“50 Recipes of Passion” Series

How to create your own Paradise on the bedside, if you’re an active couple

How to create your own Paradise on the bedside, if you’re an active couple

Going on with the “50 Recipes of Passion” series, let’s move into bed and take a look at RECIPE No. 3.

This time we will make love on the side of the bed, since you’ll later do a lot of tumbling in its middle. Once again we will begin with the cunnilingus, for the first thing we need to do is to warm up the lady.


This position is slightly Oriental. She lies blindfolded, or with her eyes closed. Placing his palm between her breasts, he covers her heart chakra, intensifying the energy flow and the sensuousness of the act. Keeping his hand there, he caresses her between the legs with his lips and his tongue, helping himself with the fingers of his second hand, doing it all very gently and carefully. It is important to take your time and to prolong your pleasure. 


Having warmed her up with his tongue in Position 1, he lifts her slightly and moves into Position 2.

It is a very comfortable and sensuous position. He holds her tight, yet does not press on her, the way it happens in the missionary position, which is an obvious advantage. Besides, with his hands free, he can do a lot of things. Pulling her closer with each thrust, he can achieve deep penetration. The root of his penis massages her clitoris, and the pubes come into close contact. 


Moving abruptly into Position 3, he will change your sensations dramatically. By thrusting slightly upwards, he will massage the G spot, offering a drastic contrast to the previous position.

He does not have to be particularly active. All he needs to do is to rock her on his penis or make small thrusts; you will still enjoy great pleasure. 


Without separating, he lifts her up and sits on the bed in Position 4. Now you are both active, and she can adjust her own sensations.

It is a very sensuous and comfortable position. By making her lean back, lifting and lowering, rolling and rocking her on his penis, he can play with your sensations. This position allows deep penetration, while your pubes come into close contact, stimulating the clitoris. As a rule, women love it.

If he puts on a vibro ring to stimulate her clitoris, he will further intensify her sensations.

Here’s the resulting love recipe: 


It’s great to create your own Paradise on the bedside! If you agree with that, wait for the other recipes. We have 47 more, and one is better than the other. 

As for this awesome sex combination, it comes from Honeymoon Catalogue of positions.

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