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How to Take One’s Bath and Really Enjoy It. 10 Sex Positions for a Private Spa.

How to Take One’s Bath and Really Enjoy It. 10 Sex Positions for a Private Spa.

We had heaps of likes for “12 Best Recipes of Kitchen Sex”, let’s now move to the bathroom, which is an ideal place for making love. 

Subdued lights (candles are even better), fragrances, relaxing music, a bottle of chilled champagne… these are easy to arrange, and they will turn your lovemaking into a most romantic affair; just take your time, enjoy the atmosphere of your spa.

Let’s begin with the more relaxed positions.


1. It’s great to recline in the tub, like that. Soft, unhurried forward movements… In this position you tune in to each other, savoring your emotions and enjoying your unity. There’s no need to thrust vigorously: first, you can splash out the water and flood your bathroom; second, there’re other positions for vigor. In this one you should concentrate on your sensations and forget everything else.

Just remember, the water tends to wash off her natural lubrication, and you can rub her sore! Use additional silicone base lubricant (it doesn’t dissolve in water); it will help to prolong your pleasure.


2. This is yet another romantic position; besides, he can caress her breasts, treating her to a soap massage. A woman would have the time of her life, providing he’s gentle about it. Same as in the first position, you rather rock than thrust. Do it slowly and softly, sunsuously; you can try anal sex too.


3. If you want to build up the vigor, you can move on to this position. Kneeling or squatting, he thrusts abruptly. The water splashing in her groin will intensify her sensations; just make sure you don’t flood the people who live below. This position is also great for moving on to anal sex, providing you like it. Again, make sure to apply the silicone lubricant.


4. You can do it this way, too; just take off her panties for good measure. We showed them to avoid obscenity charges.

Your tub might not be ideal for this position, yet you will definitely experience some very special sensations. Consider the unusual stances, the pleasant stretching in her groin, the special angle of penetration and… the risk of falling out of the tub, which definitely adds to the thrill. It’s a great position for fit people who enjoy unusual, intense sensations. 


5. In this one, she plays the active part, while he just assists her. The water splashing in her groin will intensify her sensations, while the penetration will be particularly deep. The female rider will definitely enjoy her “prance.”

A suction grip dildo and silicone lubricant will further intensify your emotions. He can attach the toy to the side of the tub, lubricate her warmed-up anus and help her straddle the “second partner.” After that, he penetrates her from the front and imitates a threesome, a very widespread sex fantasy. Do you feel like trying it?


6. On to the shower now! You need to wash off your bath foam. You can finish your spa procedure in this way, or, vice versa, you can begin with this position.

It’s a fairly unusual one; he needs to ensure proper support; for this he will be rewarded by the most unusual angle of penetration. Sort of sitting on his penis, she will fully appreciate its power, particularly if he has a steady erection. Even a short penis will suffice in this position, and guarantee her pleasure.

If you prefer anal sex or want to try it, your shower cabin is a great place for the occasion, for you can take a shower right after you finish your lovemaking.


7. Bathroom sex does not necessarily have to be wet. He can crawl up on her, like that, when she expects it the least. Why not do it when she applies her makeup in the morning? Slip in from behind, and that’s it. And leave it to her imagination what she’s going to think about while you have sex, your great love or an impudent stranger attacking her. People who have colorful sex fantasies are intellectually superior; besides, if you feel like it, you can turn your lovemaking into a role playing game.


8. In reverse, she can seduce him while he’s shaving. She walks into the bathroom, stark naked, and begins to rub against him.

Those who like to make love standing will definitely appreciate this position. It ensures strong stimulation of the clitoris; the closer she clings to her partner, the more she will feel it.


9. Finally, here’s a classic one: sex on the toilet bowl – providing you have one in your bathroom. Make sure it’s not a suspended bowl; think twice about it if you’re both rather heavy, and be particularly cautious about sitting on the lid. Remember, it can crack if you get too vigorous. After all, a toilet bowl is not a chair. Other than that, it’s an ideal position for those ladies who like a good vigorous ride. By inclining her body, rocking, thrusting and fidgeting, she can play with her sensations.


10. If she’s eager for more diversity, she can change her position, turn her face to the partner and resume playing her lead role. Fidgeting, rolling her bottom and lifting it, leaning backward or clinging closer to him, she can change her sensations from his thrusts. He needs to provide her with full support, balancing her body with his hands. The penetration in this position will be particularly deep, while the clitoris will be massaged vigorously by the root of the penis. Many women adore this position, it’s great for the edge of a bed or a couch.

I hope you see that your bathroom is a great venue for making love; even though we only showed a handful of the positions, they will suffice to take you through several exciting sessions.

And if you’re a truly unstoppable couple, always on the lookout for new opportunities, browse through Household Secrets sex catalogue that features 40 positions for making love in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. It’s specially geared for those who love diversity.

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Sex Catalogue for unstoppable couples. 40 ways to make love in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

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