“50 Recipes of Passion” Series

“50 Recipes of Passion” Series. Recipe No. 1

“50 Recipes of Passion” Series. Recipe No. 1

When we say “sweets,” we normally mean cookies, ice cream and candy… all those things that jeopardize your diet. Here we’re going to speak about Sweets in Bed, and here the choice tends to be much more limited, down to complete monotony. People fall in love, get married, and… gradually their sex palate dulls. Their home cooking improves as years go by, and their mutual understanding gets better… unlike their lovemaking. In this domain we often see the opposite. Sex gets meager, lackluster, routine, and it’s very bad. Sex is a basic necessity, same as food; harmony means satiation both at the table and in bed. And since we plunged into such associations, let’s begin with the kitchen and look into some love recipes.


There are various ways of feasting on food; for instance, you can try the way this picture shows. It is up to you to decide whether it is a dessert, an appetizer, an aperitif or a main course; in any case, this position is great for cunnilingus. The height of your cooking table is ideal for that. What you should do is place something soft, like a big sponge cake, under her back.

For him, it is a great position to work his tongue, especially if he places his knees on his slippers, not to rub them sore against the floorboards in his enthusiasm.


Naturally, next you would want to savor this recipe, and unless the guy is very short, he will find this position most convenient. Your cooking table is ideal for this kind of sex, and it’s definitely sturdy enough to hold the weight of the lady of the house, even if she’s a little heavy.

This position allows deep penetration and strong stimulation of the clitoris, so it is highly probable that she will love it. And if you break some dishes in the meantime, don’t get upset, you can buy more, while there’s nothing more amazing than love.


If she’s a passionate one and likes to play the active part, you can move on to this position. Pulling him closer with each thrust, she can set the rhythm of your lovemaking. Supporting her by the thighs, he can help her to hold her balance and relax her legs.

You just need to keep in mind that in this position she should preferably have a soft padding under her butt; she can then sit comfortably.

Please take a closer look at this position if you like anal sex, for her buttocks are spread very wide.


Once she’s tired of sitting on the small of her back, try to move into this position, and do it without separating. The angle of penetration will become oblique, it’s the special feature of this position, and you will immediately feel how it differs from the previous one.

This position’s unusual nature is additionally stimulating, and the stretching in her groin will offer her special sensations, providing she can throw up her leg like that. To achieve it, she should practice yoga or stretch regularly. A lot of interesting positions require supple body, and it’s a good enough reason to exercise.

If she’s not a ballet dancer, but does go to the gym once in a while, here’s the resulting combination:


Don’t you think it’s even better than the bedroom or the living room? A great new taste, for a change.

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