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10 reasons that make SEX important for the humans

Health and longevity are popular topics. What kind of lifestyle should we lead if we want to stay healthy, energetic and die “young and spruce,” preferably after a hundred? A lot of people have this concern. Healthy diet, elimination of unhealthy habits, good ecology, regular exercise… that’s what we hear and read all the time. But as for yet another factor (a really important one), for some reason it’s not being brought to our attention all that often. The factor is healthy sex. I do mean sex, vigorous, regular and high quality.

Much research on this topic has been conducted in various countries. Research data from USA, the UK, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Australia etc. lead to a unanimous conclusion: sex has few rivals as far as the health benefits go.

You can find a lot of studies on the topic if you google “health benefits of sex”, so we’re not going to go deep into medical details and only mention a few principal things.

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Apps that will help to improve your sex life, meet your people and have successful dates, avoid monotony in family sex and rekindle the faltering love.

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