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Mexican Paradise, Clothing Optional Format, or an Excerpt from a Sex Resort Experience

Mexican Paradise, Clothing Optional Format, or an Excerpt from a Sex Resort Experience

It was the first place we decided to check out once we had heard about clothing optional resorts for married couples. This place is considered to be an elite one, and that’s why we decided to try it first. Not that we’re nudists or swinger movement adepts, but since I plan to cover this topic in my book on marital sex, I need to explore this type of sexuality and see it with my own eyes.

Generally speaking, clothing optional resorts are adult resorts or places where people can stay in the nude and openly display their sexuality. Naturally, there are certain restrictions, but you can still do whatever you want, group sex practices included. Obviously, most people come to these resorts for a different reason, namely for exposing their bare butts to the sun and watching the others’ fun. These practices are by no means new, you might have heard about Hedonism in Jamaica, even though it doesn’t get too many positive reviews from people who are in the know.

In this review I would like to tell you about Desires in Mexico; we went there three times and checked out both hotels. There’re two of them, both are located in the village of Riviera Maya, not far from the famous Cancun resort. The old hotel is called Desire Resort & Spa, the new one – Desire Pearl Resort & Spa. The new one opened quite recently, in 2012, unless I’m mistaken; the old one has a long history.

In the beginning we felt a little weird amid the naked people; not all of them looked particularly attractive when undressed. There are people from all over the world in these hotels, but most of the patrons come from Canada and the US; people from these countries are renowned for their easy-going attitude to their bodies.

However, body esthetics is a very personal matter and, as they say, tastes differ; don’t pay too much attention to my grumbling, especially since no one has ever encouraged me to come to Desire; I chose to come there and bring my wife. I came with my wife, since you have to be a heterosexual couple to get a booking.

Both Desire hotels have similar clientele, entertainment and schedule. The guests sunbathe in the nude by the swimming pool or on the beach; once in a while they go to Cancun and, depending on their sexual preferences and attitudes, have fun in the evenings and at night.

Both hotels advertise themselves as 5-star ones, but the older facility is definitely below the mark. It’ rather shabby and definitely not worth the price. Yet, since there’re no other resorts of the kind in the Americas, it’s sort of a take-it-or-leave-it situation.

Apart from the level of quality, there’re other differences between the two hotels. The patrons of the old Desire are more uninhibited, since the place is much better suited for collective sex. A lot of people have been coming here for years on end, and the core of the sex community has never moved to the new hotel, even though it offers much better quality rooms, beach and public Jacuzzi.

The designers of the new hotel seemed to know nothing about its special requirements. In many crucial ways it’s inferior to the old one. It doesn’t offer an adequate area for night shows and outdoor parties, its disco room is small, its play room is squalid – and those are the locations that the guests use most at a sex resort – when they don’t have orgies in their rooms.

Of course, not each and everyone comes here just for unrestrained sex. Apart from those who enjoy to fuck in public and the swingers, there’re lots of regular nudists and voyeurs; still, for roughly the same amount of money you could go on a swinger cruise and enjoy better conditions for sex and fun; besides, the logistics here is fairly poor. Even though the patrons of Desire are younger than cruise guests, there’re fewer opportunities to either socialize or have sex in public, to say nothing of the fact that food is not as good, fairly bland, and it’s sometimes hard to get a good drink.

The only advantage of the new Desire are several special suits on the upper floors. Each suit has a large open terrace with a Jacuzzi that can accommodate a dozen people. If you prefer small, bonded groups of sex partners and money’s not an issue, we can definitely recommend the new Desire.

Both hotels have strict prohibition for sex on the beach, since the beach is not enclosed; guests from other hotels or odd joggers can keep wandering in. You’re free to display your naked body, but you can’t copulate. For the latter, you have your own room and special areas. There’re no restrictions there whatsoever. So if you’re just a timid nudist, who prefers to sleep at night, be prepared to a lot of moaning and groaning in the adjacent rooms; complaining would not help.

Desire’s public Jacuzzi is the center of its sex life; towards night the water of the huge tub begins to boil, filled with hot bodies. Both inside the Jacuzzi and on the cots near it an orgy is going on; here you can do whatever you want, there’re no restrictions; here you can see whatever, in all possible ways; Amsterdam sex shows pale in comparison. The most amazing thing is that the show is staged not by porn actors, but by normal people you won’t suspect it if you look at them.

There’s also the play room in the disco area; there’s the disco itself, where you can fuck amid the dancers. There’re no restrictions here either, but if the weather is good, towards midnight the epicenter of the debauchery tends to gravitate towards the Jacuzzi. No one is under any obligation, everyone is welcome; you can either watch or have sex in public; you can exchange partners with a willing couple, initiate group sex or join a couple, providing they let you. There’re just four words: “May we?” “Yes” “No”. If that’s the extent of your command of English, but you’re easy-going and uninhibited, you will most probably have a great time playing this game. They actually call it “a game” here, that’s the kind of attitude most people have, and as long as you share it, you’re sure to have fun.

Here’re a few tips:

  1. If you really want to check out Desire, but you’re just nudists or swingers traveling with a group of sex friends, opt for the new hotel.
  2. If you want to join an uninhibited swinger community and frolic amid them, but the quality of the accommodation is not really of great importance, go to the old Desire. I maintain, though, that if you live in Europe, you should forget about the old Desire and opt for the cheaper and cooler Cap d’Agde in France, especially since the patrons there are younger (by some five years in average). The same advice would be valid for the nudists and the swingers.

In both cases it’s preferable to speak some English; you should also know that most guests are in their forties, and you would hardly meet anyone of top-model appearance. The obvious bonus, though, is that you will not feel unhappy about your own body, whatever it looks like, irrespective of your age. Anyway, if you feel that boredom is creeping into your bed and you really feel like getting “naughty,” grab a pair of shorts or a shirt skirt, pack your suitcase and go to Desire; you won’t need either panties or briefs.

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