How to enjoy a sex feast on a dining table

How to enjoy a sex feast on a dining table

Going on with the 50 Recipes of Passion series, let’s for a change, go back to the kitchen and look into RECIPE NO. 4. You’ll still do a lot of tumbling in your bedroom, and we will offer quite a number of tips for that.


Now let’s pass the baton to her, and she will begin spontaneous sex by dragging him into a real game; she should keep her preparations in secret, for thus she will create a special emotional background. The lady should cook his favorite meal and only proceed to the blowjob once he tucks into it.

He should try to savor both sensations simultaneously; the longer he can last, the better. That’s the main idea of the game. Try to prolong your pleasure; throughout the blowjob, he goes on eating his meal, “unperturbed.”


Once she feels that he’s fully ready, she moves on to full-scale sex.

The special features of this position are strong stretching in her groin and intense stimulation of her clitoris. Coupled with deep penetration it will certainly make her moan; any lady would enjoy this savory dish. Gentlemen would love it too, for this position is most unusual, and we all know that novelty is the best dressing for dessert.

Helping her to keep her balance, he supports her buttocks in order to lift the weight off her leg.


Once she’s tired of standing on one foot, she can take a break in this position, providing your table is sturdy enough.

This unusual position would reward you with unexpected sensations, providing his height and the height of the table are right for the size of her buttocks.

He can keep going for a long time in this position, and his hands are free, which is a great advantage. Thrusting in various directions, he can stimulate various areas of the vagina, experimenting with the sensations. If she presses her legs together, she will tighten her vagina and thus make the whole experience even more thrilling for both of you.


To crown this combination, you can move on to vigorous sex in this unusual position.

Some couples will find this position a little too challenging, it depends on his height and the height of the table. If it doesn’t work, she can just lie down on the table with her belly. If it does, she will look unusually delectable from behind, he will definitely begin to salivate. He might even lose it and give her a lick, before entering her from the rear and savoring the new recipe.

If she has a sensitive anus, he can intensify her sensations by caressing it with his finger or with a toy. This position is ideal for this.

Here’s the love recipe we have concocted this time:


Such a meal is a great pleasure! If you agree with that, wait for the other recipes. And there’s a lot of other awesome locations at your place.

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