“50 Recipes of Passion” Series

How to seduce a guy while kneeling on a couch

How to seduce a guy while kneeling on a couch

Going on with our “50 Recipes of Passion” Series, let’s move from the kitchen to the living room and take a closer look at RECIPE No. 2.

A lot of people like rear-entry positions, and a couch is a great place to enjoy them. We often underestimate its potential for spontaneous lovemaking; here’s a great combination where she entices him into having sex.

Nothing can more delectable than a female bum, fully exposed. That’s the main idea of this Recipe, so let’s begin with this kind of cunnilingus that would arouse almost any guy who enjoys curves.


He will enjoy a most tantalizing view, but it’s essential for him not to have a bristle, for he might rub her labia sore.

The woman, on her knees, tries to lift her bum as high as possible. If she flexes her back and spreads her legs wider, her buttocks will stretch and make it easier for him to reach her clitoris with his tongue, which, of course, is very important.

This position is great for rimming, if you like it and plan to move on to anal sex.


After that, he will probably want more; you can try this position, rather than just enter her from the rear.

This position lets him experiment with your sensations by intensifying the stimulation of the G spot. For that purpose, he thrusts slightly downwards, leaning closer to his partner. He experiences the strong feeling of dominance, which adds to his arousal, while the pleasant stretching in his groin and the rubbing of his scrotum against her thigh intensifies his pleasure.

This position is also great for anal sex, providing you enjoy it.


If your couch is spacious enough, with a tall back, he can climb on it to join his partner and move into this position.

It’s yet another classic, but it’s an ideal one for the couch; besides, you can maintain it for a long while. Since her body is lifted up, the G spot is stimulated more intensely than in the regular doggy-style position. If he cups her breasts and presses closer to her back, he will intensify the effect. By bending or straightening his knees, he can change the angle of penetration, which will also add to the diversity of your sensations.


And if your couch has soft armrests, you will most probably enjoy this position too. You can move into it from the previous one, all he needs to do is to turn her around without withdrawing. By placing one foot on the floor, he will give himself more freedom of movement. It makes it easy for him to change the angle of penetration. By leaning back or forward, bending or straightening his knees, he can change your sensations. Her breasts on the cushions, she feels comfortable and relaxed, all she needs to do is to enjoy herself.

Here’s the resulting love recipe:


It’s a pleasant way to seduce a guy, by wriggling your butt in front of his nose! If you agree with that, wait for the other recipes. We have lots of awesome ideas for you.

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