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10 Sex Positions for Pair Yoga: Have Your Cake and Eat It

10 Sex Positions for Pair Yoga: Have Your Cake and Eat It

Some of us are obsessed with self-improvement, some clench their teeth and sweat in a gym, some sacrifice everything for the sake of achieving a goal, and others like to have their cake and eat it. This essay will highlight the later approach.

Attitudes to yoga vary, but just think about it: isn’t it great to be in excellent shape and enhance your pleasure in bed? Here’s a basic pair yoga routine, even though in order to go through it you need to practice yoga or take interest in it. Just remember that these positions are only suitable for fit and healthy people. If you’re not sure, begin with obtaining membership in a fitness club.

In all the positions where her head is hanging down, her sensations are intensified by the rush of blood to her brain. It’s a common special feature of all the “inverted” positions; refrain from practicing them is if she has high blood pressure.


1. This cunnilingus is definitely more of a yoga asana. If she’s trim and supple, and he’s fairly strong, you won’t find this position too challenging. All that she needs to do is to fully relax and go with the flow. Supporting each other with your hands, you interlink your bodies and thus maintain your balance.


2. Providing she has a healthy spine, you will easily shift into this position from the previous one. He lifts her up on his knee, placing her buttocks on his other thigh. He has to bend this leg at a 90-degree angle to make himself steady. Holding her by the waist with both hands, he plunges in and then begins to rock her gently.

The extent of her pleasure depends on her suppleness. She has to fully relax and trust her partner.


3. This sarvangasana is much more pleasant than the solo one, for this position ensures intense stimulation of the G spot, which is attained through the special angle of penetration.

It would be easier to maintain your balance if you practice it on the floor, with a yoga mat under her head. With her legs locked around her partner’s neck, she can support herself on her elbows and easily maintain her balance. Rather than press on her from above, he lifts her up by the buttocks. Thus you will both remain steady.


4. You can practice this position in a sequence with the previous one. Locking her legs around his thigh, she would feel steadier and take off part of her load. Your sensations will be intensified by the close contact of your groins and deeper penetration. He should be cautious, refraining from abrupt, vigorous thrusts. He should place his weight on his legs, rather than press down on his partner.


5. Needless to say, only a supple woman will be able to maintain this asana. The key thing is for him to refrain from pressing down on her; he should rather pull her up slightly by the buttocks, taking the load off her back.

You should take your time resuming the normal position, please refrain from any abrupt movements! It’s up to him to control it, for she might feel dizzy after this cunnilingus. Another important point! He should not have a bristle on his face.


6. You can shift into this asana from the previous position. With his help, she slowly moves into the shoulder stand, and he plunges in carefully. He should be extremely cautious and refrain from strong or abrupt movements. He should place his own weight on his legs, rather than press down on his partner; instead, he should support her by the buttocks, pulling her up slightly and helping her to maintain her balance.


7. Crossing her ankles, she moves into the “lotus-like position,” and these are not just beautiful words. It’s a great stance, and it makes her look extremely seductive. According to the Oriental philosophy, this position is charged with energy. If you want to learn more about sex energy, please go to this essay.

He would hardly be able to maintain this squat for a long time: his sensations will be very intense, because of the stretching of his inguinal ligaments. The particular thrill and excitement of this position is his feeling of domination.


8. If she’s supple enough, you can unhurriedly shift into this position from the previous one. He lifts her up to her shoulder blades, and then plunges in carefully. He has to be very cautious in this position, refraining from abrupt moves and never thrusting all the way in. He should also place his weight on his legs, without pressing down on her.


9. This “yoga” embrace is very pleasant, providing she’s trim and he’s fairly strong. Helping her to maintain this position, he rocks her on his penis, caressing her breasts. With her hands locked around his neck, she flexes her back and thus ensures deeper penetration, sitting on the “sweet twig” with her legs spread wide.

This position will also appeal to the anal sex aficionados, those who look for innovative ways of intertwining their bodies.


10. It won’t be hard to move into this asana from the previous one. If his hands are strong enough, while she’s supple and trim, you will definitely enjoy all the advantages of this unusual position; there’s nothing particularly challenging about it. If you place a couple of cushions under her belly, you will make your task easier and ensure the comfort of your lovemaking.

This position ensures strong massage of the rear area of the vagina, while he can enjoy the amazing view from behind, which will add to his arousal.

WELL, try, experiment, but don’t overdo, even though, of course, it’s such a thrill to combine yoga with sex.

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