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My Work

I write on intimate relations between men and women, on the psychology of such relations, on sex and sexuality. I always write in a positive vein, since I believe that sexual energy is the main one of all human energies, and the more you achieve in sex, the more you achieve as a personality (not just in bed, but in general). In this, I fully subscribe to the Oriental concept of energies.

The Essence of My Works

My works are rather philosophical than overtly erotic. All the scenes, including the hottest ones, are aimed at disclosing the characters’ personalities, at provoking them and advancing the story, rather than just embellishing the plot. The idea is to make the reader think, to subtly point out the problems and the truths, to make him analyze his own feelings, to teach him something new. Even when I work on my erotic stories, I try to outline the psychology of my characters, so that the reader could identify with the story and to learn more about his own sexuality.

I want you not just to enjoy my novels and novellas, I want you to think, to learn, to improve.

Published Work

I have written three novels, a story, one hundred short stories, and a collection of role playing game scenarios. The first two novels, Fanties and Freeride were published in book form, and had long been sold out, yet I want to make some changes before I offer them again to my readers. The third one, The MASK or the Formula of a Perfect Wife, can be downloaded online, and I believe that, so far, it is my best work. It is the best, for it is topical and extremely useful for those who value stable relationships.

I am also the author of an illustrated catalog of sex positions entitled “FANTY Kamasutra” which I have developed with the assistance of the artist Stefan Zolotov.

Antidepressant (a story) and Looking through the Curtains (set of Collections of short stories) were written for those who enjoy eroticism and sex fantasies. I hope you will like them too.

Keyhole Secrets, a collection of sex role playing games, is a unique project; today it is the largest collection in the world, for it offers 200 different scenarios of such games.

“FANTY Kamasutra” includes six hundred unique sex positions and sexual combinations. It is beautifully illustrated and is the most complete sex catalog in the world. It is truly unique.


In my upcoming books, I intend to focus on family sex.

Marriages are becoming less and less stable, which turns into a major social problem. Today about half of the marriages end in a divorce, both in Russia and in the majority of industrial countries. Research shows that the main reason for the divorces is sexual frustration. Thus we can assume that sex is, to all intents and purposes, the principal family value, if we think seriously about stability of marital life, rather than entertain illusions.

Divorce of adultery? Most married people end up with this dilemma. That’s one of the major challenges of modern times; the issue is more than topical. A broken family is by no means not the best heritage we can leave to our kids.

Family sex. What’s to be done to keep it ablaze as time goes by? This year I plan to write a serious work on this issue. This work will be both down-to-earth and practical, it will offer permanent couples practical tips on how they can rekindle their marital sex, i.e. the tips on reviving their love. It will be a manual for married couples that dream about exciting and rewarding intimate life, without cheating on each other.

Before the end of this year I plan to finish my work on Keyhole Secrets Collection of role playing game; altogether, it will include two hundred scenarios.

By the end of this year I would like to finish my work on a series of collected erotic short-stories entitled “Looking Through the Curtains”, bringing the total number of stories in the collection up to two hundred.

It is almost impossible to find a single handy, concise and practical self-help book that would explain in plain words how to organize and conduct sex role playing games. I plan to publish such a book in 2017. Using it, each couple will learn in no time how to play those games, which will certainly enrich and embellish their marital sex.

Even though sex industry is booming, offering a huge variety of sex toys, it is hard to learn how to use these products. How do you offer it to your partner? Why do you need adult toys? How do they improve and enrich sex life? I plan to publish a self-help book on this subject.

There’s a second personality living inside each of us. This personality is sex-deprived. It manifests itself through erotic dreams and fantasies, it whispers sallies into our ears, it makes us crave for potential partners, it is the hidden mirror of our lust. It cannot care less for proprieties, it is sex-starved and insatiable, it loves to rape and to be raped.  

There’s such a personality dormant inside each of us, and once in a while it wakes up; we have to maintain a good relationship with it, for, after all, it is our alter ego. We have to understand it, sometimes to pamper it, sometimes to restrain. We have to argue, to forbid, to restrict… or to surrender, to give in, even though we realize that it might be dangerous…

What is this personality, how do you co-habit with it? I will write about it in my next novel.

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