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Firemen Are Not the Only Ones Who Want It. 10 Male Characters from Popular Sex Role Playing Games

Firemen Are Not the Only Ones Who Want It. 10 Male Characters from Popular Sex Role Playing Games

Suppose a heroic firefighter saves a woman’s life, and he’s nice-looking and sexy into the bargain; no wonder she will be swept off her feet. There’s just one problem: while it’s quite easy to set something on fire, it’s much harder to find a firefighter’s uniform, and with a helmet too. That’s why in this article we will look into those role playing games that are easy to stage. The story lines are exciting and by no means far-fetched, we will talk about those things that can easily happen in real life, once you go off your guard and let yourself…

You don’t have to commit a sin; a role playing game is a great substitution, and here’re ten exciting stories with popular male characters. 



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try A Lusty Taylor role playing game. The story: a woman comes to a tailor, he makes her a dress. As they try it on, they move on to sex. 

Just imagine a tailor squatting behind you and panting there; won’t you have all kinds of “bad” thoughts? Just be careful with the needle, especially in the final part of the game.



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try Paying the Bill role playing game. The story: A lady cannot pay for her dinner at the restaurant and offers the waiter an alternative way to settle up.

There’re several ways to enact this story, where a special way of “settling the bill” is initiated by the waiter. After all, any decent woman has to cross paths with all sorts of impudent fellows! 



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try An Impudent Plumber role playing game. The story: A careless lady meets the plumber, she has summoned, in her nightgown only. He gets excited and gives her a crude screwing...

This story is a little worse for wear, but very realistic at that; this character fits perfectly into the pattern of a crude sexed-up male; after all, many women find impudence exciting. A soiled T-shirt, a wrench; possibly, a couple of glasses of wine to boost your courage – that’s all you will need for this game. 



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try A Pair Yoga Class role playing game. The story: A pair yoga workout with a private coach takes an unexpected turn...

You should be in good physical shape to play this game; naturally, you will need to decide beforehand which “asanas” you will take. A yoga mat, a pair of gym tights that you won't mind making holes in – and you can have an amazing “workout.”



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try Summer Lawn role playing game. The story: While sunbathing on the lawn in front of her villa, a lady spots a nice-looking gardener and, having nothing better to do, begins to seduce him. 

This activity is, of course, particularly good for your summer house; there’re lots of versions of this game. A slightly sexed-up lady and a shy gardener, or, vice versa, a very impudent gardener and a decent woman. You need to pre-agree who’s going to seduce whom, but the most emotional thing is the contrast. One of you is leading the other astray.



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try Succulent Pizza role playing game. The story: A guy delivers pizza to a bored lady; it turns out that the lady is also quite a treat.

Same as with the gardener, you will find it particularly emotional if one of you seduces the other. You can even enact both versions of the story, but, in any case, try to lay your hands on a T-shirt and a baseball cap with a logo – one of the options is to borrow them form the pizza place in your neighborhood. Actually, accessories are a very important part of any game. They help to get a better feel of the parts you play. 



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try An Impudent Sheriff role playing game. The story: To wriggle out of paying a hefty fine, a lady has to give in to the sexual advances of a highway patrol.

This is something that actually doesn’t happen in real life: cops don’t fuck traffic offenders. They would love to, but they can’t. Still, it’s a popular story for a role playing game; the best place to enact it is the countryside. Just make sure to drive away from the highway, not to disturb the other drivers.



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try A Real Expert role playing game. The story: A service engineer comes to a lady’s place to get a sophisticated oven working; the hostess looks extremely seductive…

He’s the one to behave in an insolent, indecent way, the “female client,” however,  provokes him with her flimsy dress. Besides, she acts too casually, leaning to the stove with her back to him or forgetting to fully button up her bathrobe. Your teamwork is particularly important for this game. 



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try A Good Driver role playing game. The story: A lady’s fancy is caught by the driver who works for her husband, a big boss. The young fellow knows that he has to oblige; he would do anything to keep his job.

It’s a rather unusual story, but a very lifelike one at that; you will have no problems enacting it, as long as you have a car. You don’t really need an S-class Mercedes, what does matter is to have a good understanding of your parts. You will need to procure the right clothes and to behave accordingly; the “driver” will need perfect customer service skills.



One of the ways to impersonate this character is to try Deep Trance role playing game. The story: A female sexual addict comes to a hypnologist for treatment. He puts her into a trance and enacts her sexual fantasy.

This story might seem a little far-fetched, but it’s easy to enact; besides, it’s not hard to imagine such a situation, after all, fantasies are fantasies. A sexed-up lady and a lusty hypnotist; really, why not? 

This was the last story, No 10, even though, of course, there’re many others. As you see, you will need very few accessories for these games, while the ideas are very lifelike.

If you feel you still lack experience or need more detailed scenarios of these games, you will definitely enjoy Keyhole Secrets, a Collection of sex role playing games. It includes 200 different sex scenarios, as well as comprehensive Guidelines on how to prepare and to play these games.

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