The Healthiest Shot of All. Sex, Health and Lifespan

The Healthiest Shot of All. Sex, Health and Lifespan

Have you ever given thought to how intimate life influences your health? No, the sexually transmitted diseases are not the subject of this article. Sexual satisfaction, regular intimate life, marital sex, or simply getting acquainted with somebody to have sex. The subject is the intimate part of one`s life from the medical point of view, as, for example, one could look into matters of a healthy diet. Let us have a look on THIS from such point of view.

Lifespan and health has always been a popular theme. What lifestyle should one lead to suffer from illnesses less and to die young and healthy, having reached hundred years and more? That is the question on many people`s minds. A healthy diet, giving up bad habits, good ecology, doing sports on everyday basis… these are the things constantly discussed and written about. However, there is one more thing (and it is amongst the most important ones) which, for whatever reason, is being popularized in a considerably more reserved manner. And that is sex. Yes, exactly– active, regular and full-fledged sex! 

There have been numerous studies on this theme; researchers of many countries have taken part in these studies, concerning serious health related matters. Scientific findings of the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Australia allow us to make an ambiguous conclusion:  when it comes to the benefits for health, nothing much can compete with sex.

In order not to lay out too much specific information and misuse medical terminology, we are going to shortly note only the most important things. SO:

Cardiovascular System

American, English and Japanese doctors have looked into this mater in detail. All studies clearly proved that regular sex is the best prevention of heart and vascular diseases. It is believed that having sex three times a week, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke among men, as each intercourse is not only a powerful release of hormones in blood, but also, in a way, is a mini practice of hear muscles. Blood, intensively thumping in veins, deliver oxygen and nutrients to organs in a more active manner, speeds up metabolism, and elimination of toxins. 

Immune System

Researchers from the USA have proved that sex can boost immune system to a considerable extent. It turned out that people who have regular sex, suffer from flu three times less than those whose sex life is not as regular. Of course, this safeguard does not apply only to flu but also any other infectious diseases.  And what is more, as strange as it might sound, but regular sex life also increase resistance to sexually transmitted diseases.  And thus is the merit of a high immune system. 

Stress tolerance

Sex is the best antidepressant and that is one of its most important good qualities. It has a powerful anti-stress effect, brings up psychological stamina, takes of the feeling of alarm and has a good effect on psyche, and stabilizes the whole central nervous system. Studies on the subject “Sex – the best stress medicine” by  a German  psychoendocrinology specialist Walter Raider proved that while,  having an intercourse, organism switches from psycho traumatic state to the so called “wave of happiness”, and that can be explained  with special hormonal processes in the organism.

For women exists one more additional positive factor - that is - male semen act as antidepressants. The reason is the particular chemical component of semen, and this fact has been proved by numerous studies, including studies carried out by American and German scientists. 

More on the topic of sex and its ability to reduce stress you can read in the article SEX as The Best Antidepressant.

Prevention of Basic Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, atrophic cirrhosis, lung diseases and alimentary canal diseases… Modern medicine more and more confidently claim that the reason for such diseases are psychosomatic disorders, and those disorders arise from stress. Furthermore, stress is connected with almost all main reasons of death. And thus, once again, we are back to the findings of the German research. As sex is considered to be the best prevention of stress, full-fledged sexual life diminishes the risk of psychosomatic disorders to a considerable extent, and therefore also prevents one from getting more dangerous diseases. 

In addition to all of this, it is worth mentioning that regular sex helps increase pain tolerance and helps prevent diabetes and migraine. So, conclusions are for you to make. 

Brain Power Booster

Researchers claim that full-fledged sex can make a person smarter, as it has a good impact on brain activity. This conclusion has been drawn by researchers from Australia and researchers from the University of Maryland who discovered a connection between sexual activity and increase in the ability to think. British researchers have confirmed that sex has a good impact on brain, and they have affirmed that a regular orgasm improves long term memory and learning abilities.

Physical Shape

It has been proved that regular and active sexual life helps to improve physical shape, the overall body tonus and one`s mood, too. 

Regular sexual life can if not substitute, than definitely act as supplement to one`s diet and doing sports. Sex helps to reduce weight and built muscles. According to studies conducted by British and American scientists, on average, two hundred calories are burnt while having intercourse and that is the same amount of calories that can be burnt in twenty minutes on a treadmill. Approximately the same amount of calories is burnt, while swimming for forty minutes or cycling for an hour. And that, by all means, is a good practice.  

Sex does well to the tonus of many muscles. The biggest gainers are waist and hips – the number one places for fat reserves. Moreover, for men sex helps to improve the condition of bones and grow muscle mass faster due to the reason that during intercourse testosterone is released. 

Emotional Health

The term “emotional health” includes one`s good mood, optimism, positive perception of one`s surroundings and thus have an impact on working abilities, the ability to overcome difficulties and misfortunes. This is when one has shiny eyes and everything about this person tells that he is satisfied with his life. As a rule, one who is sexually satisfied is in good emotional health and is exposed to anxiety to a considerably less degree if compared to one who is obliged to abstain from sex or suppress his sexual needs. This is a fact that does not require to be proved by research; however there have been plenty of studies in various countries that confirm this fact.

How to Prolong Youth and Life

Regular and active sexual life not only benefits physical state of one`s body but also improves the looks. Enamel of teeth is strengthened, flexibility of skin rises, sex prevents risk of wrinkles, improves the condition of hair and nails. It is especially characteristic to women, thanks to hormonal processes that are stimulated by sex. Such conclusions have been approved by particular research done by a group of American scientists. 

However, the main good thing about sex is the fact that it prolongs life.  British and Swiss have carried out studies on this matter, and, according to their findings, people who have sex at least three times a week, look and feel ten years younger than their peers who have sex less often. The conclusion drawn by scientists is the following: if one wants to live longer, he should make love regularly.

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