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A Male Program for a Two-Actor Show. 10 Stories for Sex Role Playing Games Where She Plays the Subordinate Part.

A Male Program for a Two-Actor Show. 10 Stories for Sex Role Playing Games Where She Plays the Subordinate Part.

In the previous article “Forget the Dolls. 10 Sex Role Playing Games Where the Lady Has the Lead Role” we looked into those role playing games where the woman runs the show, and even fucks her partner, having first given him a good beating. Now let’s reverse the situation and give the lead role to him. To round it up, let’s again take 10 story lines, of varying degree of roughness, for we want to cater to all sex tastes, especially since tastes tend to change as we grow older. People who have the role playing games experience will understand exactly what I mean, and if you have never tried them, you still have a lot to discover. Just look at these ten stories. Aren’t they fun to try?

1. “A Successful Shopping Spree” role playing game.

A Successful Shopping Spree

The story: A lady goes shopping, with no idea that she will end up having sex with a shop assistant in the changing room.

There’re two versions of this game, one more adventurous than the other. In the first one you can make a “changing room” at home, in the second you act naughty in a real store – this will guarantee a surge of adrenaline. In both cases, the “trying” becomes more and more explicit, the female “shopper” gradually goes off her guard, and the “shop assistant” gains confidence. You can easily guess where it leads them.

2. “A Violent Burglar” role playing game.

A Violent Burglar

The story: A burglar gets into an apartment and finds the female owner there. Her body turns out to be more attractive than the loot...

If you feel that this game is right for you, pre-agree on how brutal you want the “burglar” to be, especially since she will have her mouth duct-taped. Other than that, the idea is, hopefully, clear. Humming a merry tune, the lady, relaxed, walks out of the bathroom, with nothing on under her bath robe. She hears the key creak in the door… It’s not her husband coming back from work, it’s a burglar working with his jimmy.

3. “A Long-Expected Autograph” role playing game.

A Long-Expected Autograph

The story: She has finally procured a ticket for the concert of her favorite singer and dreams about getting his autograph. The Idol decides to make her day even more memorable.

It’s hopefully clear how exactly you will “record” it; as for the game, you can either play at home or book a room at a hotel. In the first case, use your kitchen for the hotel bar and your bedroom for the hotel room. The second version is, of course, way more lifelike. First the “Star” talks to his “fan” at the hotel bar, and then lures her into his room.

4. “A Software Failure” role playing game.

A Software Failure

The story: A lady has a computer problem. She summons an expert, who suddenly seduces her.

The “expert” comes a little earlier than expected; she has no time to change, and meets her in a provocative bath robe. It turns out to be her “undoing.” The “expert” is a womanizer, and teasing him with her looks is not such a great idea.

5. “An Enraged Boss” role playing game.

An Enraged Boss

The story: Rebuking a careless female employee, her boss gets aroused; sensing that, she provokes him into having sex, to avoid being fired.

This is a classic role playing game, and even though he is the lead actor, her subordinate role is also very important. You can either represent the “employer” who’s seduced by a lazy “female employee,” or enact the rude sexual abuse on the part of the enraged boss.

6. “An Unusual Purchase” role playing game.

An Unusual Purchase

The story: A lady comes to a sex shop to purchase a dildo. The shop assistant gives her some very handy advice.

Even though this story looks rather far-fetched, it’s easy to imagine how it happens in real life, providing you use your imagination. He’s an impudent male shop assistant, she’s a customer, stunned by the choice of sex toys. He talks her into complete submission and, pressing on his advantage, shows her the emotive difference between a dildo and a real penis.

7. “A General Physical” role playing game.

A General Physical

The story: Going for a physical to a male doctor, she had no idea that it will be so “thorough”.

Spontaneous sex between a male doctor and his female patient is a widespread erotic fantasy; it happens in real life too. Just imagine, she’s very concerned about gaining weight and goes to a lusty nutritionist; he’s more than happy to let his hands loose. He’s pawing her as he looks for fat lumps, flabby skin, checks the toning of her muscles… Still, the doctor is a man, and she’s a very sexy woman. And, eventually… you’ve probably guessed what already.

8. “A Thorough Search” role playing game.

A Thorough Search

The story: She finds herself in the company of a drug dealer and gets searched by a maniac policeman.

This is what’s called looking for trouble. She should have been more careful in her choice of company. She wasn’t though, and the “maniac” lured her into his trap. A thorough search with much groping, unconcealed impudence and threats… drugs are drugs, it’s not a joke. Blackmailing her, the “cop” lets his hands loose, and gets sexed up…

9. “An Audition” role playing game.

An Audition

The story: A young actress is eager to get a job, and a lusty director gives her a full-scale audition.

It actually happens in real life, what do you think? It’s not so easy for an aspiring actress to embark on her career. Full of hope, she comes for an audition, she’s so eager to get this job. But she’s not the only one, there’re many others, and the director is a womanizer, and seems to fancy her. Turn here, walk there, show me this and that… What is she expected to do? She doesn’t want another girl to get this job…

10. “A Thesis” role playing game.

A Thesis

The story: A female student fails to submit her thesis and has to yield to her tutor, an assistant professor. They are unexpectedly joined by his superior.

It’s a stereotypical story of a female student, a rather unremarkable plot, but we have added the professor to it, which resulted in a threesome. Wait, don’t scream! You don’t have to invite the guy who lives next door. When, towards the end of the game, you get into the 69 position, you can use a dildo to play the professor’s part.

If you feel you still lack experience or need more detailed scenarios of these games, you will definitely enjoy Keyhole Secrets, a Collection of sex role playing games. It includes 200 different sex scenarios, as well as comprehensive Guidelines on how to prepare and to play these games.

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