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How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

I don't think there're too many people left who still underestimate the importance of oral sex. Still, it's a sensitive matter, and same as regular sex it has its own particulars. Men, women and rainbow people - they all can improve their sexual rating if they take these particulars into account. Here are six principal tips that will help you to augment your skills.

How to Move from Oral to Regular Sex and Intensify your Sensations

Oral sex is an ideal preliminary. If you either want to seduce a person or add ardor to your lovemaking with your permanent partner, oral sex is the best match to kindle the fire of Love. If you begin with it, you will ensure easy, carefree transition to full-scale sex. The main thing is not to hurry. It feels stupid if, after a peck on the cheek, you move on straight to pulling down her panties. The same applies to oral sex. Even if you only plan it as a foreplay, take your time to warm up both yourself and your partner. It's one of those experiences where you can't have too much of a good thing. On the contrary, you can play a wonderful game, moving on from oral sex to regular one and then going back to oral; this sequence can be repeated for a few times. A lot of people find it very stimulating.

As I have said above, it's easier to talk a person into having oral sex. She can begin with a blowjob and then straddle him; it's a great way to seduce him if she's not sure he would be proactive. It would be very helpful if she's familiar with the Italian way of putting the con on the erect penis with her lips, rather than her hand; in this case her success is guaranteed.

Now about him. He can start with cunnilingus, and then move on to vaginal or anal sex. In both cases he should make sure that she's warmed up, properly aroused and naturally lubricated for vaginal sex, or that her backside is ready for anal delights.

Even though they seem obvious and not worth talking about, yet even the masters of cunnilingus sometimes tend to rush through it, which is a big mistake.

Please keep in mind that it's best to do this transition without the passive partner changing his or her position. The one who initiates the lovemaking should keep this in mind.

Well, TIP No. 1: don't rush from oral sex to the regular one, warm up your partner properly; however, make sure that the transition itself is fairly fast.

Here's a sample combination that begins with oral sex:

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

On skilful hands and fidgety fingers

The palms of your hands have a huge potential for oral sex. They can work wonders, providing you use them with gentle skill. Your partner most probably dreams about such caresses, even though s/he's too shy to admit it. Using your lips and hands simultaneously, you can really make him/her gasp.

Here's a comfortable position for him to do it, providing that she offers her cooperation:

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

Actually, whether we are talking about blowjob or cunnilingus, don't let your fingers stay idle while your mouth is busy pleasing your partner. They should preferably be warm and lubricated. You can use them to caress his scrotum, insert them into her vagina or her anus, you can play a thrilling game and intensify your partner's sensations. A lot of people, both men and women, have no idea how sensitive their anuses are. A lubricated finger will let you check it out during oral sex.

That what she can do, having placed him into a big chair:

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

Well, TIP No. 2: make use of your hands during oral caresses, it can have a smashing effect.

On the wonders and diversities of oral techniques

We're not going to touch oral sex techniques in this article. Of course it's important to figure out the best ways to lick, to suck, to caress and to swallow. You should know how to stay away from biting, squeezing and overdoing. There's a large number of books, courses, workshops, articles and videos online. If you're beginners or don't have enough experience, it would be worth your while to master the basics.

There're lots of such techniques; just for the blowjob there're over thirty.

As for cunnilingus training workshops, they're a little harder to find, there definitely is a shortage; still, learning materials are available. For practicing, it's better to use a sex aid made of "live skin," and at the next stage - the more practice, the better, even though, as we have said above, make sure you're selective about your partners!

If you learn this skill, you won't regret it, for it's an awesome hobby. The art of using your lingual proficiency to keep your partner on the brink of madness is worth mastering. And brink is the key word here - you should follow the example of experienced lesbians. That's what you should strive for.

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

Well, TIP No. 3: spend some time on mastering the technique of oral sex; believe me, learning to snowboard is way more challenging.

On little tricks and big surprises

The format of this article precludes me from going into details, yet it's worth looking into two examples.

Our genitals, as well as the entire groin, is a very sensitive area; you can play a thrilling game with your sensations there. There're lots of opportunities.

Leaving aside the technicalities of caressing her labia and his scrotum, the simplest and most accessible technique is the alternation between hot and cold.

Imagine that, during a blowjob or a cunnilingus, you seep mint tea, keeping your mouth warm, and once in a while run an ice cube along your partner's genitals. And since there's mint in your tea, you will achieve triple effect, for the skin in this area is very sensitive.

Another exciting option is chilled champagne in your mouth, in combination with oral sex. Apart from the contrasting temperatures, you will have the bubble effect – they will tickle the tip of the penis or the clitoris.

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

If you've never tried it, do; however, remember that it should come as a surprise for your partner; only then will you achieve the desired effect.

Well, TIP No. 4: once in a while, treat your partner to special surprises during oral sex; it will intensify the sensations.

On sex toys that augment oral caresses

Just make sure that the nail of the finger you plan to use is trimmed, and the finger has no agnails.

Another vast topic are sex aids you might want to use to enhance your oral sex. It might be quite thrilling and would intensify your sensations. You can use them to additionally stimulate her anus or vagina, or his anus. 69 position is very comfortable for doing it to him.

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

For her this game can be even more exciting; she can even imagine group sex with two guys.

Here're some examples of how it can be done:

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

In the first case, she stimulates herself with a dildo; in the second one, a suction grip dildo is used, attached to a mirror or a tiled wall. You can turn your lovemaking into a role playing game, making it even more emotionally charged.

It goes without saying that all the toys should be sanitized and lubricated, please don't save on antiseptics and lubricants.

Well, TIP No. 5: at least once in a while, use sex aids with oral sex; they will intensify your sensations.

On positions and diversity

The value of diversity is more than obvious: it chases away boredom, new emotions intensify the sensations, unusual things are exciting, and naughty escapades bring naughty people closer together.

Oral sex, same as regular one, is interesting in its diversity; you should always keep this in mind. Of course, 69 position is an excellent thing, but if you practice it every night you will sooner or later fall asleep facing your partner's feet – whatever Tantra has to say about it.

Diversity of positions, same as diversity of ingredients you use in cooking, is a great way to prepare a variety of treats for your feast of love; you will never get bored.

Here're some samples of this diversity:

How to Sweep Your Partner off His Feet. 6 Tips for Those Who Love Oral Sex

Well, TIP No. 6: try various positions and unlikely places for oral sex. It will make your lovemaking more emotional and offer you very pleasant discoveries.

All of this is described in detail in my book Oral Mischief Sex Calalogue, a catalogue of sex positions that includes 42 positions for oral sex and additional tips on related practicalities.

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