How she can bang him, using an armchair

How she can bang him, using an armchair

Now let’s pass on the initiative to her, and let her fuck him. That’s it, she will fuck him, it will be the hot-and-spicy dish in our cookbook. 

So, RECIPE No. 6 from 50 Passion Recipes Collection; the main ingredients are an easy chair and a bottle of champagne.


Let’s begin with placing him into an easy chair, while she will enhance her oral caresses with champagne, thus intensifying your sensations. The bubbles will tickle the tip of his penis, and if champagne is properly chilled, then… Champagne and penis swallowed together is a treat for true sex gourmets.

A little more about the position. If she has a soft rug under her knees, she will feel comfortable while treating him to a blowjob. To make the act more emotionally charged, place a mirror behind you. He will be aroused even further by the view of the female backside during oral sex.


If, having warmed him up with her lips in the previous position, she would feel that she's still not ready, you can move into this position. Her hands placed on the armrests, she tries to flex her back in order to open up her groin.

She will hardly be able to come in this position, it is rather a start of your trip to Paradise, yet it creates a very vivid emotional background. Once she gets tired, she can straddle him, moving smoothly to the next step. Most probably, the gentleman will have nothing against it.

Thus you will move into the next position.


She is the active one in this position, he just helps her. Straddling him, rocking, rolling her buttocks and fidgeting, she plays with your sensations. He helps her to move and caresses her breasts with his hands. This position offers intense stimulation of the G spot; she can further intensify her sensations by caressing her clitoris.


In this position you will experience some completely different sensations; she can become more aggressive and switch to the role playing game format. Imagine that she’s a lady boss who is punishing a lenient employee. Use your imagination while making love in this position, it will definitely add to your excitement. The refrain is the same though, a guy is being fucked, he’s a walking cock, his main challenge is not to come prematurely.

By changing her body angle, fidgeting, rocking and thrusting, she can experiment with her sensations, enjoying full domination. There should be two things on her mind: to have a violent climax and not to break her partner’s penis.

Here’s the resulting recipe of the hot-and-spicy dish:


It’s great to try something hot once in a while, right?

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