Short Stories

  • An Impious Nun

    An Impious Nun

    He could not live with it any longer, being tormented by the memories. They turned into a real nightmare, and he decided to go to the church and confess, hoping to quench his remorse. At the time they lived at their summer house, close to a village church located next to a nunnery; so he had a very convenient opportunity. Unfortunately, the priest got ill, what a bad luck! In fact, he had an upset stomach and felt sick just when they were about to start the confession. For him, it was hard enough to pluck his courage and to come at all, coming again was not an option, especially since the opportunity might not have presented itself. He had chosen a moment when his wife went out to visit the neighbors. So he asked the priest to find a substitute. “Please, do understand me, father,” he whined, while the poor priest was clutching at his stomach. “I really cannot put it off any longer. It is very important for me, I beg you. Please ask someone to do it instead of you if y►►►
  • A birthday party

    A birthday party

    She was not exactly an over-prim woman, but always stayed within certain limits, and never went as far as adultery; moreover, she had never had any intention to steal anyone’s husband. And yet, on that particular day, she did go over the top, to her own genuine amazement. Apparently, we all have our hidden devils. And her stumbling stone was that stupid birthday party with a lot of alcohol. The night turned out to be a success, they were drinking and enjoying themselves. It was her friend’s thirtieth birthday, and she decided to have a grand party. Wine and champagne were flowing, as the result, many guests were really drunk, and so was the hostess. She also had quite a few drinks, even though tried to stay reasonable. And then, just for the fun of it, or, possibly, under the influence of the wine, she began to flirt with her host’s husband. No harm meant, she just wanted to have a little fun, to fool around. And then she really got into it. She gave him meaningful looks, sh►►►
  • An Unusual Purchase

    An Unusual Purchase

    She was well aware that constant sex deprivation could damage your health, and she had recently read a very detailed piece on the subject in a women’s magazine, which set her thinking. Her husband was spending an increasing amount of time away from home, and she was not interested in adultery (she was quite a prim lady, for that was the way her highly pious grandmother had brought her up). So she had no other choice but to take care of her own needs. It sounded quite silly, yet there was no alternative and, besides, she did not see much wrong in it. It was, actually, quite a standard situation, – no wonder that the sex toy industry is booming – so she decided to first search online. Asking her friends for suggestions seemed indiscreet. She was diligent by nature, and liked to get to the bottom of all things. Having spent the entire weekend browsing the net (her husband was away on yet another business trip), she put together a list of questions. It had not taken her long to real►►►
  • Graduation Paper

    Graduation Paper

    It happened to her many years ago, in her senior year at college, before the presentation of her graduation paper; yet her thoughts went back to it quite often. It was not something to forget; she meant to tell the whole thing to her granddaughters when she grew old. Once she believed it to be a thrilling adventure; as time went by, she began to look at it with a smile; however, back then, in her student years, things were by no means funny, for she had to make her own way in life, getting all the bumps on the way. This is how it went. She was not a particularly hard-working student, and never concentrated on her work; as for her graduation paper, it was a joke. Other students with the same attitude had long since been sent packing. She was the only one of the lot still left, and her friends kept wondering as to what was her special trick. It was, actually, quite simple: her intimacy with the dean; it was, naturally, a clandestine love affair. He was not all th►►►
  • A Clumsy Shoplifter

    A Clumsy Shoplifter

    For Dinah this idea was quite natural – to celebrate her husband’s return from a business trip with a special treat: pancakes with caviar. It was the very beginning of Shrovetide, besides, Andrey adored her pancakes – thin, crisp, a little crunchy at the sides. It was her grandmother’s traditional recipe, one of those that are passed down from one woman to another, those where everything depends on getting every little thing right. It was Saturday, Dinah relaxed and thus slept in; once she opened her eyes and glanced at the clock, she cursed. She still had some time, but she needed to hurry, especially since she still wanted to stop at the hairdresser’s – they had invented a swell new hairdo for her. Thus her plan was to jump out of bed, to make herself presentable, to grab a bite, to prepare the dough for the pancakes, to rush to Svetlana the hairdresser’s and then home to quickly make the pancakes in time for the arrival of her dear husband. Once she had completed the first st►►►
  • A Private Club

    A Private Club

    Paris is the city of love and romance. There’s no doubt about it! So when Nicholas had suggested that they celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary with a week’s stay in the French capital, Anna caught her breath in anticipation. It was really a dream come true! They prepared thoroughly for the trip and, since it was a romantic one, they began looking for the romantic places. After consulting their friends and browsing the web, they came up with a preliminary list: «Lido de Paris», «Moulin Rouge», «Le Crazy Horse de Paris», Place Pigale… in fact, everything that had to do with the busy night life of the love capital. They wanted to fully savor its atmosphere. …Spring had already come to Paris, and it made their heads swim. They started with the “all-time classics,” and then began to dig deeper. Their first visit was to Moulin Rouge, then to Lido de Paris, and Le Crazy Horse de Paris, which turned out to be►►►
  • A Personal Coach

    A Personal Coach

    Her vacation was to start in a month, and she had never made it to the gym. Yes, she knew it was high time to start exercising, and still left it till the very end. One thing, then another… Now she tried to squeeze into her summer dresses and got terrified. They were all too tight! It was a real nightmare. What had happened to her body? She threw out all the sausages and sauces from the fridge, all the candies and cookies from the cupboard, and rushed to a fitness center. She realized that, left to her own devices, she would never be able to get rid of all those ugly lumps of fat in just one month. She needed a personal coach and a customized program. Thanks God, her fitness club managed to find her one. He was an expert in those particular problems, even though he had only started working for them a little while ago. “Well, young lady… He took a close look at her body and smiled. “It does not look too bad, but we have a lot of work to do. When was the last time you exercised?” ►►►
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