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Sex Role Playing Games: What are sex role playing games

Boredom in Bed Kills LOVE

It is true, beyond any doubt. We can discuss at length the traditions that strengthen family bonds, but as time goes by, sex fades away, and many people are tempted to try something – or someone -new. It happens, unavoidably, after a few years of married life. And it is a proven fact that unsatisfactory sex is the main cause of divorce. That is confirmed by all the research data. If something goes wrong with sex in a marriage, the marriage is doomed. The statistics are merciless. Do not wait to learn this the hard way from your own experience.

Dreams that Help

Our intimate life normally lacks surprises, novelty and diversity; all that is left is dreaming about these things. However, fantasies enrich sexuality, and psychologists encourage fantasizing in bed. There's nothing wrong about with this, as it offers huge potential. The more dreams an individual has, the more sexually active he is, the richer are his emotions in bed, and the more emotions he can bestow on his partner. Even if, during sex, he imagines a different person next to him, it is but proof of his sensuality. He is just making his current partner assume an exciting role, enacting a thrilling scene in his imagination. Striving for novelty and diversity is a sign of intellectual proficiency, and good sex requires a vibrant intellect, for sexologists claim that only 10% of sexual pleasure is derived from the body. The other 90% of bliss depends on our mind, our emotions, our imagination, feelings, cravings...

Role Playing Games are the Best Remedy Against Boredom in Bed

It is downright stupid to hide your sexual fantasies from the person you love or to feel jealous after learning about his secret dreams. If your spouse were a famous actor, would you be jealous of the parts he plays? And suppose you are both actors... even if just in your hearts? Why not try acting together, enjoying the experience, and satisfying your craving for novelty?

Once you let lose your sexual fantasies through making them come true, your intimate life will become richer and more sensuous, for mutual pleasure is the best bond. The more fantasies a couple enacts, the stronger is their union, for they forget about routine and indifference. It is better to enact your dreams with your partner, rather than wait for boredom to lead him astray. One opinion suggests that most couples only need one sex role-playing game every three months to satisfy their cravings for novelty.

The main thing is to cast away your doubts and your prejudices.

The Idea of the Role Playing Games

These special games are practiced by long-term partners who wish to diversify their intimacy and refresh their relations. The essence of a game is to stage a mini-play for two, enacting the parts outlined in the scenario. The scenario of each game is connected with sex; each, as a rule, ends with lovemaking. But in a role-playing game there is always something original and new, leading to the fulfillment of sexual fantasies, with both partners enacting new roles.

While playing, the participants will enjoy the sensation of intimacy with "a new partner" (or "new partners") or of having sex "in unusual surroundings." The game offers an opportunity to fulfill hidden desires, to try something unusual, to discard the routine of intimate life, and to feel even deeper trust in your long-term partner. Boredom in bed becomes a thing of the past, and your intimate life will be filled with new emotions, incredible discoveries and thrilling experiments.

Sex Role Playing Games

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