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SEX as the Best Antidepressant

SEX as the Best Antidepressant

Did you know that sex is the best remedy for stress? Modern medicine recognizes stress as the main reason behind most health problems. It is not difficult to draw conclusions. In the period of crises, tension and worries, one should pay special attention to intimate life. Do you have any doubts, are you skeptical or scornful? Well, in that case, let us look at this matter more closely. After all, we are dealing with an important topic – health.

Anything, but This!

There is stress and there is depression. Modern medicine has undeniable proof that stress is the main reason for most disorders.

The public health system recognizes psychosomatic disorders, and according to the current understanding of this matter, stress is recognized as the main cause of death, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, cirrhosis, lung diseases, and alimentary canal diseases, and in several cases, stress can even result in suicide. Long term stress causes drastic hormonal changes in the organism ( hormonal imbalance) and thus inevitably leads to various diseases. The more stress one experiences, the more inevitable are the pathological conditions. There are numerous factors that may be triggered by stress. However, the depressive state, pessimistic outlook, the feeling of anxiety, fear and alarm are considered to be the most dangerous.

In addition to the information stated above, almost all eastern conceptions of recovery, based on the energetic approach, assure us that depression is number one among the factors that destroy one`s personality. One can meditate as much as he wishes, do yoga, practice qigong or live according to feng shui principles. However, if one feels depressed, all of these aspirations will be futile. “We are what we think” – it seems that this Buddha quote is appropriate for putting an end to the description of all the harm that is done by depression to one`s health.

Diagnosis – Crisis

“Crisis” has recently become a very commonly used word. We either face it, or wait for it, or fight with its after-effects. This is not good at all. As a result, for people who are under stress, it might have a greater effect than most of viruses or infections.

Psychiatrists and psychologists consider a financial crisis to be an emergency situation, since the crisis first affects one`s mind. Specialists worldwide have noticed that people make appointments to psychiatrists` and psychologists` offices more often. Furthermore, patients mostly complain about depression, neurosis and psychological attacks. The number of cases of alcohol-related psychosis has grown.

In the same way, crisis actually harms the society not as much with financial troubles, but with the “lost potential” of society`s health. This is not just a pathetic situation, but the reality. After all, a change in material status is always very stressful, and doctors have found twice as many various stress triggered conditions among people with low incomes. This leads to all of the unpleasant things mentioned above. The path from a bad mood to committing a suicide might not be the shortest one, but it surely is depression.

Doctor` s Prescription

Some of the possible prescriptions for depression include: psychological support centers, consultations with specialists and taking antidepressants. In addition, those who have money and the will-power, can add a particular diet, sports, yoga, spa-salons and keep themselves busy with a hobby. It is also worth keeping in mind the advice of specialist - one should not shut oneself off, shrink into oneself or turn to self –treatment. However, the most effective, trustworthy and sound treatment that anyone can gain access to, is not included in this long list that one gets in any psychological support center or during any consultations, while trying to get rid of depression.

Do you know that sex is the best antidepressant? Yes, sex! And what is even more – sex has a strong anti-depressive effect, it takes away the feeling of anxiety, it has a positive influence on the psyche and it stabilizes the whole nervous system. Studies on the subject “Sex – the best stress medicine” by German psycho-endocrinology specialist Walter Raider proved that, while having intercourse, the human body switches from a psycho-traumatic state to so-called state of a “wave of happiness”. The reason for this is the release of human`s natural antidepressant serotonin – the so called “happiness hormones”, and the reduction of cortisol, the so called “stress hormone”. Having sex is also considered to be an antidepressant for another reason: during intercourse dopamine – the neurotransmitter that is responsible for a good mood - is released.

Furthermore, for women there is another positive factor. – The male semen acts as antidepressant which has been proven by numerous studies. The reason for this are the particular chemical components of semen – zinc, calcium, fructose, proteins and prostaglandin – a hormone that can be found only in semen and that regulates the release of female hormones.

Moralizing and Abstinence - Strictly Prohibited!

You can double up with laughter about these conclusions. That will be very good, since a healthy sense of humor also helps to fight depression. Fighting depression is the aim of this article. However, do trust specialists, and if you laugh while in bed with the opposite sex, the effect will be even greater. Modern medicine recognizes sexual life`s beneficial effect on one`s health and. Numerous studies have been carried out on this topic in many countries and you may get acquainted with the main conclusions of scientists by reading an article “The Healthiest Shot of All. Sex, Health and Lifespan”. However, in the current state of crisis, sex is prescribed as the best cure for each end every person. There is no doubts about that!

The main character of “Antidepressant” novella preaches just this life philosophy and even tries to draw her girlfriend into her adventures. It is up to you to decide whether this is excessive or not.

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