer dresses and got terrified. They were all too tight! It was a real nightmare. What had happened to her body? She threw out all the sausages and sauces from the fridge, all the candies and cookies from the cupboard, and rushed to a fitness center.

She realized that, left to her own devices, she would never be able to get rid of all those ugly lumps of fat in just one month. She needed a personal coach and a customized program. Thanks God, her fitness club managed to find her one. He was an expert in those particular problems, even though he had only started working for them a little while ago.

“Well, young lady… He took a close look at her body and smiled. “It does not look too bad, but we have a lot of work to do. When was the last time you exercised?”

“Well, I… sort of… go roller-skating… once in a while…”

“Roller-skating is a good thing, but it won’t take you far,” he grinned condescendingly. “To reach your goal, you will have to sweat in the gym.”

“Then let’s sweat,” she sighed sadly.

“Five times a week, no less. Are you ready?”

“Let’s put the schedule together.” She blocked her own way of retreat.

The coach appeared to be very popular, they managed to squeeze four workouts into his schedule, but the fifth one did not seem to fit anywhere.

“Our only solution is to make it real personal.” He scratched his head. “Sunday night, after the working hours. I will clear it with the manager. You will have to pay a little extra, though.”

“Let’s do it!” she urged herself. It was the price she had to pay for all the sweets she ate at the get-togethers with her girlfriends.

They began the grueling workouts. The coach was a nice guy, a little crude, but with a positive outlook. As time went by, they even began to feel quite well-disposed towards each other, even though she did not really intend to flirt with him. She had men of a different level in mind.

Finally they got the first results. It was a Sunday night, again they were working hard to improve her figure. The gym was empty, the last cleaner had already left, there were just the two of them. No one was in their way.

“Let’s work on your back,” suggested the coach. “I want to show you a new exercise.”

“You were really torturing me this week,” she smiled with a touch of playfulness. The coach was a really nice guy, they gradually came to like each other.

“I wasn’t torturing you!” he answered with a smile, and cast an assessing glance all over her body. “Besides, look at the results! Absolutely amazing!”

She was flattered, and it made no difference to her if it was just a way to flirt. She straightened her back, lifted her breasts, and then winced.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, looking at her with alarm. He had noticed her wince.

“My chest hurts a bit. Last time I worked too hard.”

“Really? And I haven’t even targeted your chest. Where exactly does it hurt?” asked the coach with concern. “Probably, you started to use the muscles you did not use before. Show me.”

“Right here, the upper part of my breast.”

“Here?” He touched the muscle.

“And a little lower.” She pushed his hand down a little. “Right here.”

“Here?” His grip tightened a little, she felt the warmth of his hand. It was a little exciting. She had very sensitive breasts.

“Next time we will revise your program.” His hand lingered for a while. She noticed it, but gave no heed. Looked like the coach was flirting with her, in his own crude way.

“Look, your back is much straighter now!’ he went on with his comments; his hand ran all the way down her back, from the neck to the tailbone. She felt it with unexpected acuteness. “And that makes your breast look higher. The toned muscles make all the difference!”

“Does it really look higher?” She hoped he was not showering her with compliments, but telling the truth.

“Of course!” He cast a triumphant glance at the top of her T-shirt. She was pleased, her cheeks became pink. Anyone would react positively to such a compliment; besides, a spark ran through his eyes, and she could not help reacting.

“Well, what will my coach do now?” She returned to the gym and focused on the workout; flirting with the coach was not a part of her plan.

“Let’s work with a dumbbell on the bench. But it is most important to do it the right way. Dorsal muscles are hard to build.”

He explained the essence of the workout, selected the right weight, and she began to do it. With one foot on the floor and the knee of the other on the bench, she supported herself with the left hand and pulled the dumbbell up with the right one.

“Flex your back a little more.” He put his hand on the small of her back and pressed a little.

“Is this better?” She flexed her back and, once again, felt his hand on her body. For some reason, it was more sensitive than normally.

“Too much.” His hand slid under her belly, pushing her up. “A little less than that. Let me fix it. There.” Her T-shirt was short, and a slightly callous male hand sliding along her bare body was almost like a burn. Something was indeed wrong with her. Involuntarily, she held her breath, and then it dawned on her that they were all alone in the gym.

“You seem to be working hard. You are getting wet.” He stroke her belly, feeling the perspiration on her skin. Most probably, it was a pre-calculated gesture, he had sensed that she was getting nervous, for her cheeks had gone pink, bespeaking her excitement.

If you keep doing that, I will also get wet between my legs, she thought, feeling his hand on her belly.

“You do make me wet! Am I doing everything right now?” She tried to concentrate on staying in the right position, but it was really hard. “Dirty thoughts” kept creeping into her head. It seemed to her that the coach’s sweatpants began to bulge; it could actually be the case, for he was looking at her with unusual interest.

“Relax your back when the dumbbell goes down. Thus you will extend the muscle. Besides, your bum is too tense, for no reason at all.” He placed his hand on her buttock. “Why are you straining it?”

“I have… now… relaxed it…” she gasped; now, on top of it all, she was feeling his hand on her buttock.

“No, it is still tense, I can feel it.” He squeezed her buttock a little.

Her bum had always been her weak spot, and now, all of a sudden, she felt dizzy. It was hard to stay in control of her own body.

“Should I… push it up a little higher?” She turned her head. Her eyes were getting misty, and he noticed it immediately.

“Let’s try together to find the right position.” He kept groping at her bum. Yes, that’s what she felt all of a sudden, getting more and more aroused. He was fingering her quite shamelessly; it was high time to show her disapproval. Yet, after a slight hesitation, she decided against it, without knowing why.

“Is that… better?” She flexed her back even more, lifting up her bum and trying to maintain her self-control. It was now quite hard, and the coach seemed to have spotted it, since he would not move his hand.

“Much better… but your bum is still a little tense. I feel it.” His hand was still stroking her backside, taking even bigger liberties.

Bang! The dumbbell slipped out of her hand.

“Maybe… I overstrained it… last time…” Her voice was faltering.

“Then, I guess, I should massage it a little.” Both hands were now caressing her backside, and she caught her breath.

“Please… do…” stammered, feeling that she was already wet down below.

“Then, I guess, we should take off your shorts.” The coach, fully aware of her emotions, irrevocably crossed the border. She was unable to object, her head was swimming, through the corner of her eye she could see his bulge. The coach was obviously excited, and that made her quiver. Her desire was mounting, and there was nothing she could do about it.

He removed her shorts in one quick move, never giving her a chance to think; he was, indeed, a crude fellow, but that disarmed her even more.

Without giving her a chance to object or to straighten up, the coach grabbed her buttocks and, before she could even try to wriggle out, he entered her from behind. She had not even noticed when he pulled down his sweatpants.

She gasped, her mouth opened wide, and flexed her back convulsively as he stabbed her with his prick. He plunged in so abruptly that she was burned by the intensity of her feelings.

Another thrust, and one more, and more! The coach was unbelievably hungry. Rocking her body with his thrusts, he began to fuck her vigorously. Clutching her buttocks, squeezing her breasts, gasping and wailing, he was trying to quench his insatiable desire, while she was in a real shock, standing there, her arms on the bench, her back flexed, and felt like a sex toy.

Who could have imagined where the workout would end.

A Personal Coach

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