“50 Recipes of Passion” Series

How to make love standing in a tight embrace by a couch

How to make love standing in a tight embrace by a couch

Going on with the 50 Recipes of Passion series, let’s move back to the living room and try RECIPE NO. 5. Just make sure that there’re no guests there, and no kids playing.


This time we’re not going to sit on the couch, let’s rather look into a special combination.You can begin with a cunnilingus, even though a lot of people will find it a little unusual.

The lady has to shift her leg a little to the side and turn it outwards; she should also protrude her pubis slightly to make her partner’s job of caressing her with his tongue easier; in this case his neck won’t get stiff.

He can wet his finger with saliva and insert it into the vagina; thus, he will additionally stimulate his partner until her legs go liquid.

If she needs something to help her maintain her balance, a penis is a great option.


In this position the male partner runs the show; all the lady needs to do is keep her balance and enjoy herself. Supporting her by the waist, the gentleman helps her to thrust.

Her knee moved to the side, her pubis pushed forward, the lady is in charge of ensuring deeper penetration and making sure that the penis won’t slip out at the most inappropriate moment.

If the guy is fairly tall, he will actually be thrusting from above, ensuring additional stimulation of the clitoris. Here's something most ladies will love; hopefully, you have the right couch for this position.


That's how you can proceed, still standing by the coach.

She sits on one of his legs, a little sideways, and thus his penis enters the vagina at a slight angle. This ensures strong stimulation of the clitoris and very unusual sensations as he pulls her down, supporting her buttocks.

If she’s not too heavy and he has good endurance, you can maintain this position for a long time. By shifting his legs he can stimulate various areas of the vagina; you might even make some very pleasant discoveries.


Here's yet another standing position that will offer you some drastically different sensations. Try it towards the end of this combination.

Making love in this position, you can tumble into bed at any point, that’s one of its advantages; don’t do it too quickly though, savor the special features of this stance, for it offers strong stimulation of the G area.

Turning her slightly to the sides, he can change the direction of his thrusts, playing with her sensations; he might even discover the most sensitive area of her vagina.

Here’s the resulting love recipe:


It’s great to stand like that, in a tight embrace! If you agree with that, wait for the other recipes. We have 45 more in our “cookbook”.

As for this awesome sex combination, it comes from Living Room Fun Catalogue of positions.

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